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  1. Hello dear wiki editors it's me again! I have yet discovered some minor issues on the wiki: 1) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/General_guides/Donator_benefits It says: This should be ' the interval is 16 hours. ' 2) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Hitpoints And on this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Hitpoints This should be 139 max hp and limlited to 149 when eating a rocktail. 3) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Hitpoints You talk about the weekend bonus giving 1.25x XP This should be either 1.5 XP or 50% more XP. The x1.25 XP points come from the bonus days 1st - 5th. (which could also be mentioned ) 4) On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Drop_guides/Boss_drops All boss drops like gilded armour, trimmed, guthix, should be removed since it's clue scroll only now. 5) Suggestion: On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Magic It might be cool to mention the Armadyl rune and how to get it. Hope it helps completing the wiki! Thanks in advance! Kind regards Iron Cypher @Suffer Plox
  2. How to start your (Hardcore) Ironmen! Hello, I'm Iron Cypher and this is my story about how I started my Hardcore Ironman and what I've should/could have done better. First of all the difference between Hardcore Ironman and Ironman is, HCIM do not get any coins when skilling so getting cash is harder than on regular Ironman. When you die on your HCIM, you lose everything. Your bank will be empty, your stats (everything back to level 1!) A Hardcore Ironman only have 50 bank slots, so chose wisely what you keep. Cosmetics is a no go for Hardcore Ironman! The following tips & tricks, I've learned from other players and some I've found out myself. 1. Nice things to know On a regular Ironman, you'll make enough cash to buy seeds & herbs & gems etc etc... on Hardcore Ironman it's a different story. You can make cash on many different way, depending on if you are a skiller or a fighter. For a HCIM: If you enjoy combat, you'll make most of your cash by doing slayer and alching dragon (/and other) items. If you enjoy skilling, you'll make some cash thieving but most of it by alching potions (extreme strength potions). 2. Starting out Specially on a hardcore ironman, you should get brawler gloves from revs. Brawler gloves double your XP gains. Getting them at lower level makes you safe against high level pkers. Which is a very big plus for HCIM’s. When you start your journey as an IM & HCIM, you'll want to do a few things before you go into the wide open world. You'll want to get: - Food to survive - Double XP ring (combat xp only) - Cooking gauntlets - A good weapon You can start doing the agility course until you have 150 tickets for the Double XP ring & Cooking gauntlets. Afterwards start thieving, until you get 7500 gp & perhaps some cakes to survive. Go to the slayer master and buy the ' leaf bladed sword '. The sword is really good for the noob that you are at that point. It's better than rune scimmy. If you didn't get cakes, you can start fishing & cooking for some lobbies or eventually sharks etc etc... Then you can start doing some combat by doing slayer. 3. Combat tips a) Go to the dueling arena and win 10 duels vs a friend in a row (he can just leave). This will complete the task ' Hot Streak'. You'll receive loads of potions in your task reward box. For Hardcore Ironman: Leave them in your task reward box and only take out what you need! You'll need the bank space. b) When you reach 99 defense, you'll complete a task and obtain a dragon defender. You can also get dragon defenders by killing abyssal demons (requires 85 slayer). c) Regular guards in edgeville drop some addy/rune armour. It's not much but it's a start. Once you get 65 slayer, you'll be able to kill Dust Devils. These drop: - Dragon scimmy - Dragon leggs/skirt - Dragon boots - Loads of runes (chaos & death ) At 85 slayer, you can go hunt Abyssal Demons for a whip. For more endgame gear, you'll have to start bossing. Not a fan of bossing and still want shiny gear? Just do castle wars to get some nice gear. It will take some time to get all of the tickets but it's worth it! 4. Skilling tips Prayer Tips Tip: Bury every single bone you get! At 500 bones buried you'll receive 500 big bones from a task. (Don't bury these, use them on the altar!) At another 500 bones buried, you'll receive 250 dragon bones. (Use them on the altar) Tip: Collect dragon bones and only do prayer on the 1st-5th of the month, so you'll get x1.25 XP. (worth it, trust me ) Cooking tips Cooking is a very slow process, we've all known this. To make your cooking journey easy do as followed: - Go to the Weapons game minigame - You'll get a cash stack and you'll buy all the sharks you can. - Eat those sharks and buy new sharks & eat those too! - Until you've eaten 1000 sharks. At