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  1. nice vid and as people above said, maybe just add some variety.
  2. say 150k ea is good?
  3. http://imgur.com/a/gK6H6 everything is for sale message me on forums or leave a post on here we'll discuss prices and time to meet up ign cus i dont log in often. btw IDK IF I SAID EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE THAT MEANS ALL ITEMS SO BUY ANYTHING YOU WANT, ROCKTAILS, pk gear, bulk items etc. also idk how to make the imgur into an actual image on forums so if someone could fix that for me thx. EDIT: will be taking 07 gp for items(with an omm ofc) cash, claws, or vines, depending on the item for sale.
  4. yo i feel for you, fuck all these rejects bashing on you for posting what happened lmao. sorry to hear, the dicing community is trash now, i'd recommend just not doing any sort of gambling on here.
  5. good thing i quit then, gz on promo
  6. ye so the servers boring asf and some of you prolly already noticed my activity has dropped so much, so ye im quitting, i'll get on every now and then but im just so bored of this server and the squad playin a new server. probs wont make anymore vids on gs so u can take my vid maker rank away. it was fun the few years that i played thank you all for making it fun. bye
  7. hi jamie welcome back its not worth coming back tho much love
  8. took you long enough zz jk ily matt keep in touch qt
  9. gl with event probs will be run by clans, nice to see someone trying to host events tho.
  10. ye i made this last night drunk asf so its very bad but ye
  11. In-game name: Soul rune Screenshot of levels: http://prntscr.com/df0h0e Combat level (in wilderness): 83
  12. nice att lvl, anyways nice stats kai sad u made into zerk though
  13. i voted max because he was a filthy c*nt, he was such a savage it made me happy. other ppl were ok
  14. i voted no because i dont see how it's so much harder, if it hurts you that much dont auto cast then.
  15. give me some items sean #1 cus he doesn't boost.