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    zheu gavr
  1. seems good thanks for that pb dont forget to edit " by zheu gavr" ziko"
  2. thanks bro i really appreciate.
  3. hello, pb600 today i came to suggest a few command that i think people would like to use in the game: 1.::mb this command will teleport you to mage bank. 2.::duel this command will teleport you to duel arena. 3.::dice this command will teleport you to dice arena. 4.::home this command will teleport you to home teleport. leave a commant for respect first place : mage bank! second place is duel arena!!! thrid place is dice arena!!! Fourth place is home teleport!!!
  4. looks good bro keep the bank up
  5. i just want to do it like this if you mind
  6. Hello pb600, i suggest to you to look at this pic down blow!!!!!!! http://prntscr.com/dncruq http://prntscr.com/dncrwd so what i want you to make is the keybinding of the game, that make the pk is better. 1) what you guys suggest for the new update. 2)if you guys agree pls type something blow and 1+ 3)if youi dont agree pls type why not. now for who ever dont know what is keybinding expling down here!!!! *so what the keybinding is really can do is, when you want to pk or stake or what ever you want you can chose the keybar that you like to use to switch btw the bar that you useing at the same time, and you can set the bar that you useing how you want. pls Comment down blow what you think. thanks for reading
  7. yes, but its grinderscape rules it dont say " torva 80 hp" why do you care and i still dont loss i didn't know that since i know that lime have to let me rm with you on a pure.
  8. i do say that its not fair that i fought few people before and noone check.the guy who made the rules was meant about private server not about runescape3. so i can use what ever i want since its not saying in grinderscape rules. i'm allowed to use what ever is not bugged and torva is not bugged in gs since i have 80 def, alos niko use it to and no one told us about it. and its not 2-0 for you no one know about it and runescape 3 is not the rules.
  9. voted yes. russ doing a good job and i think he should get it. good luck with it russ/ you need to triHard
  10. i wish i could help you but i dont help poor quality.
  11. no it will be alot more cheep more info it it will work out
  12. anz this will be around 15$ like i think it must be bro. more info if it will work out!
  13. hello there, i think that red donator will be useful ingame since we have got 2 type of donator, i want you to check this down below!!!! 1) what you think about another type of donator? 2)do you think it will be useFul to the game? 3)have you got anyidea how good it will be in the game? if you ask me it will be an sick idea to add another new type of donator. thanks for looking if you did @Pb600 what the red donator will include in it few things that can change you mind. 1. the red donator will be same as supor donator but with less payment. 2. the red donator will be less days and you can chose if you want to payment about it. 3. the same things that you can get from the suport donator it will be in red donator. @Pb600
  14. In-game name: ziko tank Combat in wild: 89 Screenshot of levels: http://prntscr.com/df9n1o
  15. i think its very good idea since people wont get pk on the kbd if it run out i'll be so happy.