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Thread: GrinderScape Update( 04 - 25 - 13 )

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    Default GrinderScape Update( 04 - 25 - 13 )

    Fight Pits

    - Remade Fight Pits from scratch.
    - Now fight pits has a better designed interface.

    - First wave: 30 Seconds that you can prepare yourself for the battle. (You can't attack during this wave)
    - Second wave: Fight beggin and you must not die
    - Third wave: All players in arena will constantly get random hits.

    - The last standing man, or the person with most life at the end of third wave time becomes the champion

    Minigame events

    - Now there will be a npc called Max, he will constantly promote minigame events.
    - Everyone in the server will be told about new event promoted by Max.
    - You can talk to him to get teleported to minigame event location.
    - He will also constantly announce the event informing the amount of players in lobby/playing the minigame.
    - He will also move to event location to give a brief explaination of how the minigame works.
    Promoted events

    * For now he will promote only safe minigames since there's only Bounty Hunter as risky minigames.

    - Weapon Game
    - Duel Arena
    - Fight Pits
    Game Chat

    - Fixed chat text field drawing position and increased its background size.
    - Fixed buggy chat scrolling up.
    - Fixed clan chat tab never flashing.
    - Removed icon and title prefix when you are in tabs that doesn't display your name, such as: (Clan Chat, Shout, Global)
    - Friend Mode for Clan Chat conversations now works correctly.
    - Fixed chat being able to scroll up text over top limit. (Making it shake and draw back).
    - Fixed chat scrolling not updating at game frame version 459.
    - You can now clean all chat messages by right clicking at "All" tab channel and select "Clean all" option.
    - Acents now works at: (Private messaging, yell, clan chat).
    - New text formatting system being used for private messages formatting and shouts messages formating.
    - Typing "-_-" no longer will output "._-".
    - Now while you are trading with another player, their chat messages will appear in your Trade chat tab so that you can read them more easily.New chat tabs


    - This tab allows you to send a yell to all players with a minimum of 1 second of delay between messages.Chat Modes

    On: Display shouts at (All, Game, Shout) chat channels, and flash (Shout) tab when not focused in any of those tabs.
    Hide: Display Shouts only at (Shout) chat channel, but tab flashes when it's not focused and a new shout was received.
    Off: Client doesn't display any shout and tab will never flash, also you will not be able to use command ::yell.

    - This tab will provide features for targeted global conversation (from anywhere).
    - This tab will flash only in case you are supporter or staff.
    Chat Modes

    Staff: A tab restrictly to staff team, where all staff can globally communicate between themselves.
    The purpose of this tab is that so players will be able to easily get assistance.
    If a player say something there only Supporters + Staff team will be able to read your message.
    Everyone can read Supporters + Staff team messages sent in this chat.
    Staff and Supporters can direct a private message by using prefix: "@
    :" without "<>" characteres.
    When private messaging, the player name becomes green.

    - Now everyone in game is able to use smileys anywhere in their conversation. (Private messages, Clan chat, Normal Chat, Shouts).
    - To use smileys you must use keywords inside "[]" characteres, there's two types of keywords for every smiley.

    1 - [:)] | [haha]
    2 - [<3] | [love]
    3 - [:D] | [laugh]
    4 - [:(] | [sad]
    5 - [:$] | [shame]
    6 - [B-)] | [cool]
    7 - [:P] | [tongue]
    8 - [:O] | [surprise]
    9 - [:$] | [worry]
    10 - [;(] | [cry]
    11 - [-(] | [silence]
    Super Donators

    - Some features were added to super donator rank:

    - Yell count decrease 2x slower for super donators now.
    - Super donators can now switch magic book spells or prayer from donator tab (In case not in wild nor combat or duel, a timer will be added if needed).

