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  1. Finally Kappa, good luck.
  2. #RUNSK
  3. Great idea @Saim, so not necessary eco reset
  4. My vote is Yes, it helps both ingame and on Forum. Very helpful and respectful.
  5. Share pls I tbed
  6. Nice work, keep up it man
  7. Nice work.
  8. Haha nice @Saim well deserved
  9. Nice progress keep up this work.
  10. Happy Birthday Chris K, call me in skype sometimes to talk or you forgot me? just kidding, enjoy!!!!!
  11. Sad but knew this was going to happen soon, I wish you all the luck in the world to you sophie as you wished me I hope to talk to you often.
  12. You need to vote every 24 hours not to win penalties, no matter if you redeem in the day or after but you can only give redeem every 12 hours.
  13. Finally man well deserved Taivo.
  14. I vote no, simply because it can affect the gameplay of the players even more.