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  1. Welcome back,Logic !
  2. Awesome signature, Good Job Colt !
  3. 419 Vines damn lel
  4. Good Job guys !
  5. I Try bro,hope you like :\ 1 - 2 - 3 -
  6. Thanks for the good times <3 Good luck in your life and in your plans from now on. #BestStaffEver
  7. Yes
  8. You too newb and Welcome back <3 Need a signature? pm me
  9. Sorry my friend Thank you <3 Have a merry christmas you too my friend !
  10. Merry Christmas to all grinderscape players and to the prosperous New Year, many torvas and vines will be given to those loyal players of grinderscape . (Merry Christmas in advance)
  11. Hope you like ! Hope you like ! Hope you like !
  12. Welcome back newb
  13. @Koen 1 - 2 - Hope you like ! @ANZ 1 - 2 - hope you like ! @Adam 1 - 2 - HOPE YOU LIKE !
  14. HI EVERYONE The previous Topic had given a bug, that when entering the theme, the page already gave error, then created another, request your subscriptions at will, with your styles and formats you want, I hope you enjoy my work. TYPE OF SIGNATURE BELOW:
  15. @Valar Color(s): Red,Black Picture(s): Blood and Crusifix Font(s): 3D Background (yes/no) + background style: Transparent. Text(s): Magnata Second Text : Blood Blessed