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  1. Remembered you from when we were fighting against you. Note that at this time, multi tends to be dead so it'll be boring to have a pk cc unless there's a clan chat that opposes. Anyways, glad to see you back and I hope to see competition between your cc and the other in the near future.
  2. Since I've returned in-game, I've noticed a lot of new features and I'm starting to dig it. And while that goal of having that 'typing trivia' account drifted away because of the lack of interest (and restrictions), I re-made goals for myself to do in-game in 2017. Will not be sure if I will accomplish all of my goals by the end of 2017 (maybe I'll be inactive or lose interest, I hope not), but it will be a pleasure trying. Ironman Since returning, I was convinced by a couple of players to continue on my Ironman account, and so I did. I was a bit disappointed that I have to train all my skills (for the 99th time), but to do it on an Ironman surely is a challenge that I'm willing to accept. I transferred my Super Donator from an account to my Ironman just to ensure that I will be playing on it for a while. Training this account will be my main priority before I move on to other goals. With that being said, I've planned out goals for my Ironman account (Kyleeeee). Get Maxed on my Ironman - Been maxed numerous times, and I'm bound to do so again. Get Comped on my Ironman - Two comped accounts, will see what it's like on an Ironman. Acquire 100+ kills in the wild - This may or may not be difficult, but it depends on how live the wildy is. Acquire Castle Wars sets - I have been playing Castle Wars for a long time in 2016, and I'm eager to play again once my account is maxed. Gather up 10,000 yell credits - As much as I love yelling in-game, I have to acquire a lot of money for this. Shouldn't be too hard as gp is easily made nowadays. 10,000 yell credits means 20,000 yells for Super Donators. <3 Main Account If my Ironman goals are out the way, I'll be jumping right back to Sexysoldier (my second account made in my time on GS) to set some goals. Become a 'Master Skiller' - This has been something that I wanted to have done in a while, but I never have the interest nor the time to do so. Time to get back on track and train all my skills to 350m exp. Get rich again - I was once rich in 2016, until the return of my IRL friend and the loss of interest made me realize that money isn't everything on this server and that giving him my bank would be the nicest thing to do. Unfortunately, he lost the 600b+ worth of items I've given in the span of 3 days. I have worked up to acquire almost a trill in items in 2016, and I don't have any problem in using my methods to do so again in 2017. Gambling will not be the case for me to win money, however. Get 'Task Master' - I have been a few tasks shy of Task Master for so long, only to have seen more tasks added to the game. Though, the tasks I'm missing are simple, it would take some time to finish them all so I can finally achieve that goal. With that said, these goals are what I'll strive for in-game. Wish me luck!
  3. #ItTakesEverything 

  4. Nah. The original dicing arena should be kept, though it needs decorations to make the place more live. I agree that changes should be made, but not the arena entirely.
  5. Best of luck to your clan chat.
  6. Choices may be dank but @Taalq is a better choice. He owns 95% of the economy and he shows dominance by showing assertiveness with fullstops. Definitely a guy you should consider instead.
  7. pretty good at the game dude You a good kid, happy birthday.
  8. I'm not the one who's inactive enough to be demoted tho. K 99-0 for your demotion bro. Ur pretty much fked.
  9. I see what you did there, Ron. You moved the thread here because all this is a joke. Classic. Demote Saim, arrogant forum staff kid deleting threads smh.
  10. I comfirm that you have a safe trip. Enjoy your break, and see you when you get back.
  11. Issue's resolved, confirmed by Wyatt himself. -Closed.
  12. Just some suggestions I have that you can take into consideration. @Pb600 -The notification for when you can vote again should be a one-time thing, and you can choose to enable it or disable it on your options. I see that it disables on its own when you log out (correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm experiencing this), and that shouldn't happen because you already enabled it after your vote. -Just like the notification for when you can vote again, there should be a notification on when Jatix will allow you to buy your flasks again as a Super Donator. -Avatars should be able to drop Hard clue scrolls to make the area active for some players again. -Should add the new items from voting for Ironmen as well. -As I suggested before, you should get a reward (5-10 Participation Points maybe?) when you answer the anti-botting trivia question correctly. Also changing the answer 'Kebab' to 'Potion' so it would make more sense. -Add furies as a drop from monsters (Black Demons like before), or have them for sale at the Rusty Tokens shop for 1k Tokens. -Add Infinity robes to the PKP shop or the Rusty Tokens shop. -Ability to replace dicing host credits for some participation/premium points for Ironman/Hardcore Ironman, considering they don't have the ability to gamble. -Should remove these doubled shop items for sale. These pics for example: -Acknowledge those spelling/grammatical errors that I reported in-game (Backery stall/etc). -Include the ability to remove old notifications from the notification panel. -Add more items to the Agility shop (that can be discussed). -It should be the Lobster Pot animation instead when you're fishing for Rocktails. All I have for now, let me know what you guys think.
  13. Well done, Nic. That promotion clearly proves that you have been exceeding expectations and working hard in-game. Just glad that you didn't resign because of that activity spurt, but congratulations nonetheless buddy. Keep up the great work.
  14. Thanks for making the video mate. Though, I would've appreciate if the video was a bit longer, but a pretty neat montage nonetheless. Keep it up mate.
  15. Hi, Kyle. 
    You should change your forum name to your in-game name, Kyle. 
    Top priority as a staff member in-game, Kyle.
    Thanks, Kyle.



    1. j a i z

      j a i z

      Hi Kyle.


      Kyle, how do I edit my forum name? I'm a noob when it comes to forums.


      I cant sign into forums under 'J A I Z' for some reason.


      Thanks, Kyle.



    2. Kyle


      Hi, Kyle.
      You can't sign into forums with that account name because the forum account hasn't been created yet. 
      You can redirect to your settings by clicking your forum name on the top right, then click 'account settings.' 
      From there, you can choose 'Display Name' and you can change it there. e97a1424227746459010d0c75e7e9916.png
      Note that you can only change it once every 6 months. 

      Hope this helps you, Kyle.


    3. j a i z

      j a i z

      Thanks , I see where to do it now Kyle.


      Unfortunatly i get the following error message 




      Thanks for your help, Kyle