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  4. Mastav

    Looks great, thanks for sharing!
  5. mr1adrian

    Thanks for sharing man! Always nice to get a sneak peek of new content
  6. Hellmage

    Not all future development/ content will be players favorite but it’s new content in one the less. There may be more to it but in the mean time you/ everyone will have to wait and find out ; p
  7. Eskiimo

    ???? , Great to see communication from the team but bit underwhelming tbh. Unless blast furnace is going to be a new way to earn the best rewards might just become dead content. Also the desert mechanics are cool and all but does this mean there is going to be more content in the desert? Or is it just to add for the sake of it. Just like cows mooing?
  8. Hellmage

    Hello Grinderscape community, I am here today to show you some sneak peeks on what the Development team is working on. If you’re in our Discord you have seen this first but I would like to start using the forums for Future updates as well.. With many request for more donator benefits for higher donators the Development team had decided to create Legendary Boss Zone and Platinum Skilling Zone ( more picture will follow soon ). Woodcutting guild and redwoods will soon be available. Fully working Blast Furnace mini-game will soon be available.
  9. Mastav

    Congratulations to everyone!
  10. SlowlyGrind

    Congrats on promotions well deserved!
  11. Happy Birthday Bart! Have a great day mate ♥️

    Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene

  12. mr1adrian

    Congratulations to everyone who got promoted! Very well deserved and happy to work with each and everyone of you!
  13. Hellmage

    Congrats and well deserved promotions!
  14. Bumn

    Congrats, on the promotions everyone, lovely
  15. Eskiimo

    We are getting stronger and stronger !!
  16. Agy

    Congrats on promotions everyone! The team is only getting stronger! cheers!
  17. Btartaros

    Hello guys, A lot of things have happened on the teams. Some guys have left the team, while others got promoted. So I am here to give you an update on all the changes! In-game Staff Team Zerkia has been promoted to in-game Moderator Number 1 has been promoted to in-game Moderator Jordan has been promoted to Server Supporter Wrath has been promoted to Server Supporter Middleman Team Bumn has been promoted to Middleman Hella Hits has been promoted to Middleman Lilvoid has been promoted to Middleman Eskiimo has been promoted t
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  19. Hellmage

    ( In-Game Staff Team ) Lou Grinder Btartaros Stan Soccerlove Zod Dkick Mr1Ardian Slowlygrind Agy Hellmage Number1 Frostie Wrath Jordan ( Forum Staff Team ) Hellmage Issac Wrath Wrath ( Discord Staff Team ) Barry (Manager) Jordan (Administrator) I is beast (Moderator) KrbDev (Helper)
  20. Good update. Thanks mate
  21. Really great content added. Nice work! Big thanks to lou and the dev team for the work they are putting in! Much appreciated.
  22. beautiful updates, keep it up fam
  23. SlowlyGrind

    Amazing update ! great things added will be fun!
  24. Ra Ta Ta Ta

    Lou been grinding
  25. Okay, this is juicy; nice job!
  26. What a great job the team is doing !! So many updates !! WOW A lot of my suggestions made it through !!
  27. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug that might've caused players to get reset on login. - Removed redundant code and legacy systems which slows the server from our processing unit. - Improved vine cutting codes to make it check your Woodcutting level and use a formula. - Fixed a bug where you receive a hit after teleporting even if you are on a different height level. - Fixed Giant Sea Snake boss instance respawning issue. - Fixed Ankou item showing 47b instead of 4.7b in value. - Fixed 'Locating Eye' achievement to do with talisman teleporting. - Fixed the cl
  28. Taking some time off - Hope to see you guys soon

    1. mr1adrian


      Take care brotha! See you when you get back. 

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