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Climb Rope

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  1. You are truly retarded if you think it will ever get changed back. Everything you are saying is wrong and you have no clue what you are talking about.
  2. buying 7.5-45m 07 gp send me a forum pm and add me in-game, lord rope
  3. 5 people spearing you?!? wow! have you ever heard of the ice barrage, yea its pretty crazy it freezes multiple targets! why would it be taken out lol
  4. 1. D bolts spec like every 2nd hit on pures 2. DDS isnt supposed to poke the same as you can spec @Pb600 @Russ
  5. Goodluck with the clan!
  6. IGN: Lord Rope
  7. During the pk tournament I got 500 kills, this is the emblem and rusty token loot (+ about 2000 tokens)
  8. I gained about 50 score in the last 2 days, since i knew i would win with me having school break and him not... If i would have known it was gunna drop 14 days from some reason I would have gone back to my average of 200+ score a day @Sean Roy
  9. As some of you may know I was first place in the pk tournament for 13 days in a row, and was on track to win it all with a school break coming up this next week. The tournament said there was 14 days left as of today, and to my surprise when I got online today there was 8 minutes left. I feel as though I have been screwed over to say the least. I know it may seem like a lot to ask but I feel as though I deserve some sort of compensation. (I grinded score for 100+ hours) @Pb600 Regards, Drop Brews
  10. So I made a new account on this server after watching a 07 pk video's of zerks spec'ing 40-40, and I have noticed that I can only spec 36-36 max even though I am in higher str bonus then them and I should be able to spec 41-41. Why is this? @Pb600 @Russ (the picture is of what my str bonus is on gs right now, not of what I am wearing on gs)
  11. Thanks for the feedback bro!
  12. your pretty good at the game dude
  13. won 2-0 gf's
  14. ign: the fish gl