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  2. MutinousSoul

    Simply killing it! Looking forward to seeing how you progress.
  3. MutinousSoul

    Oh wow, you been back for about 20 days and truly killing it. I'm clearly playing this oh so very wrong lol. Welcome back though! Hope to see you around in-game
  4. MutinousSoul

    I know! Its amazing how much smaller it feels when you can connect to people so easily.
  5. MutinousSoul

    Oh my! I've been dying to go to the Bahamas for the longest time! Hope to see you around in game Most definitely! I've ran into probably once or twice. I'll definitely say hey next time lolol
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hello everyone! Everything you need to do is in the video description!! Subscribe, like and comment your name from server, one lucky person will win Santa Hat / 2nd player wins : Vesta Spear / 3rd place gets : Elder Chaos Set! Good luck everyone!!
  8. Valar

    Those would indeed be usefull, nice!
  9. Welcome back man enjoy!
  10. mr1adrian

    I could maybe see this making more people interested in wearing rares and buying/selling them also. Seems like it could be a good idea. Thanks for sharing your idea
  11. mr1adrian

    Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing that, I like the idea of alot of these and think they are good ideas that the server could implement. Keep the ideas coming! Nice job!
  12. Last week
  13. mr1adrian

    Welcome!!! Great introduction and cant wait to see you in-game!!! Keep grinding and hope you enjoy your time on the server
  14. mr1adrian

    Welcome back brotha Nice introduction and cant wait to get to talk to you and see you in-game! And hope you enjoy your time here on the server as well!
  15. S0 Wr3cked

    These are some great ideas/suggestions. I bet some of these will come in the future, nice work bro!
  16. Thick Member

    These are purely suggestions for future additional content, bugs or reworks will not be included here. Feel free to add any suggestions below! Staff/Developers feel free to reply why or why not things should be added! Agility Shortcuts (Hydra, Lava Maze) Trading post, so you aren't spending all day selling things (But have post take a 1-2% cash cut, as well as the option to buy/sell in tokens) Viability for Scythe, either buffing it or reducing cost of vial of blood (currently 2.5k bm ea) Clear History options for both public and private chat Super Antifires & Exte
  17. Btartaros

    Welome and enjoy the server!
  18. Btartaros

    Nice introduction. Welcome back and enjoy! Feel free to pm me in-game or on Discord when you want to talk.
  19. Lightwreck

    Awesome! I've been picking my keys up and will put them to use.
  20. Lightwreck

    Great to see people from all around the world here. Hello from Canada!
  21. Lightwreck

    Great stuff! As a returning player after a few years away, I found the Wiki extremely useful!
  22. Lightwreck

    Welcome, Dub! I just started on November 3rd and look forward to playing with you. Good luck with your goals!
  23. Hi there, My IGN is Lightwreck and I used to play Grinderscape 5 or 6 years ago. It seems there was a server reset in the last few years sometime as when I put my old username and password in, I had a new account to play with. I had a lot of fun playing and have made quite a bit of progress in the last few weeks. I'm a 27 year old living in Canada. I look forward to making new friends here and a lot of you have probably seen me in-game already. I joined on November 3rd. My most notable goals so far are receiving the Jad pet on 36kc, receiving two infernal cape drops in my first 32 B
  24. Valar

    Welcome Dub, looking forward to your progress!
  25. Valar

    Looking swell!
  26. S0 Wr3cked

    Welcome Dub, great progress looking forward to see you in game! greetz, S0 Wr3cked
  27. Sup dudes I'm Dub. Been playing Grinderscape for almost 3 months now. I've had an on/off relationship with RS and RSPS since 2007 tho. Here are my current stats on my Normal main, Dub. I have plans for 2 other accounts after I max this one; a Classic Zerker pure and a HCIM. Preciate ya reading my intro, and i'm looking forward to maxing soon
  28. Hellmage

    Amazing update you guys @wiki team! Can’t wait for more updates! Keep on grinding!
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