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Pale Of Cmen

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  1. Would be interesting to see if they could be added to the game
  2. War time was agreed 2 weeks ago, by both leaders
  3. Atleast I had the balls to return in ahrims/sol everytime instead of a dark mystic set l m a o
  4. @Bang Its called a fullout, not our fault you had to use alt accounts and multi log in the wildy just to compete, Nice try tho
  5. 2 days - 2 wars - 2 wins #AoG
  6. I have enjoyed watching all the participants in these tournaments as it has given a little bit more reason to PK, I think the devs have done an amazing job overall for these tournaments. In my opinion nothing is to broken. I feel that giving a best in slot weapon to the first winner though as it just gives them an advantage over all other players PKing to try and get the rank 1 spot, Maybe disable it for PvP?
  7. Would rather not have the entirety of Edgeville prodding korasi's for the next month. 100% voted no.
  8. This right here makes me happy, Thank you @Pb600
  9. If this is a serious team PM me in-game or varjo can whatsapp me
  10. Got you, PM Me in game with your buy-in What is your team name? Got you, PM Me in-game with your buy-in , what is your team name?
  11. Will put you down, PM me in-game with the buy-in.
  12. Got you, Good Luck.
  13. Stop, no.
  14. Welcome To The Mains Only 3's Tournament Seeing that the first the first tournament I hosted got so much good feedback, I have decided to host my second installment of tournaments that I am wishing to host. This time it will be a 3v3 mains Mini-war PKing tournament. How Will It Be Run? This tournament will be run in either clan wars/Multi wilderness zones (depending on what both teams agree on) There will be 8 teams total going against each other in a ladder format until there is a 3rd, 2nd and of course the winners. There will be 2 teams of 3 fighting until there is only 1 team left standing who will be classed the winners. All fights will be done on an agreed timezone between both teams on the WEEKEND also if possible either Me (Bro Eye Lift) or Dour will be spectating all fights to make sure there is no cheating or rule breaking. Also, Instead of donations there is a 3b buy in (per team) to enter the tournament, first place price will receive ALL of the items. Each fight will be a best of 3 rounds fight. Rules No divines spirit shields/elysian spirit shields (all others are allowed) No Dragon Spears (Dragon Scimitars can be used) 2 Phoenix Neck Per person (This will be checked) 75 Defense Items ONLY (Barrows tank/ahrims/DFS/armadyl etc) Nothing over 75 Defense No Chaotic Weaponry (Staff/Crossbow/Maul/Rapier) Rune Crossbows Only (This means handcannon will not be allowed) No Flasks (With the exception of combat potion flask) Maximum of 6 brews per person (This also will be checked) No Revenant Gear (Zuriels/Statius/Vesta/Morrigans) No Max Cape/Comp Cape No Vines No Castle Wars Gear Breaking of any of the above rules will result in a round forfeit, so be very mindful, if you believe something might get you a forfeit, ask before using. How to Enter If you and your team wish to enter, simply comment your in-game names, and your team name in the comments for this section, and then PM either me or Dour in game to give your buy in, Once you have done that you will be put down on the list, Once 8 teams have entered, the draft will begin. Teams Teletubbies - Russ/Climb Rope/Zhue Gavr Wizards - Sir Wizard/G P D 4/Open Spot Reign of Unicutbraptaline - So Yontoo/Zoiezo/Open Spot MH17 - Ranarr Seed/Dont Lure/Frenna First Round (Decided to do 4 teams instead of 8) Wizards vs Teletubbies MH17 vs Reign of Unicutbraptaline