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  1. This looks fun, Goodluck everybody!
  2. This would be a fantastic suggestion. Though however, we have a very small player killing community
  3. I Wasn't There But Thanks For Hosting And Congrats Winners,
  4. Aw thanks Question : Are you quitting the forums too since you're banned in game?
  5. 20 ropes in one week. Keep up your progress! Also Goodluck for any goals you have set yourself. I know you can accomplish them nate
  6. Welcome back to Grinderscape
  7. The same happened to me...
  8. Lamb Chops
  9. I'm so proud of you koen for hosting. All of these outfits are very nice, original and unique in their own ways. However, I'm voting for #12 because everything fits in really well. Goodluck Everybody (who entered ofc )
  10. 10/10 because its KOEN
  11. Goodluck with the clan!
  12. Joe

    Your goal has been achieved ^
  13. Nice progression! Goodluck on getting Maxed!
  14. Happy Birthday Roy!!!!!
  15. I like this suggestion but I'd say that it should be available from Duradel aswell.