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  1. Damn and I thought this would be ' Skiller of the Month' lmao, @Koen you troll! Haha jk jk Goodluck to everyone! Kind regards Cypher
  2. Better get started Haha, or get 1000 streak on your ironman! Kind regards Cypher
  3. Sweet! Good job. 10.000 inc?
  4. Hi! It's me again ;-) 1) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Mining On this page with the dragon pick axe, could be mentioned it's possible to steal this item and save 100 skillpoints. This is a big thing for hardcore ironmans. You steal it from the silver stall at ge, the thief task. 2) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Summoning It would be sweet if you could add the level requirement for each pouch. I had to go to the regular skillguide to find out, kind of annoying to open 2 tabs 3) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Firemaking I noticed that in the new Ironman section the firemaking skill of 'yew' logs is still incorrect, if you could change it to lvl '60' That will also solve: If you change it in the regular skill guide. The logs required of maple & Yews will have to be re-checked too them. 4) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Thieving The coins received from the stalls are less on Ironman mode & hardcore ironman mode then on the regular accounts. These are currently incorrect. ( & a 5% increased gold if you were the eyepatch, this is only from crossbow stand) 5) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Woodcutting Ironman & Hardcore Ironman cannot buy 'hatchet's from wilfred. To obtain a noobish hatchet like rune,iron,mithril,... you'll have to smith it yourself. Dragon axe can still be purchased from Max & Inferno adze also. Kind regards Cypher @Suffer Plox <3's
  5. Nice loot & sharing is caring Planning to do more? Tempt your luck? Kind regards Cypher
  6. Hello! My achievement of this month will probably be 350M XP in Agility... on my Hardcore Ironman! Give or take from lvl 99 it's about 6980 gnome course laps without pool or bxp! I am the first and only one to have 350M XP in Agility on HCIM. (This is 2450M XP on a regular account in agility) More info can be found in my Achievement post: Goals & Achievements Kind regards Cypher
  7. Hello fellow grinderscaperzzzz! Today is a big day and I've achieved 350M XP in Agility on my Hardcore Ironman! Remember hardcore ironman gets 7x less XP then regular accounts, so on a regular account this would be 2450M XP in Agility (2.45B!) I'm very happy I finally achieved it, it's about 6980 gnome course laps from level 99 with Agility Brawlers and without any knowledge pool or bonus xp. +- this gave me like 20k-21k agility tickets I am the first and only one so far to achie this! Hardcore Ironman Agility Highscores I've almost got enough skilling points to buy Inferno Adze so I'll continue to max my account now and then head towards the next 350M Skill! Kind regards Cypher
  8. They only drop bones though, nothing else. The one in chaos tunnel have a chance to drop torso. But yea they are in ancient dungeon
  9. I am HC Cypher and I'm telling you people with more total lvl should be above me It's easier to max XP in 1 skill then get maxed
  10. for regular players it probably is easy to get max and skill all the way to 350M but not for ironman/hardcore Ironman, I quote epic downz once more. Even on Hardcore Ironman, you can probably get an 350M Combat skill within 1-1.5week of grinding. But skilling... no, this is hard to get. Try to get all 99 skills first on HCIM and tell me then it's easy to max
  11. This is so true. This is why it should be changed.
  12. nub play on your ironman <3 Goodluck on ESO Kind regards Cypher
  13. I voted for Blur cuz I think Sum 41 is to overrated Kind regards Cypher
  14. Perhaps but it doesn't look right at all for hardcore ironman & regular ironman, you can see the differences there big time. It's just due to so many regular players being maxed. It will just take time before a skiller won't be seen on the highscores too, when there are to many 7.7b's for example. U know I'm a skiller too and love to skill over combat but you'll just search for a skiller on the highscores and go to their max total lvl and see who has the most xp then, all skillers lined up after eachother on the 1305'total lvl spots. Atm they are all over the highscore places with 1305 total. This way a skiller could also see, who's the best skiller atm on the highscores. Kind regards Cypher
  15. Heya, This is more affective for the ironman & hardcore ironman rankings but it also counts towards regular players highscores. At the moment it's filtered on whoever has the highest total xp comes first. No matter what there total lvl is. https://www.grinderscape.org/highscores/mode/iron_man_hardcore If you look at the hardcore Ironman highscores, you'll see HC Cypher being rank 1 with 1682 total lvl and about 500M total XP. You'll also see The Fats being rank 2 with 2112 total lvl and 434M xp. I suggest to filter on total level first and then on total XP. So The Fats would be rank 1 due to his higher total level and not because a player has more total XP. So if there is a player maxed at 2178 with 500M XP and there is a player with only 350M in agility & thieving he'll be like 700M XP with 500 total or something. He would not be rank 1, the maxed player would be above the low total lvl'd player. Kind regards Cypher