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GrinderScape Update ( 12 - 31 - 16 )

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Hey guys, 

Today we are getting even more news! Hopefully you all will love it.


350 Master Capes


For a while you guys have requested some kind of recognition to those who has achieved 350m in a skill.

At previous udpates I've made those achievements be announced and now I'm bringing to the game Master Capes!

It's available to those who has achieved max experience in a skill (350m at this moment).


Once you have 350m* experience in any skill you may purchase a cape from Wise old man at Edgeville stores.



You may customize your cape and hood, there's a single hood for all capes.












Sexy I know!





Ring of Recoil no longer will interrupt combat once it breaks.

* Some stacking matters are still pending


Bonesack Quick Deposit


As suggested by players, an option to quickly deposit your bonesack content was added





Duel Arena - Game Drawing


Drawing is possible now in duel arena, as voted by the community here ( http://forum.grinderscape.org/topic/460093-duel-arena-ties-solution-to-pid/ )




Now if both players deal last damage at same time and both die the duel will be tied and stakes returned.



The spamming message about you not being able to walk at duel arena was fixed.




The message "Your disruption shield wears off." no longer will appear when you don't have disruption shield enabled.




See you guys next year! Have a great new year!

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damn thats actually pretty nice

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Great update, 350m Defence will look good on my ironman ;-)

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Love this update, really gives players something to work for. Tbh I may even go for 350m slayer xp hahaha

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