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  1. ty yontoo good guy after all
  2. nice sale russ but its not like i want anything from here
  3. well done gz tyler hope you do the right job brother
  4. i dont see anything wrong with the combat brother, its all good just people dont like it and deside to leave the game have nothing to do!
  5. i dont think we know each other but i see you around anytime brother!!!
  6. how long it will take cmon people waiting for nothing should end this 3 team i haven't see anyof them online past week now!!! @Icarly65
  7. hello everyone, today i want to show you all what i have got so far from roll reward, after 100+ rolls i have got this!!!! for the people who have got nothing yet, its not over for you,still can get a good items like i have got thanks for looking for my post guys have a good day!!!
  8. hello people, So today i'm hosting a give away for fun, want to make a vid on hitbox, so i will be live in hitbox i will send info today it will be around 8 hours from now time for me will be 8:00 pm! i'll see you there guys glglglglg. after all guys its a fun game its not a life i see you there guys. *i'll make this vid for the game, so you all will be in the vid and feel free to watch it. * also it will be in youtub to for all people in the world. good luck guys!!!! good luck people this is the give away for what ever will be on the ques!!!! new inv cuz i chose to keep the torva for some other give aways!
  9. it was so good to play with and cleeand you ass and it was so nice to see you crying like me everyday i really enjoy playing with you just because you cry like baby, good luck in real life and i hope you find a pce.
  11. what you mean ok ?are you suggest me or not hello ?
  12. hello, everyone today i want to fix duel arena by suggesting it up on forums, so please everyone go watch the video that I took from duel down!!!! so in the vid it shows the specs are: 1. spec 8-1/ 2 spec 4-0 / 3 spec 3-0 / and last spec 0-0. http://i.imgur.com/2ftM6c2.gifv so after you watch this vid you need to know that duel arena is broken, so please if you all respect me vote to change it!
  13. Good fight, i beat seann boy 4-0
  14. everything happend for a reason bud, nice loot right there i would be happy if you keep going and keep spliting with me good luck!!!!
  15. feels sad that i haven't call once this war , and about " the worst caller" aguess you so scared to 10vs10 then dont call me a "worst caller". and dont forget bang up on you 10-2 so keep you mouth shut1!!!!!!