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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. Yea, was pretty lucky on clue drops and rewards
  2. After i got 7.7b total xp i started to kill mithril dragons. I started to kill 1000 of em and kept all of the drops i got from them. I writed down kc on every clue scroll i got in drop, just to se what the drop rate was. I got Hard clues on KC: 34 - 147 - 364 - 376 - 417 - 793 - 852 I got Elite clues on KC: 21 - 596 - 653 - 753 - 949 I got total 12 clues on 1k kills. I used ring of wealth on all kills. Here is the picture of the bank tab with all drops and clue rewards after 1k kills.
  3. Grats to all winners
  4. Entry number 8
  5. Entry number 7
  6. Entry number 6
  7. Entry #5
  8. Entry #4
  9. Entry #3
  10. Number 2
  11. Entry number 1
  12. yea had some clues that i needed amulet but all has worked. strange that its not working for u.
  13. Well, i can say im 350m slay xp
  14. All sold!
  15. Yeey second place Grats to all winners