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❤️️❤️️❤️️Outfit Contest #20❤️️❤️️❤️️

❤️️What is the Outfit Contest?❤️️


The outfit contest is an event/activity where members take place coming up with the best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest theme for the time being.



❤️️How it works❤️️


The contest is simple. Each week I will post a thread like this, showing all the information for the contest, how to enter, etc... and the theme. One week of the contest will be for users to submit an entry to me via PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE FORUMS. Then once the week is up, I will post a voting thread, where users can vote for their favorite outfits, anonymously.



❤️️How to participate❤️️


Simple, go to my profile and send me a forum PM with your entry.




❤️️Rules & Guidelines:❤️️


- You must follow the theme chosen for that week. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

- Send your entry in a PM to the Contest hoster, "Koen". Do NOT post them as a reply to this thread.

- Your outfit must be completely original. Do not copy anyone's outfit.

- You must include the contest number in your picture in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER, in the format "OC #(number)"

- Do not put your name in the picture. The voting will be anonymous.

- You have one week to submit your outfit, the second week will be for the voting on who has the best outfit.

- From this week onwards I will only take up to 15 entries as you cannot make a poll higher, if I get more than 15 i'll only take the first 15



❤️️Here's what an entry should look like:❤️️







The prize will be a red staff of light.



❤️️This contest's theme:❤️️



With valentine's day coming up, the subject is "red", pretty self-explanatory.

So grab the best/your favorite outfit  and submit it to me.

Thanks @V 0 V for the idea




Edited by Koen
Outfit interface (empty)

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Alright goodluck everyone!

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