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  1. Features: Luck Pool boost clue scroll reward chances by 0,5% New Sign and Title available. Stroke Head Messages Player Right Click Menu Icon Log-in explosion Extreme donators automatically become dicers, so they can host bets. Buy-x Limit expanded to 2,000 Daily flask purchase limit increased to 60 Yell Delay reduced by 10 seconds. Totem Effects: Precision: Duration 30 minutes. Knowledge: 110% Experience boost for 40 minutes. Luck: 0,06% Rares drop chance boost for 40 minutes. Security: Duration 5 hours. Possibility to automatically solve a single clue scroll task once daily with GrinderScape Guider's help (Use the clue scroll on GrinderScape Guider) Once you purchase an Extreme Donator rank, in case you have Super Donator you will gain extra 30,000 Premium points, if you have dicer rank you will gain more 30_000 extra participation points.
  2. I think that $150.00 is a fair enough price. Although it could do with some more perks, other servers have options of donating way more and with the perks not being as good. Anyways, it's your choice to donate or not, some people may be able to afford it and some may not.
  3. I don't usually enter these but I'll enter this one, seems fun
  4. These were some pretty good achievements but I had to vote for @Vechtking Ever since he has returned he has been helping out a lot and getting 100MM's not only shows dedication towards the team, but loyalty. Keep up the good job everyone and Goodluck!
  5. @zoiezo won against @Yolo Zombie The scores : 4-0 Overwatched by ME
  6. I support this. It would be nice to see more materials which everyone can find useful
  7. Support. I can't pull off the Jordan look with the ones we have now.
  8. Happy Birthday @Tyler Have a good time Note : Ship some birthday cake over to me pls
  9. 10 years later Congratulations @Nate
  10. I'll have a talk with him when I'm in game. For future reference, make sure you use this link too report player(s) ~ http://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/9-submit-player-report/ ~
  11. This looks fun, Goodluck everybody!
  12. This would be a fantastic suggestion. Though however, we have a very small player killing community
  13. I Wasn't There But Thanks For Hosting And Congrats Winners,