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  1. Congratulations Chris! A very well deserved promotion! Keep it up my friend
  2. Nice Speech Akash... I hope you keep in touch with me (your nooby friend ) and Goodluck with irl! Have fun on 07
  3. Congratulations @Tyler Im sure you'll do well, Goodluck with your trial (you don't need it)
  4. Congrats! Going for max?
  5. Support this!
  6. Welcome Back to Grinderscape!
  7. Welcome to Grinderscape buddy! If you need anything shoot me a PM
  8. Oh no! Just saw this thread as well. Take care and thanks for everything you've done!
  9. Hello All! Welcome to the updated clan thread. Here you can find the current staff list on the clan, war content and much more! We are proud to announce that The Gang has been RE-OPENED Finally the most dominant clan of its time returns to the wilderness to continue its legacy. After many years of dominating the wilderness with clans such as "Team Havoc", "Milf Hunters", "Team NDP", "Sub Zero" and many others, we thank them all for good times and fights. Even though we will be creating new enemies and bringing back old ones, we have had with previous clans and members. WE ARE BACK AND WE ARE RE-OPENING OUR RECRUITMENT! STAFF TEAM OWNER The Bang ADMINS Russ Zheu Gavr Try Us Bruh 8bits Pot Up Sonn Jenatar Jays0n MODERATORS Lord Rope EDITORS/ADVISORS Lisaax THE GANG REQUIREMENTS Be LOYAL to the clan no matter what. Be ACTIVE in the wilderness (Wars, Mini's, etc). Be level 105-126 in the WILDERNESS. Have 96+ Summoning for pack yak (OPTIONAL) Have basic knowledge with pking (Returns, Piles, etc). Be able to use any combat style. APPLICATION FORMAT In-Game Name : Timezone/County : Age : Combat Level (If lower than 138/126, show stats via a screenshot) : Do you have any previous experience multi-pking with or any clans? LIST THEM : Do you have Skype/Discord? : Why would you like to join "The Gang?" : NOTE : Once you have applied, please be patient as The Gang staff members may be dealing with bigger issues. YOUTUBE/MEDIA Videos & Media of wars/mini's will be posted here! Check out our channels! Bang pker & NacTheNher THANK YOU FOR READING SEE YOU ALL IN-GAME
  10. I don't think that they should be removed or made rarer. I agree with having the spec increased to 40% or 50%
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. Nice & Congratulations
  13. Fabulous!
  14. sad to see that you are leaving! Best of luck for the future and thanks for the fun times and memories. OT : I'm about too cry.
  15. Everyone who entered did a good job! Well done all! However, I'm voting for #7 because it stands out the most to me. It looks fantastic with the different shades of blue. Goodjob (whoever you are ) GOODLUCK ALL