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Master Diceee

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  1. ign-master dice
  3. i agree,make them rare as color sols i think we should add more c sols to the game we have enough phats btw..
  4. nice video russ,get more vids to us!
  5. keep the home near edge cause its more useful for pkers.so i voted no
  6. yeah change it to somewhere else like fally party room or some where at camelot or falador....or any place in gs to look nice
  7. hello guys, good evening,today im gonna suggest something to be added to the game should we get a guy who gives special at duel to pkers it will be more easy than player come and gives special to other players.. should we get it or not? leave a comment below thanks for reading -master dice
  8. happy birthday amir yeah as koen said you're being missed in grinderscape -master dice
  9. congratulations nic.good luck!
  10. congratulations and good luck on your job
  11. yea i agree with you it would help mains/pures/zerkers and what ever it is thanks for this suggestion lord ranq i hope it will be ingame -master dice
  12. yea koen its not hard but it would be easy to the pures who have nothing on the accuont i mean not rich to buy items..
  13. hello guys, i have some suggestions to the pure shops and pk shops or what ever it is. should we add granite mauls to pure shop and to adventurer shop? should we add magic runes to pure shop? and make it cheaper and magic book we should add it to pure shops and adventurer magic book for hybridders decide if that would be and comment below.. thanks for reading -master dice