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  1. I would love these items so you got my support on this! Kind regards Cypher
  2. That could work indeed, but it would require a lot of killing also ofcourse and I'm wondering if it's faster then just mining the ores. Since you don't smelt ores anymore you'll need more bars too. But I do like the idea!! Specially for the uncut d stones! @Pb600
  3. Nope, click it once and it does it for a full inventory Thanks!
  4. If it can be changed for Hardcore Ironmans only, that would be nice too Specially since I already did 350M Smithing on a regular Ironman and it's not to bad, you'll need a few pools indeed but it's ok. It's just to bad you are kind of forced to smith to coin there and can't make armour/bolts for xp.
  5. Hello, I'm a little bit confused at the moment but that lead me to this suggestion. Why is 'Smith to coin' giving more XP then 'Smith armour'? If you are making armour or weapons or bolts you'll get less XP and no gold for making these items. If you smith to coin, it's not only AFK-able, but also gives more XP + Gold. For a regular player this doesn't seem like much I suppose but for an Ironman and specially for a Hardcore Ironman it does. Since a Hardcore Ironman doesn't have smith to coin, he's forced to smith to armour and get less xp anyways. (It's good that they don't get coins) But to get 350M XP in mining, you'll need to mine 176.500 runite ores. (I can sort of live with this :D) If you wish to Smith to 350M XP, you'll need 472.650 runite ores (to smelt to bars and smith them) The difference is huge between those 2 skills, not even resolvable with pooling smithing 24/7. I don't mind mining a bit extra ores but about 300.000 extra ores??? Would it be possible to get the same amount of XP if you make 1 bar into coins and if you make 1 bar into armour (without coins)? Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance Kind regards Cypher
  6. I do agree Vine & Claws & AGS should be removed for Ironman & Hardcore Ironman
  7. I don't believe this would reduce the voting count. I also believe not everyone would buy this feature, true. I think the players who already have 'everything' that they need from the premium store would like this feature, it would give them a new purpose for donating since most players donate to buy gear & sell for in-game value's. But the players who donate to support the server don't care about in-game value's (somewhat). Long story short: People who don't donate for credit rolls, they vote for credit rolls & keep voting for credit rolls. People who donate for credit rolls, they love credit rolls and will keep voting also for extra credit rolls. But thanks for the feedback already and yes indeed lets see more replies. Kind regards Cypher
  8. Hello! At home we have a special NPC that sells items for premium points. But he also sells 'features' for premium points. My suggestions towards this 'features' is: Add Roll Sortition credits for premium points. You could add an option saying 'buy 20 credits for 30.000 premium points' (just numbers feel free to change the amounts to whatever seems fitting for you) This will encourage players to donate more... (atleast I will! hihi) A small suggestions, let me know what you think. Kind regards Cypher @Pb600
  9. I wasn't here on double XP day :((((((((((( Gief Double XP days mid week plz I'll break highscores Nice achievement!
  10. I always had a stack of needles. People QQing about finding a needle in a haystack, you show em 10M needles. Nice collection! Kind regards Cypher
  11. Here I am again ;-) 1) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Farming The farming XP rates are changed a few releases ago it's 'about' 2x the XP it used to be. 2) On the same page (farming) It's not required to 'use rake on the patch' anymore. Right now you can just click ' rake herb patch ' without selecting the rake in your inventory. 3) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Herblore The cleaning guams is 17xp instead of 18 xp for harcore ironman. ( rest is ok for now) 4) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Herblore It would be nice to see the cleaning/make pots levels for the herbs & potions 5) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Smithing The headers of all the tables contain brown text, on all other wikipages, this is white text. Could this be white text also? It's easier readable Hope it helps! Thanks in advance! Kind regards Cypher *wink* @Suffer Plox *wink*
  12. Olivia Wilde ask for more clothes... Support +1 I'm stuck with 10k agility tickets anyways hahaha
  13. There is only 1 possible answer to this question. Take advise from a nerd, #TrustCypher Do agility first man. Do NOT do woodcutting until you have inferno adze. With 350M Agility XP you'll have 1800 skill points already. Only 1200 left then! You should probably do thieving afterwards since it's a pretty fast skill also to get skilling points. Then do woodcutting ;-) #TrustCypher Kind regards Cypher
  14. I had to chose between #4 & #7 and I went for 4! 7, the goggles are a funny touch but sorry!
  15. I believe you had better work then this (doesn't mean this isn't good!). I'm less of a fan of this signature because, my personal opinion, if you stare at it for a while the sphere either looks like a gem on the background. Or the name Ryann is 'just' pasted on top of it. I think it would have been better if the name was somehow merged together with your sphere. I get the feeling something is still missing,idk? No hate or anything, just my opinion. I liked the #Ironic one still the most! I do like the choice of the blue color but I'm less of a fan of the gold inside ' ryann '. But yes it still looks like a nice signature good job! Kind regards Cypher