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Wiki Editor application by: Adam

In-game name(s): Adam1343, Main Ecto


Will you be active within the wiki team?: Yes.


Do you have prior experience editing a wiki?: Yes i believe what it takes to have editing on the wiki.


Why do you deserve to be in the wiki team?: I have full knowledge of the prices before it was updated. If there is broken icons that needs to be fixed i will notice and keep it updated with the wiki team. 


Do you have any creative idea(s) for the wiki? If so, explain it(them) below: 


1. With the Bestiary monsters. We could suggest that to put a Drop List under the monsters so when someone looks up the monster in Grinderscape they will see what they drop.

2. Since we have ::guides and have another window with the contents. When typing ::guides it will prompt you to the wiki and have the contents instead of them getting distracted while pvming or bossing.


Tried my best to Apply.

If i don't get in, Better Luck Next Time !




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Unfortunately we don't think you are capable of being a Wiki editor. Your attitude towards others is unacceptable sometimes and you haven't made any guides to show what you are capable of.



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