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  1. nice bro im jealous
  2. gratz, was expecting someone else first though but anyways nice job.
  3. eco reset plserino...
  4. welcome back dude!
  5. You mad cuz u aint staff bruh?
  6. dragen coz hes helpful
  7. hhhhhhh i clean u bank every year stop talking
  8. ya skype me u pw
  9. Dear players, Today we decided to promote @Jamie to Server Support. @Jamie has been doing great within the OMM team and Spectrum cc for quite some time now and has proved to us that he deserves a shot at being a server support. @Jamie lives in the Mojave Desert (Gmt - 69) & will be helping out in this timezone. Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial but we're sure hes fit for it. Congratulations Jamie, and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff
  10. I like these quests you make but i doubt it'll be implemented in-game.
  11. support seems cool for a new boss
  12. Can i help with anything regarding updates/bug testing etc?
  13. @Pb600 support nice suggestion