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  1. I won against troll pk3r
  2. Accepted, you will be on a 4 days trial Pm any ranked members for invite
  3. Add me to the list fam! http://prntscr.com/e3sihb
  4. Ezpz cleared
  5. fake
  6. I like that you need to bring teleblock to prevent the person from teleport. That makes it much funnier that just going up with barrage. Ill have to vote no for this.
  7. Pfft none of em, Ronaldinho still the best player
  8. Idk what you're trying to achieve, but you might stop scuking dick in public. We all know you tryna become staff, but aint working for ya quite well. You might try something else Niko, becuase you're a dope guy and ma friend, ill do as you say
  9. I JUST HAVE 1 QUESTION: WHY IS SS SO FUCKING OP?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Raggers on pures these days just have ss on and that's it. You're pretty much dead. Like you can't even pk on pure without getting smited every fucking 3 seconds. Mate just change the severs name to soul split.
  10. Noice
  11. In-game name: F O U R T H Screenshot of levels: http://prntscr.com/df1w4m Combat level 88
  12. gratz
  13. also add: 1. Whips and mauls are really op. 2. ghostly is still the same, hits 30's. where is the mage bonus 3. also "c maul-gmaul combo" is pretty op, once you hit 43 with c maul and switches to g maul spec you're pretty much dead and can't eat while getting specced. 4. prayer takes a lot of time to activate and also switching between prayers.
  14. are whips and mauls going to get nerfed? cuz you litterly hit 42's all the time
  15. Good job man you put a lot of time into the update. But it looks like it takes a lot of time to activate prayer and also switching between prayer, that can be a problem when "nhing" or pking in wildy. Is this going to get fixed or is it supposed to be like that? I've tried to report it btw