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  1. s' cool bruh! proper good man fam
  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha a haha hahahahahaha ahahahahaha ahahahahah ahahaha haha hahahahahahaha a llamo1!L!MAO!L!!!! Unlucky Joe, that sucks man. So sorry to see.
  3. gz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. bought.
  5. Ban this troll.
  6. Selling some stuff fellas! proper banging sale fams! Vls - 80m cash ea Normal Rings - 25m cash ea Ring I's - 125m cash ea Stat set - 225m cash I'm selling all the hilts in 1 TRADE ONLY - either for 180 Zogre Bones or 4 CLAWS (as it's bulk and i doubt anyone else is selling this amount) Pm me in-game if I'm on or leave a reply on here if you're interested.
  7. gz tyler
  8. Nice auto clicking fag
  9. I honestly don't care for attention in connection to a Runescape private server. Say what you please, it's a genuine video, and if that's your opinion on it then next time keep it to yourself because comments like this cause drama, which is also something I don't care for.
  10. Aw man that's awesome! Glad I made his day. And yeah well you know, although I'm not the richest, I do enjoy giving out things to newer players. Glad to have been the guy to help out. Was a pleasure talking with you at Aquanites, and I'm excited to see you grow as a player over the coming weeks and months. Don't worry about doing anything for me, this is how I get my thrills sometimes. See you around in game, bud.
  11. So I met this kid "v0v" at aquanites earlier this evening, and he seemed like a genuinely chill dude, fresh to the server and seemed like he was enjoying the game. At which point I took it upon myself to give him a bunch of stuff to help him out and get him going. And then also realizing I recorded my bank, this is also kind of a bank video in a way, you'll just have to pause it to get a proper look because the quality is such ass for some reason. I put a song in it because who wants to watch in silence, right? Plus, music is life. Anyway, here's the vid and shout out to @Woody for having a huge forehead. again really sorry for shit quality, idk why its like that i think i got a copyright on the song rip
  12. Just a question.. Did you get any hard/elites that require you to equip an amulet? because every one I've gotten that requires that never works for me.
  13. Looks awesome dude, 1st one is nicer only because I love light blue.
  14. Looks sick man, nice job.
  15. Voted for Lisaax, done some super awesome work within spectrum and what not. I think it's fully deserved.