    - Totally rewritten music system that supports music fading properly.
    - Now you can controll music and sounds volume, and client will save your settings.
    - When music is over, a new music will be started.
    - When region is changed, a new music will start (If region contains music to play)

    New administrator features:
    - Clear all of an account items.
    - Watch all items in economy.
    New moderator features: - See players bank and inventory.
    Item Requeriments

    - Some items received an equip requeriment or got it requeriment modified to addapt to in game reality:

    * 61 Ranged to wield Rune Crossbow
    * 70 Ranged to wear Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix D'Hide Sets
    * 80 Defence & 80 wear Magic to Virtus set.
    * 80 Ranged to wield chaotic crossbow.
    * 70 Attack to wield custom whips.
    * 75 Attack and 80 Slayer to wear Vine Whip
    Item Prices

    - Some items value on keept on death selection were changed to reflect better in-game prices:

    * Glaivern got its price increased.
    * Steadfast got its price increased.
    * Ragefire got its price increased.

    - Clan chat member list is ordered in alphabetic order now.
    - Clan chat has a new rank called "Honored", which has same rights as normal "Member" rank, with the simple purpose of ranking up someone.

    - Now if you try to deposit more than bank max item amount it will attempt to deposit the amount left.
    * i.e: Depositing 1b with 2b in bank it will deposit 147m instead of say "Bank full!"
    - Withdrawing over amount limit doesn't make you lose the extra money. - Now if you try to withdraw an amount bigger than your inventory capacity, it will only deposit the amount left to fill the limit of items amount.
    - If there's no more space to withdraw, it will send you a message saying: "You don't have enough inventory space."
    - Fixed a lack of verification of total items in bank when adding 1 item only, possibly making the item become invisible in player bank.

    - Fixed a small problem for Mac OS user players.
    - Fixed FPS drop ocurring when facing to west inside south door at edgeville bank.
    - Fixed Welcome message saying that donator cost 5$ while it cost 10$, now this message will only appear in case player is NOT a donator.
    - Server will not longer keep trying to put you in the same invalid clan every time you log-in.
    - Supporters no longer have to input reason to: "Un-Jail', "Un-Mute"
    - Fixed things such as "Temporarily unjailed" at Staff Manager.
    - Now Interfaces appear/refresh faster when you walk into some place. i.e: Wild (Will show faster the skull interface).
    - Wild now starts from level 1 instead of 6.
    - Added support for pets and added a lot of pets in-game.

    - Fixed dice bag not appearing most of times at Dicing Area.
    * Now you can always pickup a dice bag, doesn't matter if you have it in bank, the one from your bank will be removed in case you have one.

    - Login Box is correctly centered now.
    - Fixed a problem that items doesn't graphically disappear from your equipment tab in case you "Bank all equipment" bank feature
    - Fixed a problem causing client to freeze at "Preparing game engine" state.
    - Client will no longer attempt to reply last private message if you press "Tab" to switch focused text area field.
    - Fixed a problem that when loot sharing with 3 players, only two of those could get drops.
    - Fixed a problem that players in multi attack area could team over players in single area.
    - Players are no longer able to teleblock and ice barrage.
    - Fixed double item requeriment message on chat.
    - Fixed double log-in problem.
    - Fixed Backup Update Server not working.
    - Changed main update server hoster, meaning that downloads may occurr 2x faster than usual.
    - Changed server dedicator hoster, now game will run smother.
    - You may notice a considerable startup speed improvement in the client, also client window will take less time to appear.
    - Fixed primal boots not being able to be unoted.
    - Normal primal 2h sword has same stats as its binded version.
    - Created a system to easily convert multiple items into one by using command ::convert
    - Now it will fix primal 2h, dragonfire shield, korasi's sword.
    - Fixed a problem that teleport interface doesn't appear and you must restart client to see it.
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    Please, make a forum thread instead of private messaging me!

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    Great updates, now we just got to figure out why some of us are having connectivity issues!

    Keep up the good work.

    And I swear to everything, when I leave this earth ;
    It's gonna be on both feet, never knees in this dirt.
    And you can try me, fucker, but when I squeeze it hurt.
    Ah, we'll lose two lives, yours and mine.

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