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Vape Lord Nord

Forum update - New ranks

Do you find the requirements to be high enough?   10 members have voted

This poll is closed for new votes
  1. 1. Do you find the requirements to be high enough?

    • Ironman requirements are good
    • Hardcore Ironman requirements are good
    • Ironman requirements are too low
    • Hardcore Ironman requirements are too low

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18 posts in this topic

Hope more IG players are active on our forums too because of this.

Thanks for establishing this, it will surely progress our forums further into the future. (y)

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42 minutes ago, Cypherdrone said:

Love the idea!

But... The requirements for Ironman & hardcore ironman should be harder.

- Ironman must be maxed: total of 2178
- Hardcore Ironman must be 1750 total (or 1850)

1300 total on HCIM is a joke, just my opinion ^_^

Kind regards
Iron Cypher


Personally I understand what you're saying, but I think it's more of the fact that the userbar acknowledges that the person has an active ironman account. Having a maxed im or 1750 hcim takes a fairly long time if not playing over the casual hours per day. Might aswell make a "maxed ironman" userbar for those. The requirements are nice coz it means not everyone can just make an im acc for a userbar.


Nevertheless, really nice to see these added. Hope to see more unique features like this in the future :) Good job fam

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Love this update! Hope to see some of these ranks around 

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I'll put up a poll asking whether you find these requirements too low or not, if it gets an approval rate for 70%, It'll be adjusted, slightly.

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