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  1. Jamie holy shit I love you
  2. weeb
  3. weeb
  4. filthy weeb
  5. Liking the kdr
  6. jack, do you actually have severe autism or do you just constantly try and be relevant? i can tell you got bullied from a very young age by your parents, and maybe if your nan. just fuck off.
  7. shut up, the punishment was deadset wrong.
  8. wasn't even a major bug though, loooooooooooooooool. I saw keffbrud whilst he had the drag hat on... could of simply to himself to empty it, as Alvin said.but not even an apology. what an embarrassment. the might feared co-owner. nice fuck up
  9. I could see keffy whilst he was wearing it in the wildy, matter of fact I fought him twice whilst he was wearing it. so I don't see a problem. but ron, you're "co-owner" you know exactly what goes on and what gets fixed and shit. "wasn't aware" lol alright then.
  10. bro this is fucked, fr. not roll back/refund or anything. "was planning to clear invo only".... what a joke, "but clear command seems to be fixed"... I already cba. it's a joke, like most of the punishment's he dishes out. fucking jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. #kef4god
  11. Yo that's my boy, grats bro!
  12. There is already no value to the pure pvp items as it is, why would you devalue them anymore.
  13. I had no idea who you was, but thank you for clearing this up. Welcome to grinderscape :))))