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      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again

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  1. Walked In - Bankroll Fresh and ty
  2. would be sick if possible @Pb600 @Russ
  3. og
  4. Haven't seen anyone lose a 12v6 before either lmao don't know how you guys managed to pull that off
  5. Thanks im on holidays right now and wasnt able to make a poll for these
  6. 10-2, soon as we get online on gs you guys are off, no competition. We are forced to go to 07 to get some competition lmao
  7. "no point in bridding you all you do is camp melee all fight" -yolo zombie 2017
  8. the only thing is with dds currently your maximum poke is the same as your maximum spec (x2 ofc since 2 hits) this should not be the case yea purple portal would be sick to see you noob sotd=sol
  9. Divine make it so divine isn't as good as it currently is, make it so it doesn't have a 100% chance of absorbing damage, make it drain more prayer then it does right now, make it so a white whip spec makes it absorb 0% for 50 hits Staff of light spec make it so it only absorbs melee damage like 07 Dragon Dagger make it so the spec increases the damage Armadyl Godsword make it so it specs higher, it currently consistently specs 30-40 but rarely above, on 07 it highers higher more often. Insta Freezing idk why this happens but sometimes u get instantly frozen after only moving like 2 squares, it should like minimum of 5-6 if they do it right Crystal Bow make it so u cant use dragon bolts (e) in it Pvp Armour and Chaotics make it so you can destroy it so you dont have to go into a fight with 2% and it degrade mid fight will probably add more once i think of some, add some down below and leave ur opinions
  10. People dont just rag for no reason, everyone who is ragging should have a reason behind it. If your going to talk shit, or block untradables, then you should expect to get ragged. Ragging with no reason behind it is stupid and I dont recall seeing this in the wilderness before the update
  11. They can go pk in white portal or duel arena if they want to be safe. Look at the results of this poll, majority of people dont like this rule
  12. Ragging