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  1. ign :pkfailure add please
  2. i suuport them all, but i would love to see the tyrials helmet the most
  3. http://prntscr.com/e9ca3o entry #1
  4. get better
  5. funny how just because he's a pker his opinion is irrelevant, you're fucking garbage.
  6. nice vid, hope to see more multi vids in the future since that shits dead asf. anyways gl with multi probs aint finna see me in it.
  7. add me thomas
  8. agreed but maybe add a small exchange for the phats so we dont get absolutely fucking robbed like we did with 3a pieces and other clue items.
  9. hope you can fully recover liam im here for you if i need smthn man cus ur a homie so just lmk, anyways keep going man maybe i'll sauce u those whips after all
  10. i actually like the idea of lumbridge being the new home area, but i'd like for you to be able to set your own home location if that's possible, as that would be the best overall thing i believe.
  11. wtf niko why you got so many lvl 1 stats
  12. nice vid and as people above said, maybe just add some variety.
  13. [Solved]

    http://imgur.com/a/gK6H6 everything is for sale message me on forums or leave a post on here we'll discuss prices and time to meet up ign cus i dont log in often. btw IDK IF I SAID EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE THAT MEANS ALL ITEMS SO BUY ANYTHING YOU WANT, ROCKTAILS, pk gear, bulk items etc. also idk how to make the imgur into an actual image on forums so if someone could fix that for me thx. EDIT: will be taking 07 gp for items(with an omm ofc) cash, claws, or vines, depending on the item for sale.