this point, you've completed the task ' Safety First ' and you'll obtain loads of raw fish to cook. Don't forget to wear cooking gauntlets! To get to 350M Cooking XP, you'll mostly use the new Karambwan fish. Fish them in the wildy and tele out, tele to bandit camp and fish again etc etc ... For a HCIM, this is a no go. Because you can only fish Karambwan in the wildy. Farming tips For Hardcore Ironman: No you don't have to kill monsters for seeds or buy the seeds with the little amount of money that you have. Click on the teleport spell in your magebook and go to Draynor. In Draynor, there is a seeds stall. Thief it like you've never thieved before! If you are low level, you'll need all the seeds ofcourse. If you are high level, only keep the seeds that you are going to use. Crafting tips Since the recent update crafting became a lot easier for Hardcore Ironman. Get to the thieving stalls and go to the gem stall. Thieve this stall and cut the gems into bolt tips AND SAVE THE TIPS! Firemaking + Fletching tips If you are not a patient person and want to max out before getting Inferno adze, you can try to obtain 99 woodcutting before starting firemaking. You'll complete a task and get about 500 of each kind of log in your task reward box. For Hardcore Ironman: Leave it there... you'll need your bank space! Get the logs out that you are going to use and keep the rest in the task reward box. Fletching tips, since HCIM can’t smith to coin, they’ll have to make armour or … bolts! Making bolts and having tips from crafting will give a very nice amount of fletching xp. Firemaking brawlers do work on adze! Mining tips Getting a dragon pick axe for 100 skill points might seem a good thing to do but you are not too keen about skilling you can wait with that. By playing the Falling star mini-game and collecting 1800 stardust, you'll be able to buy the Gilded Dragon Pickaxe and save your skilling points for the Inferno Adze. By doing the Master Thief task, you’ll be able to steal a dragon pick axe from the silver ore stalls. Smithing tips Hardcore Ironman: Make bolts! These will be useful for fletching. Ranging For leveling ranging: A magic short bow costs 100K in the store. For Hardcore Ironman this is a lot of money so you can just kill Cockatrice to get a magic shortbow. If you’ve done the Master Thief task, you’ll be able to get an easy rune crossbow. Agility tips Since Hardcore Ironman don't get any gold from skilling, Hardcore Ironman should only do the Gnome course. It's more XP/hour. If a regular Ironman wants more XP/hour he can also do the gnome course, he'll get less gold then the barbarian course though. Agility is also one of the best skills to farm skillpoints. On a regular ironman with brawlers you’ll be able to get 60-70 skill points/hour. 5. How to make gold Alching & Slayer & Alching. Alching extreme strength pot(3) will give you 5083 coins. Alching extreme strength pot (4) will give you 7500 coins. (= more beneficial ) Alching dragon items will give you loads of cash too. Alching a vine whip gives 15M cash. 6. What brawlers are useless/useful? They’re all very useful, but you might not want to use all of them. I would never use WC gloves, since you’ll only wc most of the time with adze. There for you’ll wear FM gloves. 7. What to pool and use Bonus XP on? Goh, good question, whatever you like. Using pool on smithing is a good idea, because mining trains faster then smithing. Using pool and bxp on the slower skills works good too. Example: Cooking, Runecrafting and ofcourse the skills you don’t like…. 8. Hardcore Ironman: Keeping your bank clean I need a hammer for smithing, knife for fletching, tinderbox for firemaking... etc etc Don't keep this junk in your bank. What I did was: - Tele to catherby - Thief the lvl 2 man for coins - Buy the item you need from the store next to the man - Do you thing and drop the item Why do you need cash on a Hardcore Ironman? To buy rune essence, so you can craft runes and do magic! You'll have to make your blood runes & death runes all by yourself. You can get some by killing monsters but not enough! 9. What to buy from the Vote/Premium/Participant points store? Premium store If you are noobish and don’t have gear, buy Torva. Otherwise pernix/Virtus and if you have better gear, cosmetics!!!! Vote store Bonesack rocks! Don’t buy ava’s or neitiznot helms, you can get those as a monster drop. Tickets/ Mboxes are good too. ( gather loads of mboxes and use luck pool to open them) Participant points Charming imp auto collects charms Bonesack auto collects bones (also obtainable from voting) Bonecrusher is also nice ----- I’ll try to keep this as much up to date as possible. Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ll start your Ironman soon Feel free to ask questions, if it’s a good question or if you found out some tricks yourself, tell me and I’ll add it to the list of tips & tricks. Kind regards Iron Cypher
