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  1. Best of luck with the clan, mate.
  2. Joe

    Don't need to do this to point out that you're gay.
  3. With the amount of effort you've put into the game, there's no doubt that you deserve this promotion. Late congrats, I know you are doing well so far, and I hope you keep that up as well.
  4. Hope you are enjoying your day, Roy. Happy birthday!
  5. Indeed, Glacor boots need a complete overhaul. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Happy birthday man. Here's to many more wishes to come.
  7. Don't know why members of Elite are taking charge of AoG, lol. #ifyoucantbeatemjoinem
  8. Wouldn't see a problem with this addition. Support, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Those were the days... Nice moves, bro. Keep it up.
  10. I'm glad that you have a change of mind and progressed further throughout your tenure as a staff member. Thanks for taking off some time to contribute to the server when it is needed. Here's to more accomplishments that you will go for.
  11. You were always the better Jess, not to worry. I have heard of you and your capabilities in-game, and I have no doubt that you will do a good job. Congratulations, and best of luck with handling drama via yell, you Ex-Elite pker. <3
  12. & Both achieved in one day (2/12/2017).
  13. Well, Super Donators are able to do a lot more in order to make money (might not be the same case for Ironmen). It's not that hard to make a lot of GP in-game as there are loads of ways to make cash (merching/thieving/rune-crafting). Not to mention that Super Donator has a lot of perks, like only using up .5 yell credits when yelling, meaning that if you buy 50 yell credits, you can yell up to a 100 times. No support, thanks for the suggestion though. Edit: There always has been yell credits, don't know why you want in-game visual evidence from 3 years ago to see if yell credits actually existed.
  14. It'd be more funny if he's above you on the rankings.
  15. How much are you willing to sell Crystal Keys for?