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Skilling xp limit

skilling xp cap   59 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the cap on xp be raised?

    • yes, up to 500m
    • yes, up to 400m
    • no

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3 hours ago, Bang said:

PVP is a thing of the past? dumbest shit i've ever heard... go to 07 and skill if you really wanna grind. Pvp keeps rsps servers alive. :fp:

the bait was taken :troll:


1 hour ago, Kyle said:

Sure man, that would be great. 
You know what else would be great? When Ironmen reset their progress upon death too. 


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Nah, it's enough that it takes a while training all of their skills to get the Master Skillerrank, and to increase the cap once again as a "challenge" makes no sense. 



i agree completely

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Voted for 500m because it wouldn't hurt. I'm not much of a skiller though so that'll never happen lmao

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it literally pains me to see you guys get so much xp on this private server. You could have maxed an 07 acc by now ;(

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The problem I see with making it 500m xp is that a new person starting GS may have a goal of getting the max xp, but when they realise they need 500m xp, which takes like hours depending on the skill they will probably not go for it as it seems to much. Therefore the max xp limit needs to be balanced, which I think at 350m xp it is. There are still only like 20 accounts with maxed xp, if it was easy then there would be like 100.


Answer is no to change sorry, 500m is too far fetched. Try getting another account maxed like Suffer plox? :P

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mhm...more xp? nah.. :D but what its be nice to make skilling again awesome like skilling pets or new skill :P i think its much more intresting like again start skill old skills ;)  


Btw i know why u offer that wanna get higher rank in highscores :D 

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