  3. Me again Not in a rush, do it whenever you can haha. Take your time for it!
  4. Hello dear wiki editors, There are some runecrafting issues. On this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Runecrafting & some on this page too: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Runecrafting 1) Multiple runes The 'Multiple runes' table shows Astrals wrong on both pages. Astrals can be made from level 88 and should be below blood runes. They can NOT be doubled. 2) XP Table for Ironman The XP count is wrong for Ironman. - When I'm making air runes I get 166 XP for making 1 essence without wearing a tiara. - When I'm making air runes I get 183 XP for making 1 essence wearing a tiara. On the wiki it says when you are level 99 you'll get 250 xp. Either the XP in-game is to low or the XP on the table is wrong (*hint increase ingame xp hihi jk jk) PS: I'm level 99 runecrafting. So I'm unsure if the hardcore ironman xp gains are correct or not. 3) Don't swap to astrals On Ironman, making astrals only gives 133 XP (for making 1 essence) and you cannot create a astral tiara, because there is no talisman. So there is no point to swap to astrals, you'll make airs from lvl 1 to 99 all the way, with the air tiara airs give more XP. 4) How to make a tiara It might be useful to explain how to make a element-tiara. https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Runecrafting On the bottom on this page, you already do it, on the ironman page you don't. ' Use a normal tiara on a Runecrafting altar of your choice, while you have the talisman that goes with that altar. ' Thanks in advance! Hope it helps! Kind regards Iron Cypher @Suffer Plox
  5. Even easier, get a friend go into the same cc and put lootshare on, go there and let him kill everything. Run in and loot brawlers, tele out and go again. That's how you get all brawlers on a Hardcore Ironman ;-) Kind regards Iron Cypher
  6. Nice video, I'm digging the beard a lot! I would like to see some dbow action too as olivia said. Well done! Kind regards Iron Cypher
  7. Well they let me play on the server, so this is me giving back my share to them And I like doing it so haha, I'm a software test engineer IRL sooz Thanks! Kind regards Iron Cypher
  8. Haha thanks Skills to pay the billz. I'm not going to apply for wiki editor, they can handle it without me and I can contribute by noting down everything right here ;-) Kind regards Iron Cypher
  9. Hello, Some changes: 1) This page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Farming https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Farming Under the XP tables, there's the next line: Brawling Gloves multiply your gained Experience by 2. That should be removed, because there aren't any ' farming brawler gloves '. 2) This page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Farming You have 2x the sentence: It is more effiticient for a Ironman to gether their seeds from the Seed Stall in Draynor. - 1x at the bottom on the page (under the emote ) - 1x Under the XP table 3) This page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Farming a) Also the line ' It is more effiticient for a Ironman to gether their seeds from the Seed Stall in Draynor. ' Should be Hardcore Ironman instead of ironman, since ironman have cash enough. b) AND it should be ' efficient ' instead of ' effiticient '. 4) This page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Ironman_%26_Hardcore/Skilling_Guides/_Farming The level requirements are missing for the herbs on the Ironman/HCIM page. You can copy them from this page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Skill_guides/Farming Hope it helps! Kind regards Iron Cypher
  10. Goodluck on your goals! Instead of 50 tasks, get comp! Let's go top 5 Ironman! I'm doing the same thing hahaha atm nr 6 (top 5 will be 3B+ total xp) Goodluck! Kind regards Iron Cypher
  11. Hello! I was wondering this small thing: If I would go and hunt for example Jungle Demon boss. Would he still drop the Gilded armour or would this only be available from the Clue Scrolls as reward? Kind of confused since it's still on the drop tables of the Wiki page: https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Drop_guides/Boss_drops So I'm not sure if it still does or if I would be hunting nothing. (Same counts for other bosses) @Pb600 Kind regards Iron Cypher
  12. Heya, So I have everything from the participant point shop. I'm kind of out of the blue what I need participant points for now... So my suggestion is to add some more useful items to the shop. - Mystery boxes (75-100 participant points) - Clue scrolls (easy/medium/hard/elite - 1500/2500/3500/5000 participant points) I'm not saying the price should be cheap or expensive, feel free to change them. It's just a suggestion! Let me know what you think. Kind regards Iron Cypher
  13. And also other cosmetics,! that are in the store now but not available for Ironman
  14. I didn't come here for the PK nor PVM. I don't do PVM nor PK, I'm a skiller and I would adore love if a rsps had custom quests. I can see the point of a PKers not enjoying to do tasks & quests. Indeed Ignoring Pvm and PK isn't good ofc. Quests would just be a side-thing to do on a rsps. Special quest rewards would make it more interesting also. Quests is indeed a nice to have. Kind regards Iron Cypher
  15. Awesome can't wait to do my tasks and get comped! Going to love wearing my mining cape too. Awesome update! Keep em coming! Kind regards Iron Cypher