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  1. Hey guys, Today i did some hide and seek/ first to trade for the following items. The first giveaway being for Santa hat, i thought my hints were easy for this one but it took ages for people to show up. After that i moved to close to barrows and did a first to trade for red h'ween. big shout out to @simply claws for donating this prize. After that i moved the fally party room for a small little party, this was by far the easiest of all hints. Last but not least , people wanted a hard one, so i made it worth their time. I only gave one hint for this one and it took forever for one person to show up. Thanks to everyone who participated, hope ye had fun and congrats to all winners
  2. Sweet @Colt Thank you so much
  3. Unfortunately there is no counter for xp gained beyond 350m w/o the skill being locked. Also, do thief you nub its faster skilling points.
  4. I mean a highscores on website that also breaks down into how much locked xp was earned in a certain skill, not total
  5. Isn't this what locked exp is tho? Just create a locked exp high scores for skills individually and problem solved Also cheeky plug: Skilling pets?
  6. I mean it only makes sense? eventually people will hit 500m and again want more, why not do it all at once? Only 20 people currently at max exp, don't think there is a need to raise it atm. Voted no
  7. If you're gonna raise it (and possibly raise it again within a year or two when the same number of people [20] have hit max exp) why not just do it all at once and just raise it to 2,147m xp in each skill?
  8. Frigin' sick dude! Thank you so much <3
  9. Support 100% Suggestion : 2 extra Sortition credits instead
  10. MY Nomination for this months MOTM has to be @Jess. You do a fantastic job juggling helping in spectrum, OMM duties and all round helping . Good luck to all.
  11. looks good jack!
  12. Gl Staff hunting my friend <3
  13. Be great to see another GMT 0 Mod. Nice application Lisa, lots of effort and everything in it is 100℅ true. Best of luck :3
  14. Support