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  1. Hi

    Hello there
  2. @Cypherdrone for sure. Insane achievement.
  3. Quests and I can show off my videos too
  4. Whyyyy
  5. Support I like these ideas
  6. I liked carol rip
  7. Hi, As requested here are the signatures I made for you. I hope you like them. If not, feel free to ask for any changes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks for the request!
  8. Hello welcome back (don't know you but I'll see ya around no doubt)
  9. Took me nearly 2 years. Started voting when I started playing so.. there were a few days where I didnt vote but I finnaly made it Thanks 10k? Jesus that will take a long time
  10. So cool! Nice
  11. As if l000l nty Thanks thanks ^^ Thank you not my birthday tho
  12. I said "grz" :c
  13. Name of your new account?