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  1. Gz to the winners
  2. Gl with the clan, looking forward to wars
  3. Was fun, but stop the shit talking. Gg
  4. Love how you changed the subject around real quick there.
  5. Im pretty sure "True" is "8Bits" So you kill your own cc for your vids, nice one dude!
  6. Its not goodbye forever, of course i'll come back to visit
  7. They will never stop my lovely <3 Cheers bro <3 Cheers Hh, ily will keep in touch
  8. Cya Moe <3
  9. Why do you feel the need to comment on my post?
  10. LOOL, Nice music spastics, love how you show 10% of what actually happened cause you know full well you got cleared, better luck next time bang alts.
  11. Haha!, Dw bro tomorrow will be my last day on grinderscape, will be back around October time though dude <3
  12. Hhh, Ily dude
  13. Bought a tear to my eye! Syke, but i love ya Jord ill keep in touch as much as possible, hopefully ill be back soon enough to run my wilderness
  14. Cheers mate.
  15. Hehe, ily Taivo, hopefully will be back soon! Gl