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Help Me! (NEW EVENT) Captain Max Series

Posted (edited)

Hello Grinderscape. There will be a new series of events taking place In-game, and it will be called the "Captain Max Series". Who is Captain Max? Captain Max is a traveler, that comes to visit Grinderscape. When he is here, he likes to challenge the people in the community with events. Some events will be harder than others, and some will be easier than others. Keep an eye out for Captain Max when he comes sailing through Grinderscape. This will be something, you don't want to miss!

Start date: 1/21/2017 12pm UTC-8


*** Event Host ***


*** Level Requirements *** 
Herblore level 1

Farming level 1



Help Me, Help Me, Help Me. Dear, fellow Grinderscapers, I need help. I am seeking out the fastest player(s) to attend to my aid. I am in need of five, two type of potions to carry out my journey, to conquer my task and to defeat a mighty dragon. It can not just be any potions, the herbs have to be grown only from the magical soil in all the land. And only the finest supplies from Lady Keli, can be used to make these potions. Although, I don't have a lot of time to stay here in Grinderscape, so I need this fast! You can find me, Captain Max, in Port Sarim. I have trusted Straightkill to give the participants all the required items to begin this race. I will be giving the two fastest participants a reward, for the potions in return. I will see you all soon!
- Captain Max


During this event, participants will be making attack and strength potions. Both of these potions are simple and easy, anyone can participate. Participants will start with coins, 4 seeds and 10 pots. Players will buy a rake, dibber, and a watering can. Players are to plant the seed, harvest it, clean it. Once players receive the five herbs of guam and tarromin, they are to teleport to South Neitznot. Players that are in South Neitznot, will talk to Lady Keli for items on finishing your potions. Once the player has all 10 completed potions (3) they will teleport to Port Sarim and trade Captain Max. First person to trade Captain Max will receive a reward. 


** Mind you this is a Race, so being the fastest player will be in your favor! **

** If any player banks during this event they will be disqualified. ** 


First place prize: Blue Halloween mask

Second place prize: Green Halloween mask

- Good luck to all who participate. -

Edited by Straightkill
Made level requirements, lower so everyone can participate. Also, edited the story!
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Event sounds interesting. We should advertise this event.

What are the rewards and how does the placing work?

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Rewards are posted. Placing is only the first and second place winners 

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