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  1. Encourages donating so you definitely have my support. Also agree with the idesa Koen proposed with gaining a bonus based on the amount you donate at once. Great suggestions!
  2. Accepted You've consistently improved since your last applications and you've shown us how dedicated you are to the clan. Admin is a big step forward and we believe you can handle it, but please remember in order to maintain the rank you have to be relentless in spectrum regarding overall interaction within the clan. Congratulations Nic! Pending Although you improved a prodigious amount to earn the recruiter rank, we don't believe you're ready yet for moderator. Please maintain consistent interaction with the members of the clan and work on your activity. Remember, if you need to go inactive for a period of time for any reason just let an admin+ know and we'll totally understand.
  3. Happy day of birth Saim.
  4. Tyler, what have u told him about s2k33? i can't login on it? it is mine now and its not his.


  5. Although I may be swamped at times, feel free to shoot me a message anytime and we'll definitely have some more conversations. Appreciate it Gygax!
  6. Welcome to Grinderscape Dries. Enjoy your stay and hmu ingame if you need help.
  7. In the past most people say no to commands like this because they think it makes the "game easy" or somethen along those lines, but having convenient commands such as these would be nice. Doesn't have a huge impact on anything except convenience and I'm sure the players would enjoy them. Support!
  8. Tyler, can you tell me from which account I have taken stuff?

    Reply as you see it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tyler


      You're not the owner of s2k33.

    3. IronHood
    4. Tyler


      It's futile lying to me when I know you're not the owner as we have logs that completely verified it.


      If you want a chance of being unbanned, having the owner come to me and verify he was sharing the account is the only way.

  9. This has been resolved. Closed.
  10. Completely unnecesary thread in my opinion. You claim your main intent for this thread is to prove you're not responsible for what you deem mistakes, but 95% of this thread is nothing but you bashing PB. Let me clarify some things for all parties: It's completely illogical for anyone who wasn't specifically in the developer chat at the time of your removal to make statements about your removal. Regardless of what a player claims they were told, unless you were in the chat at that specific moment you're not fully aware of what occured. The developer chat serves a specific purpose. The people selected to aide PB are invited into the chat so work can be completed faster & PB doesn't have to worry about every single minute task. This is obviously a wonderful thing since updates can be released faster therefore resulting in a happier community. On that note, it's also the decision of PB to add and remove whoever he pleases in the developer chat for whatever reason. Keep in mind, the players in that chat are assisting the server so I'm sure he doesn't make that decision lightly. At the end of the day, updates are additions/changes to the game that's only purpose is to positively impact the server and PB decides this with input from the community(community polls for example). Any disagreements on updates or changes made to the server should be discussed via suggestion threads so factual arguments can take place. Directing blame on one person or making threads that ultimately invoke unneccesary drama are not the correct solutions to incidents such as this. Please bear in mind before you respond to each further, this is just a game and insulting each other won't resolve anything.
  11. Hello everyone. Today we decided to promote J a i z to Server Support. @jaizalt has been doing a fantastic job ingame for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to take on the Server Support position. J a i z lives in Ireland (GMT +0) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, J a i z will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Kyle, and good luck!
  12. Definitely agree with this suggestion. Unfortunately there will always be times when staff aren't online to regulate and spamming is a big issue (Especially @ the ge/duel arena). The only thing I'd have to say should be excluded is in the wilderness. The reason I suggest this is because clans are allowed to spam their clan name/motto as long as it's in the wilderness. This spam is usually conducted during a war or afterwards to display dominance and in a sense it gives the specific clan a morale boost, therefore encouraging them in many aspects. Even though clans aren't particulary active right now, taking away that form of displaying their dominance would only discourage future players from clan activities. Great suggestion.
  13. Considering third-age was removed ingame when clue scrolls were released and the dragon ceremonial hat was introduced with scrolls, I'd say they're decently rare. You'll probably have an easier time selling the third-age staff, but nonetheless congratz on the loot.
  14. Congratulations on the sigil & kiln. Keep up the good work .