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  1. you underestimate the stupidity of people. Support.
  2. Grats Tyler, i'm sure you'll do great. pc claws?
  3. Player count has been as high as 350-450 recently with the average being, as pb600 said 260-280, maybe suggest fixes/changes to the new system instead.
  4. Completely again with @Cinderblock on this one, the ::food and ::veng commands are pointless as presets exist. The only thing i disagree with Cinder on is the clan only island being extreme donor only, that's fine if you only want like 10 players in total to have access to this feature, let alone be on the same island if their all not in the one Clan. Honestly the clan island is a great suggestion imo, should be open to all and would be a nice place to be able to do clan only drop parties
  5. Nice idea but item prices change too much to keep examine up to date and accurate. If someone could right click >examine and get the item id and then type ::pc <item id> and it link to current pc guide of that item (by the wiki team assigning item IDs to correct items on guide) it might work that bit better as the wiki team can keep that updated and item id would stay the same, taking pressure off PB to keep examine updated.
  6. It would also allow to people to be able to host/bet that bit more eg. Host 3 Nex 'sets' or DDS 28 'Nex sets' (unless pb would like to code it so they can't be staked but can be traded) I think sets shouldn't be noteable and only stack In bank. Thanks for support
  7. I thought it would be nice to have item sets added to game. For those of you who aren't aware what 'item sets' are , they are simply a box that contains certain items. i.e Dharok's set would be a box containing: Dh Helm, body,legs and axe, all at 100%, untouched condition. This is the RS Wikia of what i mean http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Item_set I thought it would be nice to add an npc to somewhere like shops or the ge like where decanter is or, preferably, add it as an option to ALL bankers. It'd be cool if there was some 'custom' sets that were added (by custom i mean ones not already on rs ) eg. "Pk set" which would include helm of netiz, torso, fury, d legs, b gloves, d def, abby whip. Let me know what ye think below and also add some more set suggestions if you have some.
  8. Open paint right click and press paste , the image should be pasted from your clipboard there.
  9. Today i hosted another giveaway within the clan chat! Todays prizes were : bandos set, spectral, arcance, ags, divine, blue hween , claws and steadfast boots. Unfortunately I lost the pics of bandos set/spectral but the rest can be viewed in this album here: Also, idue to @simply claws insane hints and my work restraints, i ran out of time. However i did add the claws and steads to activity rewarrds and as of posting they are both still in there! Thanks to all who participated
  10. Hi Kyle, It sucks to see you go, I don't know you nearly half as long or aswel as the majority of people here but you were always there to help. Best of luck irl and hope to see you around
  11. Hey guys, Today i did some hide and seek/ first to trade for the following items. The first giveaway being for Santa hat, i thought my hints were easy for this one but it took ages for people to show up. After that i moved to close to barrows and did a first to trade for red h'ween. big shout out to @simply claws for donating this prize. After that i moved the fally party room for a small little party, this was by far the easiest of all hints. Last but not least , people wanted a hard one, so i made it worth their time. I only gave one hint for this one and it took forever for one person to show up. Thanks to everyone who participated, hope ye had fun and congrats to all winners
  12. Sweet @Colt Thank you so much
  13. Unfortunately there is no counter for xp gained beyond 350m w/o the skill being locked. Also, do thief you nub its faster skilling points.
  14. I mean a highscores on website that also breaks down into how much locked xp was earned in a certain skill, not total