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Bloody Tearz

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  1. https://gyazo.com/da97de5e59ad44ef524a09aa0a730113 https://gyazo.com/470a51b394ad89c8a0b4060893627ddb https://gyazo.com/32cfeae225d3c33674072bcbbefe597a https://gyazo.com/0c1609f44599b7dbb7d3b657bf354cc8 https://gyazo.com/3d712f1c6dcfec88cd613977b2665c3c https://gyazo.com/4fc45ee168751c7ea4cc9f5cd74b5010 https://gyazo.com/eaa9a791d3c973f1e6d7df1c14780913 https://gyazo.com/4da3043f226cd1a20499dd5fa4bd2aa3 https://gyazo.com/69c7746ea726410fac6e95fadde580a3 https://gyazo.com/61de0332620f15794607ac3317bb4b80 https://gyazo.com/08b191d59b4fb634b5de039b4299e2cc im like really proud of my bank set up atm i spend alot of time 2 get all the items i want and set it all up that it looks good i think im done with my bank now the screens needed more space so i just pasted the links here i hope u enjoy ing : bloody tearz goodluck all <# <#
  2. yeah right ty bro
  3. still think its bullshit because it was a good pk item now and u make it illigal in wild so no body is gonna buy or use cmaul or katamaul because there are way better weopons ingame so its like before cmaul katamaul carbage again no one gonna use it kinda useless people like it at pking just bann granite maul bring those back so u cant do the combo cmaul to gmaul because that the thing what was op cmaul only is not op its just how a cmaul should be but cmaul to gmaul spec was op now its just fucked ty for the work anyways and when the prices finaly going 2 be updates i asked 1 nov and they told me 8 nov and its now 17 so pls answer me and give me a date
  4. why kata maul removed frmo wildd lol
  5. how about when ur gonna change the prices??? and u guys forgot 2 put the fairy tale shop back when u removed it from edge cant find it anywhere u know the one with the coloured boots and hats and stuff
  6. wtf i payed why im not there?!@?!@? wtf im not even onn the fucking entries i payed saim wtf is this i want my money back
  7. -In-game name(s): Bloody tearz main acc pure Icey Tearzz -Level of both Pure and Main accounts: 138 , 93 -Maxed/Comped?: Bloody Tearz is maxed and 2 more task's for comp cape -Do you think you can handle the heat?: Ofcourse Lets do this !! -Picture of inventory and gear to use in multi: Packyak onn the background ,got almost cw armor so gonna check if that bonus is better then i mabye gonna wear that
  8. In-game name: Bloody Tearz Combat level:138 MAXED Preferred attack style (melee/mage/range): melee/magic Do you deserve to be a Sadboy?: Sure Why do you think you deserve to be a Sadboy?: because it will be fun i want thosee castle points lets do this i listen 2 commands i got torva vine whip etc And im a nice guy is still clan even still open? i want to play some castlewars m8's
  9. u can enter evry day 3 times or just once? 3 times?
  10. well thats bullshit i voted fucking 11 times and i didnt win shit wtf? i spend so much time and stress i got late for work and shit voted fucking 11 times and still not enough people who vote once win shit? wtf is this bullshit
  11. Entry 10!
  12. Entry 9 !!
  13. Entry 8 !
  14. Entry 7!! lets go!
  15. Entry 6!