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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. we can deal with it onces pb agree to work on it
  2. i dont have aplce yet but not inside somewhere just an open spot
  3. its nothing to do with lazy its just a city not a place to fight this what i have to say you are legit stupid
  4. what is the point of poting the teleport in place whitch is only for a worrier ? its need to be a city teleport because you dont want to tele only to a mid of nowhere in the city should be a plce in the mid of city not a mid of nowhere!
  5. hello everyone, i want to suggest the Al kharid teleport whitch is nolonger ingame, i want to edit in city teleport so people can tele more fast and more ez. THE Al kharid teleport is loc on combat traning - al kharid warriors, so i suggest to move it and put it on city teleport so it help to tele there more fast and more ez. thanks y'all for reading this and i hope you guys vote yes to keep this suggesting up :). pce!
  6. thanks prices will come when it up ? and how long untill the next update ? like week ?
  7. you got some good shit incoming, but can you add the drop of it ?
  8. wish to see me next time on vid thanks you got some good badass loot there!
  9. some good shit there.
  10. ez vid gg aog like always 10-0!!
  11. i dont know why but #wizard
  12. bye aog i will miss you
  13. EG9Vxsn.png what is this bro a mod will ban all of cuz we crying wtf talk to him pls

  14. Z6u2bUs.png hi i got ragged by emq and when i rag someone i get jaill now pls jaill him ty!

  15. so if everyone will start o rag and the jaill will be full of pkers that all what they do is ragging what the game will be ? no one will be in the wild.