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  1. Nice stuff and good luck with future goals!!
  2. I hope this will boost multi pking, like always, good luck with the clan!
  3. Very nice! Also, nice thumbnail :3
  4. So late but happy belated birthday
  5. This is such a good guide!! Good job bro <3
  6. It looks so good!! Bolt u r epic at signatures Note : Did you get ur green boater yet? {lmao}
  7. Welcome To Grinderscape, Enjoy your stay & have fun!
  8. Nice goals Kyle, good luck
  9. Happy birthdayyy @K F I F
  10. Best of luck with your clan
  12. YAS I can't wait
  13. Enjoy your break and most of all, have fun!
  14. Sick stuff!! Keep up the vids :-)