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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys need to get this off my chest, i'm seriusly sick of people abusing faulty game mechanics, its turning pvp into no risk bland crap. when attacking with a weapon with a delay EG knives of 2 ticks followed by a c-maul 6 ticks, is instant. however when you reverse it and you do c-maul 6 ticks to knives two ticks you have to wait 3.6 seconds to do the hit. this is because the weapon used (unless a special weapon/feature EG: g-maul) follows the delay of the last weapon used. an example of where this is incorrect is with the cross bow to god sword combo many pure's use, the delay of the weapon used has nothing to do with the class of weapon it is, This needs to be attended to as soon as possible. thanks. Second suggestion. I'm very aware this is a private server. However the abilty to reset ones stats is killing the game, crafting accounts that are impossible to make/maintain on real rs for use in pvp they abuse mechanics to rush/rag with zerk/turm accounts with maxed str and hp reset to 50-60 with gmaul, on accounts leveled 83 and lower. they then proceed to gmaul rush/rag use turm/str pot and with there 99 str are able to one hit most legit pure accounts, i suggest that the reset lamp be removed and that defense exp should be resetable but hp needs to be a case by case basis, accounts based around ruining the fun of other players are killing the server. accounts are able to do stuff like this. http://prntscr.com/dtqsq5 (cmaul to gmaul and tab - rocktail and brew for more hp) and similar accounts such as these. http://prntscr.com/dtqtwe (camp high defense armor and rag pures) I have personally seen an account called "brpuree" clear edgeville pure's (4-5 players) just buy gmaul rushing on a low hp turmoil account. @Pb600 @Russ @Saim