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  1. :c
  2. This is my only offer; (it's roughly 53b)
  3. Nice suggestion, Jaiz. You have my support.
  4. Sad to see u go faggot. Was a right laugh getting to know you and I shall very very very very very rarely send you a Snapchat calling you a fucking dog. Stay safe my dude.
  5. i want to die 24/7
  6. how do you get there?
  7. An absolute no to this. They have their value because they're from the hardest boss, which is why they also give best xp. I do think more stuff should be added, but I personally don't think anything you listed you should be. Nice ideas though.
  8. GL everyone.
  9. @Woody, he's been doing good. good at game.
  10. Why does everyone seem to have such shit luck getting Elites? I get at least one per inv when I farm Bronze or Mith dragons. Shit's weird as I never get anything else quickly lol.
  11. The Vine/Claws/Ags are insanely rare to get, so why can't Iron Men not get them? Other than Slayer, it's the only other way for them to get a Vine. So that' stupid. Donor ticket it also stupid and I doubt you'd get any support on that bro. Primal, I don't see the problem with the Weapons being added, but not the armor. Then finally a no to mini-game bonuses. Nice suggestions, though.
  12. I did get rushed quite a few times, and did get killed once actually, as I got tele-blocked from a distance without seeing lol. I laughed a lot at this comment
  13. I.. I just.. I don't know what to do or say right now