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  1. what i do to get unbaneed

  2. i maded i ticket and acolyte relply it but how i can get unbaneed?

  3. suhh dude welcome back.
  4. While you were a previous middleman and you're working on MMing under supervision already, you just returned and we need to make sure you're here to stay. Please re-apply in a week or so and continue your actions on working to become trusted, once again :).
  5. what you mean "ownership denied"?

  6. Hello. Enjoy Grinderscape!
  7. okay bruh i help ppl

  8. Denied. Aside from you not being trusted, you put minimal effort into your application and in-game to prove you deserve the rank. Re-apply in no less than 2 weeks once you've started working on becoming trusted.
  9. Always enjoyed seeing kill logs such as these. Please feel free to provide us with more, and nice loot!
  10. While normally I don't post topics such as these, I figured this special occasion was definitely an excuse to do so. I figured on this thread though, I would give some hindsight on my previous activities before I joined Grinderscape and what I'm currently doing in real-life. When I first joined Grinderscape, I had absolutely no intentions of staying. I had been on a previous RSPS for many years and when it was shut down, I was pretty confident I could never get as intertwined again in these games. During spring break last year (spring break for me again right now), I decided I wanted to find a new RSPS since I wasn't going anywhere and celebrating the holiday and figured it'd be nice to "relive the experiences'". I was never into the spawn/pk specific private servers so after looking for a while, I saw Grinderscape on Runelocus and figured I'd give it a try since it was the type of private server that I was most interested in joining. We can all obviously see how "not going to get intertwined" worked out. Even though my swift promotions have caused controvery in the past (especially among select ex-staff members), I've always been one to encourage the promotions of others over myself if it was more deserved because I personally don't like seeing hard work not get noticed. While I'm now in a position to make sure that hard work does get noticed, I rooted for many staff members and encouraged their promotions (regardless if they were the same rank) as I was still working my way up the chain because it's simply the type of man I am. I'm not explaining any of this for some form of positive response to it directly, I'm doing so because I've never explained these things up until this point. For months on end I was despised by many staff members because I was the new guy who was "trying for all the ranks", but I had always privately rooted for their promotion over mine to the admins (only Niels at the time) and I figured it was time to state all this because up until this point, I've never told anyone. As for my real-life if anyone is curious, I'm still enrolled in college (same as last year, yay), but I've changed my major to Criminal Justice. I'd like to incorporate psychology into this field in the future as some form of BA (hopefully federal) or a Juvenile Probation Officer early on in my career because I truely enjoy helping young adults finding the right path in life. In December I'll have earned my AAS Degree and will either join the criminal justice workforce while completing my Bachelor's, or just continue to work part-time and go to school full time. While Grinderscape is still a game and this must always be acknowledged, my years of being a staff member combined have helped me with an assortment of real-life situations (public speaking, debates, even my crime scene analyst class one time) and none of this would be possible without a community so this is a large thank you to everyone here on Grinderscape. If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to private message me or ask below.
  11. hello tyler i posted a appel on an account recovery and u replyed i would like to tell you that  i didnt changed the password of the account "2kul4u".

    and i have a post in

     November 18, 2015 

    and saying that my name ingame "2kul4u"

    remeber it was at november 18.2015






    Your welcome.

  13. If you've forgotten the password to your account, please make a thread here: http://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/55-recover-a-lost-account/ Myself, Acolyte or Soccerlove will assist you.
  14. What is the Achievement Event? The achievement event is an event for the players of Grinderscape to display their recent achievement! The term "achievements" is defined as recent rewards earned by a player that may have been the outcome of intentional work put forth, or a random accomplishment that you're proud of. This event is not just for players that may have achieved something globally desired but for anything you personally deem as an achievement. The importance of what you've achieved is greatly determined by your personal feelings towards what you've earned, and the previous work you may have put forth. How do I submit my entry? To submit your entry please post a screenshot of your achievement (with a timestamp) on this thread. When submitting your entry, please include a short description behind this achievement that would help the community understand why it's significant to you. How will the entries be voted on? The way this competition will work is similar to that of the outfit comps. At the beginning of every month, a thread will be made. The event team will then judge every submission and pick the top 15 achievements (if there are more than 15). Four days before the end of the month we will post a poll and the community will then get to choose whose achievement was the best. The winner(s) of the event will receive a reward. When does this event end? All submissions will be accepted until 5 days from the end of the month. Once submissions are closed, the event team will post a poll that the community may vote on the next day. Event Rules Submission Rules - One (1) entry per player per month. If you submit more than one entry, only your first one will be counted. All other entries submitted by you will be ignored. - When submitting your achievement, you must give a reason why this achievement is significant to you. - You must prove the legitimacy of your achievement by taking a screenshot with a timestamp(must be in the month of March - No troll or fake achievements are to be submitted. If you fail to follow this rule, you will lose all chance of being entered in that month’s poll. Voting Rules - You may not vote for your own achievement. Doing so will result in your vote being deleted and possible disqualification. - You may advertise the poll itself but you cannot advertise any specific submission(including your own). - Asking for votes or buying votes is not allowed. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification. What are the rewards? First Place Prize: Dragon Sq Shield Ornament Kit (or) Second Place Prize: Member Ticket Best of luck to all entries!