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Master Diceee

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  1. ooo yeah i like this suggestion lets add this item sets to the game would help alot the people and thats better than buying dh pieces 24/7 when do you need the dh or something else thanks @J A I Z -master dice
  2. good to see you back to the game...enjoy your stay have fun with playing -master dice
  3. yeah i agree with stardusts limit 10k thanks adam
  4. bruhhh............................ you said you cleared aog but you all ran and we stayed but explain to me how have you cleared us? #evernooooobs you got to explain to me ingame im waiting on you
  5. oo yeah loking forward to eat as ace ventura bg has no change hahaha #aog
  6. hello guys, this game needs to be fixed in something it is, when i fight in wildy and my oppenent use a dh axe or ags spec or something like that i click on food more than 3 times and i can't eat whys that?is that a bug? or something that i have it and i dont know? -master dice
  7. yeah chaotics are degrade...
  8. ign-master dice
  10. i agree,make them rare as color sols i think we should add more c sols to the game we have enough phats btw..
  11. nice video russ,get more vids to us!
  12. keep the home near edge cause its more useful for pkers.so i voted no
  13. yeah change it to somewhere else like fally party room or some where at camelot or falador....or any place in gs to look nice
  14. hello guys, good evening,today im gonna suggest something to be added to the game should we get a guy who gives special at duel to pkers it will be more easy than player come and gives special to other players.. should we get it or not? leave a comment below thanks for reading -master dice
  15. happy birthday amir yeah as koen said you're being missed in grinderscape -master dice