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GrinderScape Update ( 12 - 27 - 16 )

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Hello Players,


hopefully you had a great Christmas!

We are planning a few cool things for this year yet!

Today I'll be releasing a few adjusts and most fixes.




1. Old School Look & Feel

2. Combat Changes

3. Clue Scrolls (Most fixes)

4. New Titles

5. Miscellaneous



Old School Look & Feel


Old Hitmarks are now available back!

Timers background will be different on OldSchool game frames.

Fixed a wrong clicking off-set at 474 game frame.




Combat Changes


All weapons accuracy were buffed by 10%

Dragon Claws special accuracy was buffed by 10% (total of 20% buff)

All weapons max hits were buffed by 6%


As result dragon claws and dds  (other weapons as well) will be quite more accurate and strong even against mains






Clue Scrolls


Puzzle scrambling system was improved to avoid impossible puzzles thanks to mateus' idea.

Now once you destroy a clue scroll, it will reset the task from that difficulty.

The task that required hard leather body was renamed to just leather body.

Task requiring med helm was made to be more clear that it's med helmet rather than full helmet.

The Throne door at miscellanea was fixed, now players can reach the queen to complete the clues.

The Legends cape rewarded from 'Self Secure' task was changed to be the same item as Agility Reward legends cape.

You can use ::replace to replace your wrong legends cape, to the proper one in order to be able to use in the clue scrolls.

Task leading player's to Mausoleum was renamed to 'mort'ton temple'

Task requiring Blue Flower which is quite tricky for iron mans to get, was changed to dragon battleaxe.

Mystic Air staff requirements were chaged to just 'air staff' that can be obtained from zaff.

Fire Battlestaff requirement was changed to staff of fire (Just to avoid confusion, we have both staff in-game)

Scroll Drops were added to some missing Blue Dragons



New Titles


Pioneer - Complete 10 Elite Clue Scrolls.


Treasure Hunter - Complete 50 Clue Scrolls


Black Beard - Complete 75 Clue Scrolls


Pirate - Complete 100 Clue Scrolls






A few tab hotkeys (notes, clan, logout) not working properly on some game frames were fixed.

More Guides were added to game ::guides



Fixed a problem that when stringing amulets it would turn into an enchanted amulet, now it will string into a regular amulet.

Fixed a problem that emerald amulet couldn't be crafted.

Players no longer can barrage pets.

Fixed NPCs respawning with previous poison damage active.

A random event that used to display a weird interface was removed.

Now random event time delay was changed from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

Cataylistic Runes will work as astral too.




PK Shops will receive some adjusts soon....

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Thank you for these updates, time to get these new titles! 

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Wow I always love new titles to achieve! How about "Grandmaster" pb? I suggested it before... would require comp + taskmaster I suggest. Just an idea. 

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