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    zheu gavr
  1. i'll sign up name: zheu gavr
  2. think about ironman?
  3. it will be boost btw 5-7 then the normal
  4. The suggest today is about Chaos Elemental. I want to make the new teleport for it down, you can see all the Explanations about the teleport. Edit Anew teleport to the game!!!!!! 1. The teleport should be add to level 0: world teleport>category>player killing. 2. The teleport should be at the spot that i stand. 3. The boss should'nt be that far from the teleport, so the teleport would be close to the boss. pls guys support me for new teleport it will be helpful!!!!!!!
  5. hello, my suggestion today is about steadfast and dragon boots. * the steadfast/dboots have the same bonus strength. The boots show in the pic that is the strength bonus are the same, so i suggest to boost up 5+ strength bonus to steadfast boots. 2. you can see over here the different! if you all agree pls post something down and suggest it with me!
  6. right saying sir!
  7. thanks to pb this game is 100%. like pb say at the last word " you should leave" i think you should to. pce
  8. sick vid, bro you guys are suck #tt
  9. i think its good idea because then the phat hat will be alot more expansive.
  10. sick vid bro keep it up for real
  11. seems good thanks for that pb dont forget to edit " by zheu gavr" ziko"
  12. thanks bro i really appreciate.
  13. hello, pb600 today i came to suggest a few command that i think people would like to use in the game: 1.::mb this command will teleport you to mage bank. 2.::duel this command will teleport you to duel arena. 3.::dice this command will teleport you to dice arena. 4.::home this command will teleport you to home teleport. leave a commant for respect first place : mage bank! second place is duel arena!!! thrid place is dice arena!!! Fourth place is home teleport!!!
  14. i just want to do it like this if you mind