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  1. This looks cool
  2. HBDAY roy
  3. I like it. support!
  4. Happy birthday ryan! Get drunk
  5. I like it. Support.
  6. Looks fruity indeed. Nice.
  7. Sweet work yet again!
  8. This looks so cool
  9. Sure why not support
  10. Nice going m8 you'll get it in no time this way
  11. Grrz I guess In my timezone, I've litteraly seen 3 people who deserve it way more tho.
  12. Well I rendered it in 1080p but idk something went wrong. Yea I forgot to stretch it good point! Hmmm we'll see maybe another 10h loot. Once my irl isnt that busy. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Ikr now we know the most common items tho.
  14. I could have converted them into gold????? Ooooh damned fuck my life... oh well lessons learned I guess. I don't care much though.