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  1. Wait a second I'm subscribed to you?? TRYorDI3 right? Damn never knew but hey I like it alot
  2. Alright cool gl.
  3. Bit too late, bit very late but still happy birthday @K F I F
  4. Sweet updates yet again thank you pb!
  5. I like a makeover for some of the areas, including dice area. As James said falador party room is suitable! Or even better make the party room work! Would be a good alternative for events and giveaways that everyone has a fair chance of winning. I'd personally want to see dz2 to have a makeover aswell, it kinda gets a boring view after a while. This is just my opinion tho.
  6. Goodluck to who ever wins it. It's a "wealthy" giveaway I've heared.
  7. Hi, Well I wouldn't use the same fonts as I used for tygoh, but if you want any font of that let me know Nevertheless I made these for you: 1. 2. 3. Again I personally like nr3 above the rest and again you might think differently about it Thanks for the request if anything needs to be changed LMK asap.
  8. Well dries we have alot in common i'm also 23 and I'm also from belgium. Hit me up sometimes and if you want a forum signature go to my thread if you'd like one Enjoy the game
  9. Gl with the clan.
  10. Omg bring me the horzizon I love their songs!
  11. Hi @tygoh Here are the signatures you requested. Old English is a broad font so I picked a few personally I like nr3 best but maybe you think differently; also this spartan help was the only transparant one I could use but they do look at eachother.. kinda..: 1. 2. 3. 4. Hope you like what I made, thank you for the request!
  12. I only know carl. He's... nice
  13. What an effort! Some guys should take notice of you! Anyway like koen said it's so cool you're actually doing all this even if it's not your job to do!