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Voting Lottery #1!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Grinderscapes monthly voting lottery!

I'll quickly explain how it works.

The concept is simple; to enter the lottery, all you need to do is vote and show a picture of you having voted, make sure the picture includes you obtaining at least 6 vote points.

In other words, this lottery is completely free to enter!


How to enter:

Take a screenshot of the following things in your game chat:

*The message thanking you for voting

*The amount of voting points received must be at least half of all the voting points you can get (6 out of 9)

*Your In-Game name in the bottom left

*The day's date written into the chat space



Once you've taken a picture like the one above, all you need to do now is go back to this thread, and post it as a reply.

When you post your entry, also note how many times you've entered so far; the person with the most entries, and so the most votes, will also be awarded with a prize.

There's no limit for how many times can you enter, it's all up to how many times you vote a day.


Note though, you may only post an entry every 12 hours.


Now, the way this lottery will be drawn is practically the same.

When the lottery is closed, I will go through the thread and check how many replies we received, and use that with Random.org like in the weeks before.

When I close the lottery on Sunday at noon (my time), you may post things that aren't entries.

If you post non-entry posts on the thread before that, the post will be deleted, and you may be infracted.




Most Votes:


Steadfast Boots




Torva set + Divine/Arcane/Ely


1st Place:


Armadyl Godsword + Dragon Claws + Membership Ticket + Blue Halloween Mask


2nd Place:


Hand Cannon + Divine


3rd Place


Red Staff of Light + Blue Staff of Light


4th Place


Coloured Party Hat


5th Place


Rune Party Hat


Good luck to everyone that entered!

- The Event Team

Edited by Sir Wizard
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Entry #1 - Some voting sites do not work at all.

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Edited by Tautis ble
Bad picture.

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