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GrinderScape Update ( 12 - 30 - 16 )

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Today we're bringing more good stuff! Hopefully you all will enjoy.



Looting Bag


Looting bag system was created, you can deposit any un-tradable item in-it while in the wilderness and later withdraw to your bank.

In case you die with a looting bag, all items in it will be dropped and the bag will disappear, it cannot be kept at all.

In case you destroy a looting bag, all items within it will disappear.

You may earn a looting bag by killing a wild target with 25% of chance.

You can only have one looting bag at time.

You can use an item in the looting bag item to quickly deposit it.

You can withdraw your looting bag items to your bank by using the bank button


It will work even if your looting bag is banked rather than in your inventory.

You may hold CTRL while depositing items in your bag to have Deposit-All as first option.









Flameburst defender was buffed, it has received 5 extra stats compared to Dragon Defender, and has 2 prayer bonus and 5 strength bonus.




Lots of items wearing requirements were fixed.

The previous update's damage and accuracy buff was rolled-back, however Dragon Dagger and Dragon Claws accuracy were buffed by 20%


Combat Stacking


Combat stacking system should be perfect now.


In the previous Update I mistakenly created stacking according to some player's input rather than research myself how it should work.

So now Me, Russ and Mateus we went to the original game and recorded every combination and defined delays precisely as should be.




We have added karambwan fishing spot at wilderness.

You need at least 65 Fishing level to fish Karambwan, your fishing level will affect a lot the fishing speed.

You will gain 20,550 experience per fish.

You may now cook karambwan for 8,000 Cooking experience with at least 40 Cooking Level.




PK Supply Store


PK supply store has been revised by Russ and Dragenforce.

All the prices have been adjusted.

Barrows Gloves was added to the store.





Max-Experience Announcement


Now once players reach max experience it will be announced to everyone!



Slayer Masters




Now all slayer masters will be spawned at Donator Zone #2

As known we have added switching altar at edgeville and some of Donator Privileges became less usefull, so we just added a new feature.


Pure Item Store


Climbing Boots were added to shop.


Earned Potential


Now once teleporting out of a combat, player will lose 15% of their current potential rather than static 25% of EP.

Meaning that if you have 55% EP, you'll lose 8,25% upon Teleport combat evading.

Player Loot


As players requested to increase the time that a loot remains invisible, the player lost items will remain invisible for 5 minutes when outside wild.

Inside wildy nothing was changed.


Key Binding


Now Key Binding access is located at Options tab






Item Destroy system was slighly improved to allow more dynamic messages.

You may now use fishing net on a fishing spot to start fishing.

More Guides were added to 'Game Guides' interface.

Fixed custom hats not working at dialogue interfaces and causing client crash.




What may be poping in the next update!


350m capes!



Have a Great weekend and new year!

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Thanks a lot for buffing some weapons and adding key binding button and other useful features.


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With that fishing spot in the wildy, you should make it so staff cannot fish from it unless they're unprotected from their wildy god mode :) If it's like this already then that's awesome, I cannot wait for the 350m xp custom capes, @Pb600

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