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  1. Congratz and welcome! good luck, you should be fine!!
  2. thanks man it looks good! thank you sir
  3. @Dragenforce2 it really looks good man! well done. how long did it take you to make these lol?
  4. Nice, its a good idea especially for the ironmen that can't gamble. good suggestions
  5. Congrats and good luck (: I'm sure you will do fine
  6. Congrats! And good luck
  7. @Cinderblock good looking out
  8. And Mine? @Colt
  9. @Cinderblock has been doing a good job on my radar this month @jaizalt has been doing a good job assisting others this month!
  10. what server is this on?
  11. congrats on the promo Blake
  12. Geat update, love the new titles and buffs