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  2. @Russ Tarn was just an example, but i know what you mean. But same goes for corp and the gwd bosses. Its really annoying and you get completly destroyed using arma at armadyl ect.
  4. Tarn was never supposed to be easy to kill and it drops Z bones every kill which is 100m or so per kill + it drops chaotics and such as drops
  5. "The worm" Sounds good
  6. Russ The Wyrm
  7. what title tho? what title?
  8. Nice vid bro
  9. Nice stuff Tyler, Goodluck getting 350M Keep us updated
  10. Yeah support this, +1 from me
  11. Support, Dont see why this boss shouldn't have a tittle too!
  12. Hello, After the new update which fixed all of the most it made them close to impossible for people with medium gear like ironman. I tried killing tarn but its impossible to kill it while pooled with a normal whip and bandos armour. Also it kinda killed bossing because you barely see any messages from boss kills apart kree'aree and sometimes bandos. I know they are supposed to be harder but i think the bosses need a big nerf or armour needs to be buffed. I
  13. Looking good, nice tab. Good luck on getting 350m
  14. wyrmlord or The Worm are the best ones. Good suggestion ziko.
  15. Out of the choices I like "the wyrm" best
  16. Today
  17. The worm homie.
  18. Triggering people @pm

  19. yayou support but what title ? what title bro?
  20. nice suggestion ziko, +1
  21. pretty good at the game dude.
  22. Nice! Pretty sweet loot so far and being maxed slayer myself I can tell you there's alot more where that came from! Keep it up!
  23. Every boss unlocks a title after a certain amount of kills so I expect this one to be no different! Support!
  24. I would LOVE to see alot fo these things in the game would make it really even. also the grygrouds could be around like 5-6b for the pair that would make it really even, and as a cosmetic player i would like more bankspace please
  25. triggered
  26. Funny asf haha
  27. Requesting to close the thread @Kay
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