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  1. Oh, sorry, I wasn't aware that clan pking involved spamming the chat with the same or similar messages. But you're right, clan pking would be ruined if the system automatically muted people who spammed the chat with "Sale" or something like "yourargumentmakesnosenselol"
  2. Something something /r/askreddit.... https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5lfl9l/what_did_the_most_drunk_person_say_or_do_last/
  3. I always thought you just donated to get promoted. You learn something new every day.
  4. I always wondered how he was able to look up synonyms in a thesaurus so quickly. Welcome back though nerd.
  5. I would send you a PM but since my inbox is apparently over 300% (I guess the giant inbox size I gave myself as Admin didn't carry over to the new Forums), I would have to delete a lot messages, which I can't be asked doing. Anyway, because of the VPN I'm forced to use to do anything internet related (Blame the Ethiopian government's censorship of 75% of the internet for that one), Imgur keeps screwing up, meaning I can't upload all the images. But, after some digging I was able to find the site where I got the flag icons in the first place. Here you go: http://www.iconarchive.com/show/flag-icons-by-gosquared.1.html

  6. I'll accept my pension in the form of Amazon gift cards. Don't try pushing any of these pixels on me.
  7. I was going to write a sarcastic response making fun of this thread, but after reading your responses further down I don't think there's anything else I could possibly say to make you look like an even bigger ass than you've already made yourself look like.
  8. First he joins Spectrum, and then becomes a Middleman again. I could smell the tryhard within him bubbling to the surface from a mile away. Grats though, I'm sure your time as the worst Forum Admin the world has ever seen has prepared you well for the incredibly daunting task that lies before you.
  9. max I was making a joke with my White Face co- create an account because he already did it to me so I know play like he does not know thought it was true because then sent to me banned for nothing and that everything was a joke by please take me ban by ip I love grinderscape I play the game since 2011 , I promise everyone who never do wrong things in the game, I was banned in the code 47528

  10. Lol I have no idea where you dug out that rule from, because I recognize it, but it hasn't been a part of the official rules for over a year now. Read this:
  11. I would think that at some point, after a year now, your panties would no longer be bunched up so tightly; I guess I was wrong. OT: I have no idea what exactly happened here or behind the scenes, so I'm not going to touch on the matter. Though I will say thank you for what you did during your time as a Staff Member, and I'm sure I'll still be seeing you in the SB.
  12. I see Rashed's old usertitles are still around for some reason
  13. ... Even though you already pretty much deflated your own argument for me, I'll delve into more detail in order to address not just your comment but the entire thread. Now, as a German myself, and seeing that Germany, together with Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, started the EU back in the 50s, I'm obviously very pro-EU. As far as I'm concerned, the UK, at least England and Wales, shot themselves, along with their pro-EU neighbors Scotland and Northern Ireland, in the foot on this one. To be fair, I'll also list some of the main arguments that would lead someone to want to leave the EU: Membership cost - The cost of being a member of the EU is quite high. Trade - If the UK weren't in the EU, it could negotiate independently with other nations. Bureaucracy - The EU is very bureaucratic and complicated. Immigration - Free Movement among nations allows for immigrants to enter the UK without regulation. And now, I will show why these arguments are pretty weak, as well as add my own arguments: 1. Yes, it costs money in order to be a member of the EU. What I've gathered from a few sources is that the cost of membership equates to roughly £300 to £873 per person per year. Congratulations, we've learned that enormous advantages don't come for free. What this doesn't take into account is the very large sum of money that the EU takes from its budget and uses for economic, educational, agricultural, scientific research based and humanitarian support for the EU member states. Aside from this, the EU also financially supports the improvement of its members' infrastructure and unemployment rate. What is especially ironic is that Wales, which voted to leave the EU, is the country in the UK that receives the most of this aforementioned support. 2. Sure, the UK could be economically independent. What that doesn't take into account is the fact that, when negotiating with another country, the UK alone would negotiate as a single entity. Ergo, it is much weaker seeing that it's not negotiating as a block. This also means that the market in which goods could be sold is incredibly small in comparison to the entirety of the EU. Less potential buyers, less market potential, which makes the UK a much less desirable market. To add to this, I'm very sure that the UK would want to stay inside the free market zone that comes with EU membership, seeing that, according to my sources, 45% of the UK's exports are to the EU, and 50% of the UK's imports are from the EU. If not, the UK would put a further burden on itself seeing that it would then have to pay tariffs in order to trade with the EU member states. But of course, like I said above, enormous advantages don't come for free. This means that the UK would still have to pay a considerable sum of money and comply with EU regulations concerning but not limited to trade as well as, probably, free movement of people and services. 3. A lot of bureaucracy is inevitable when having to accommodate 28 countries. Of course it's not perfect and the system has a lot of room for improvement, but being too lazy or impatient shouldn't even be a factor when deciding whether or not to leave an institution like the EU. 4. Immigration... Ah yes, a very important point for the UK's xenophobes that are afraid of immigrants coming in, taking their jobs and/or raking in all of the welfare benefits they can get their hands on. It's too bad that, according to my sources, EU immigrants have, since 2000, contributed 34% more financially than they have cost the UK. To add to this, it's important to note that a large number of UK citizens are currently living and working abroad in other EU countries. If the UK were to actually leave, these people will, unless an agreement concerning free movement is achieved, either have to move back to the UK, or apply for visas. 5. Worker's rights. The EU has implemented a wide range of regulations that protect the rights of workers in EU member states. These rights include regulated working hours (I.E. No more than 48 hours of work per week), at least four weeks of annual leave, four months of paid parental leave (and more protection for pregnant workers), anti-discrimination laws, as well as the protection of workers in the case that company-ownership changes. 6. A say in EU laws. If the UK really were to leave the EU and try to work out a deal similar to the one Norway has with the EU, in that it is not a member state, but is part of the EU's free market and Schengen Area (Free movement of people). However, they, like I mentioned above would be the case for the UK as well, pay for this privilege. Aside from this, Norway, just like the UK would in the case of a departure from the EU, does not get a say in EU laws or regulations, even those concerning it. So, in conclusion, the UK would hurt itself more by leaving the EU than it would benefit from it. The considerable advantages of being a member state of the EU completely outweigh the disadvantages. Sorry Brexiters, you may have screwed yourselves a little here.
  14. Welcome (back) to GrinderScape. I'll be pressing charges for identity theft.