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  1. With my personal issues piling up on me, I feel really demotivated to do anything right now. All I gotta say is, I'm taking a break from GS. I have been inactive around anyways, but I just want to make this official.
  2. ganggangganggangganggang I mean hello there.
  3. Aysar with Everwild? Lit! Keep at it, would like to see an on-going rivalry.
  4. Better than @vengie for sure. I knew you couldn't stand the stuff that's going on in GS, I just didn't know when you'll quit. We can still get into contact if you'd like, preferably Skype or Discord. Until then, I hope to see you around in the future.
  5. hi kyle you are adimn?

    1. Kyle


      Unfortunately, no. You'll have to pm Acolyte or Tyler. 

  6. Ah, back in the days where we have people saying "ur good bro" or "bro4staff" as Shoutbox memories. Here's mine tho.
  7. Wtf r u doing? It's a win-win for him dumfuk. Just give him Nike shoes, he'll do something.
  8. That only happened because Joe took Niels' spot. Niels did start from Shoutbox Mod to become Sectional, if you didn't know. Seen this coming. Just wished it happened sooner. Congrats, Tyler. Keep it up.
  9. It's been gone for ages, even before the forum update.
  10. http://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/48-game-development/ I'm too lazy to link you to all of the threads of the updates that passed recently, but there has been several updates that happened. Stop by that section so you can be up to date with information. I remembered you from when you applied for our old pk cc 'Talibans,' you seem to be a cool dude. Welcome back man, looking forward to seeing you in-game.
  11. I'll see you around in-game, hopefully. Welcome back.
  12. Or their own ranks in-game/forums/Discord. Hell, give them a new zone. Not trying to be an ass or anything, but this suggestion is as horrid as the others suggested by many players. Sorry, no support. Thanks for making the thread anyways.
  13. A forum update? Dang, when was the last update...? Great work, Lou. Looking forward to seeing more changes in the future. Edit: Is the Shoutbox problem fixed? When I was a forum moderator, the Shoutbox had issues with adding names of players, that most of the players who were supposed to be muted are not. Just to clear the air here, someone give me a clarification also, thanks.
  14. I'll be blunt. None of these outfits seem to impress me. The color choices are just awful, and some items that were used weren't thought of at all. However, this is a voting thread, I will vote for #8 seeing as that person nearly incorporated his colors well.
  15. Acquiring quite a lot of accolades in the past year is preposterous. I'm sure they were well-deserved, I just don't know when they'll stop adding up! Huge congrats on your 1 year tenure on Grinderscape, and here's to more years to come.