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Achievement of the Month: February

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What is the Achievement Event?

The achievement event is an event for the players of Grinderscape to display their recent achievement! The term "achievements" is defined as recent rewards earned by a player that may have been the outcome of intentional work put forth, or a random accomplishment that you're proud of. This event is not just for players that may have achieved something globally desired but for anything you personally deem as an achievement. The importance of what you've achieved is greatly determined by your personal feelings towards what you've earned, and the previous work you may have put forth.



How do I submit my entry?

To submit your entry please post a screenshot of your achievement (with a timestamp) on this thread. When submitting your entry, please include a short description behind this achievement that would help the community understand why it's significant to you.



How will the entries be voted on?

The way this competition will work is similar to that of the outfit comps. At the beginning of every month, a thread will be made. The event team will then judge every submission and pick the top 15 achievements (if there are more than 15). Four days before the end of the month we will post a poll and the community will then get to choose whose achievement was the best. The winner(s) of the event will receive a reward.



When does this event end?

All submissions will be accepted until 5 days from the end of the month. Once submissions are closed, the event team will post a poll that the community may vote on the next day.


Event Rules

Submission Rules

- One (1) entry per player per month. If you submit more than one entry, only your first one will be counted. All other entries submitted by you will be ignored.

- When submitting your achievement, you must give a reason why this achievement is significant to you.

- You must prove the legitimacy of your achievement by taking a screenshot with a timestamp(must be in the month of February)

- No troll or fake achievements are to be submitted. If you fail to follow this rule, you will lose all chance of being entered in that month’s poll.



Voting Rules

- You may not vote for your own achievement. Doing so will result in your vote being deleted and possible disqualification.

- You may advertise the poll itself but you cannot advertise any specific submission(including your own).

- Asking for votes or buying votes is not allowed. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.



What are the rewards?


First Place Prize:


Dragon Sq Shield Ornament Kit (sp)




Second Place Prize:


Member Ticket


memb ticket.png




If you have any questions regarding this event feel free to PM a member of the event team.

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I'd like to submit this small but great achievement of mine. I know some people may beg to differ that is about staking... and staking isn't all that much and stuff etc... But to me it's a great achievement to me in the past time I've played on grinderscape and the experience I've had. Reaching 10,000 duel wins really reminded me how much of a gambler I really am hahaha (but the fact that I love this game very much). It has been alot of fun and great memories for me. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.11.20 PM.png

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Ever since before EOC i was an pure pker i almost never logged in on my main. Pure pking was a big part of me. When EOC came out and osrs shortly after i was too lazy to create a new pure. But now after meany meany sleepless nights and hours i finally have an pure in osrs and it feels like an big achievement for me. I simply got the joy of pure pking back that i lost when eoc came out. 



I will work more on this pure but for now i am just enjoy the pking :)

Edited by Niko
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Hello everyone,


So i have been working on this for my WHOLE staffing career on GS. Ever since being promoted, ive been stacking Ring of Stone. It has taken me a bit, but my goal was 20 of each. Im still going :hurr:




My next goal would be to reach #1 on top scores :)



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Nice achievements guys^^ 

Goodluck to the ones who enter!

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Hi Guys, i'd like to participate this month's Achievement.

This Achievement is all about getting one of my accounts to be maxed.

2 Days ago, L1ghtn1ng67 has got promoted as " Maxed ". And getting 3 accounts Maxed is a INSANE achievement!


Here is a Link about it Here > 



So thats why i picked this month's Achievement.

Good Luck to the Participants!




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I don't have a screen shot for this one but I finally achieved 5k kills on my account which is pretty insane considering that I often go hours without fights and the fact that I've only played on this account for like 2 years now. It took a lot of time and effort to accomplish this and I am proud of my achievement. The second achievement would be me achieving 99 strength, my first 99 on osrs and I've been training it for a while now and to feel that I finally accomplished my goal is a good feeling, also the fact that I only did it through slayer and hardly any nightmare zone at all makes me feel good. 




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these are really nice achievements guys. Loving the stacks wizard and the mining points XD. but I'm only the 4th person In g scape history to reach 10k duel wins+. no life :hurr: nah gl to everyone

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