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  1. Bye. Good luck with whatever you're gonna do next. P.S: @Acolyte hates everyone.
  2. The majority of the people want the old donator zone back, but I still see a good amount of people who would like the current one to stay. Since this is the case, I'd love for the dz2 to be added back as an alternative to the current donator zone, if that's possible. That way, at least nobody will be disappointed.
  3. I would do despicable things to that woman.
  4. Unnecessary.png


    Just wanted to leave this here, I know how much you love Sonic! :)


    Hope there aren't any hard feelings between us. :D

  5. If a forum mod sees this, don't close the thread just because these two people are going off-topic and arguing on my thread. Remove their posts instead, thanks. <3 Hint: stop arguing.
  6. Hopefully, this poll will receive enough attention to - once and for all - dictate what the majority vote is.
  7. Honestly, I wasn't thinking about the old content itself. I couldn't give three shits as to whether or not dz1 is functional. I just miss the areas themselves, dz1 and dz2 that is.
  8. As we all probably know, the current donator is in a state of disaster. It looks like a fucking trashfest, it looks like a gathering of filthy fat sweaty greasy old men grinding on top of each other. I suggest we bring back the old donator zones, they also served as a great hang out place, something I think the donator rank is missing at the moment.
  9. Best grinderscape memories? I'll have to agree with @Kyle and @Taalq here. When Security hacked our forums and showed how superior he is, I was instantly a fan. When @Taalq and I triggered the entire server and showed howsuperior we are, my dick got rock-hard.
  10. 10/10 on both because you're a staff member.
  11. ali_and_shadow_sonic_x_by_xshadowamyfanx


    Hope you had a good weekend. :D

    1. Kyle


      Thank you, sander. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.






    This is us ! <3 :D Hope you had a good weekend.

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    2. Tyler


      I'm at work and they block that website so I can't see the picture :(

    3. Carl


      @Tyler dont lie to us u little hedgehog<3

    4. Tyler


      Lmao I'm home and see it now.


      You're def the female Sander :hurr:

  13. Congratulations, Tyler! You'll do a good job. We've had our ups and downs, but you've always been a good staff member. Ron, stop stealing my signature.
  14. As the title says, rate the person over you from 0-10 <3 Nubownger. Popularity: X/10 Personality: X/10 I made a new one since the old one is outdated
  15. Icarly65 is an actual staff member, so the icon appears beside his name automatically. This makes this report invalid. -Closed.