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  1. Well, I'm stopping playing for a long time, months, years .. I'm not happy playing grinderscape, I decided to stop playing, grinderscape for me was a game for me to have fun with my friends while we went wild, pvm, etc and now I'm not as happy as this and as for the game, 2012, never been discouraged, but now, discouraged! I thank everyone who was with me on this journey so far, my old and new best friends, I thank the heart of the friendship and trust of: PK Killer3, I hope it continues like this and achieves its objectives, Piqui an old friend that I consider much for always me Give things and never complain the way I am and other things, you both deserve all my respect, well, cya pker an old tanker my partner that is no longer present between us (he stopped playing ..), and to Flaps , An old friend from 2013-2014 stayed all day game with me, I lend items to him, and he to me, trust was a lot, but it ended here :( Old friendships that I'm going to take my life forever, people of character, I also want to thank: Dragenforce2, VetchKing, Rmdan (my old Arabian friend), Evandro2008, Japoneis, Mrlebeaudry, and several other people who deserve to be here . I hope everyone within the game will achieve their goals, I will continue with my youtube channel focused on Crossfire, link to my channel is Youtube.com/iradoize, For those who want to add me skype to want to talk, my skype is Vanderson.Ruiz, the name is like Magnata 5K, Sorry if English is not correct, but this is it, thank you all and good luck in the future!
  2. Welcome back braedon
  3. I Voted #5, I really liked the colors white and green,Good choose in colors.
  4. Why when I'm going to add another signature, this being that I already have 3, if I can solve this, could you help me speaking below
  5. Awesome Sig,Thanks Ryann
  6. Welcome and enjoy this rank again Panos ;)
  7. I Voted @Koen, Is a humble and cool person, and deserves this rank, Good luck!
  8. Awesome Signature,Good Job !
  9. Awesome sig
  10. I'm sorry man, I hope we can be friends "again", just because I asked for a signature pro valar for another server, you hate me, I'm really sorry man.

  11. @Colt I was angry when I wrote this, because there are always some people who come to say the same thing and the person who comes to me hates me, I do not know about you, but I'm sorry.
  12. Selling phat set. https://gyazo.com/b6bc31f6b033139b9a9c851481286bbb