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  1. Today
  2. Wrath

    Since you didn't reply/ask for anything specific, here you go:
  3. See-through black box appears everytime i fought k'ril ( zam boss )
  4. Yesterday
  5. Lisa

  6. flexible

    8 osrs tokens want to be traded
  7. Lisa

  8. flexible

    Hi , I want to swap 15 osrs tokens.
  9. whyhavealyfe

    If anyone else has this problem download jarfix and run it then just open the file you were having trouble opening and bang.
  10. whyhavealyfe

    Can you only play GS with a specific version of java?
  11. whyhavealyfe

    All the info i can provide use with i have tried everything else if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated thanks.
  12. whyhavealyfe

    No worries thanks for your help. I tried firewall off same error message and i did redownload java after having that message.
  13. Hellmage

    I’m sure @xplicit @Lou Grinder @Zod could help you, just seems weird it won’t load. Sorry mate
  14. whyhavealyfe

    That same notification keeps popping up upon re-download and put it on the exemption list.
  15. Hellmage

    Hmm how about turning your fire wall off? Or any security apps you may have installed
  16. whyhavealyfe

    Already done all that and tried adding it to the approved list on java as well.
  17. Hellmage

    I would download the latest version of Java. Then if it does not load then, delete Grinderscape cashe and all the files you have and re down load it. Should work after that
  18. whyhavealyfe

    I basically can't play I click download client it finishes loading in browser, then I try to click to open to install and instantly get that notification.
  19. Last week
  20. Wrath

    lol i dont think ive ever done any rs sigs edit: @number1, Well, LSF is still up, and theres a private server with thousands of people but its mostly filipinos who play it, so you wont exactly be playing against people with your ping, but still playable enough to get the nostalgia.
  21. Lisa

  22. flexible

    Hi , I want to trade 5 tokens flexible
  23. Number 1

    Love to see the old soldierfront banners! God loved that game.. Too bad it's gone. Nice sigs, can't wait to see some grinderscape sigs from you.
  24. Zod

    No sorry that wouldn't be fair on other players
  25. Lou Grinder

    I have sent you a private message.
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