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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed desert shirt equipment bug. - Changed 100 JAD kills achievement from 35M GP to 25k tokkuls. - Announcement added when someone teleports to the wilderness boss event. - Wilderness boss event blood money increased to 15,000! - You no longer need coal to make bars with mithril ores. - Slayer task count reduced for some NPCs by up to 25%! - Alch will now give increased value for items by almost double the value. - Reduced the speed you can farm XP from hunter traps, and added random event to prevent botting. - Fixed thammaron's sceptre bug & nerfed the spell damage by 26%! - Rebuffed dragon claw's accuracy on special attack by 12%! - Fixed wilderness resource area teleport to proper location from spell book. - Ancient wyvern shield and Dragonfire ward now count as protection from dragon's fire. - Reworked tutorial system and fixed all the bugs that were found. - Fixed Jubbly bird typo. - Green banner can now be equipped properly. - Typo fix with message for player receiving rare drop of 100 dragon dart instead of 100 dragon darts. (Applies to all items) - Updated ::benefits command, and few other command tweaks. - Running up to objects with new system to calculate proper distance, and walking bug fixes. - Clipping fix for home area. - Added a system to support un-loseable items such as the ironman armour: * Item's cannot be dropped. * Item's cannot be lost on death. * Item's cannot be gambled or staked. * Item's cannot be emptied on Ironman. - Nerfed Twisted bow damage in the wilderness by 18%! - Fixed highest killstreak increasing over the killstreak. - Removed many items announcements from the rare drop system. - Achievements that are in progress will now show in yellow color. - Increased Indigo's whip & Dragon's whip strength bonuses by 10%! - Fixed stuck accounts in the wilderness, your account will automatically log out after 180 seconds. - Fixed Overload potion drinking, now it will no longer bug with Herblore level requirement. - Fixed a bug where it showed you went offline in private chat when you delete someone off the list. - You can now use dragon bolts with ACB! - Fixed a bug in the ranged skill interface, and optimized the system to support more features. - Mystery box announcements on rare items. - Updated master casket's rewards list. - Fixed over 15 broken ladders and stairs. - Participation points now give the double amount of blood money. - Over 20 typo fixes that were reported by players. - Slayer tasks amount re-optimized based on the task difficulty. - Drop announcements will no longer announce non rare items. - Updated donator's benefit command and interface. - Fully fixed the Global moderator's rank with all the commands and privileges. - You will no longer disconnect in the wilderness while being AFK! - Tutorial system has been redone and completely fixed from all reported bugs. - Tons of combat fixes and optimizations, you should be able to feel a significant change in the combat system overall. - Fixed emotes and special attacks for ghrazi rapier, Scythe of Vitur, Statius Warhammer, vesta's spear, and vesta's longsword. - Fixed kree'arra possibly, need more testing. - Fixed a bug where you did not lose items on death in some locations. - It is now darker in the god wars zamorak boss chamber. - Clan chat maximum size has been increased to fit up to 200 players. - Clan wars now teleport you to the proper location, minigame to be coming soon. - Rune crossbow has been nerfed a bit. - Black knight titan upgrades and enhancements. - The untouchable safe spotting issue will no longer happen. - Dropping max cash will no longer disappear on the floor. - Skills can now peak up to 250M total experience with timestamps for who maxed the skill first. - Skill rewards will now show the player's rank in the server announcements. - Your account will automatically log out while AFK in the wilderness, and will no longer get stuck. - Auto retaliate bug has been fixed. - It now displays a message in the chatbox when the gambling space is full. - You will no longer lose items when removing or adding items to the gambling interface. - Dropping your barrows items will break, looting bag will make all items disappear in the bag, and dropping your clue scroll will reset the task. - Fixed Hunger minigame event giving a lot of participation points. - Fixed wilderness boss spam announcing when someone teleports there. - You will no longer get a clue scroll drop if you have one of the same type. - Fixed over 35 clue scrolls bugs. - Fixed a bug when being you had no inventory or bank space for leveling a skill or reaching a certain XP reward. It will now be dropped under you. - You will now get double the value of high alching items, compared to the old values. - Fixed rune dart (p) and dragon arrows (p++) - You can now use dragon javelin p++ with the heavy ballista. - Dragon arrows (p++) and dragon javelin (p++) will have a venom effect instead of super poison. - You will no longer lose items from rune pouch upon logging. Content: - Blackjack Dicing Option: * Complete interface with real blackjack gambling. * Supports stand/hit methods. * Completely fair system! - Party Drop Chest: * COMING SOON - Bank Pin System: * Dialogue for Security Guard. * PIN will be required when opening bank in anyway "Only have to do once after login". * Can reset/add a PIN from the security guard "You will be prompted to enter your current PIN if you try to reset". * Security Guard spawned in Edgeville bank south wall. * Ability to remove your bank PIN by talking to security guard. * The bank PIN can only be reset or removed if you enter the correct PIN number. - Vorkath Boss Addition: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * All of Vorkath's attack strategies. * Great drops has been added. * Can be killed as a blue dragon slayer task. * Zombified Spawn support. * Acid Pools. * Dragonfire attacks. * Prayer disabling. * Fireball attack. * Freezing attack. * Vorkath pet added with full dialogue support. - Drop Table Now Suggests Names. - Global Moderator Rank: * Fully functional rank. * Has different command powers. * Ability to choose when eligible from the rank chooser. - Achievement Progress & Completion tracking. - Inferno Basic Functionality Implemented. - Wilderness Warning: * Wilderness warning will now appear when you try to enter the wilderness. - New Hydra Boss: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * Tons of new systems and methods has been added to the server which is used to create a perfect Hydra boss. * All the correct stats for Hydra such as attack distancing, combat defence for all types, and the attacks * Hydra's fire attack. * Firewall attack. * 4 different phases perfectly added. * Electrical stunning attack. * Hydra vent's support. * New item drops! * Requires 95 slayer to slay. - Regular Hydra's Area Has Also Been Added With New Teleport! - Clue Scroll System: * Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue scroll support. * Anagrams types of clues. * Maps types of clues. * Puzzles types of clues. * Cryptic types of clues. * Emote tasks. * Dig tasks. * Over 100 new items as a reward. * Each clue has unique rewards. * Scanning locations support! * Over 140 different tasks! - Doors System Support: * A complete new system to support all types of doors. * Single & Double door support. * Force Open/Close door support. * All gates support. * Will be used for quest base later, temporarily disabled for now. - 6 New Region's Music. - 5 New Boss Contract Bosses! - Useful Links & Client Options Navigation. - Drawers, Boxes, Crates, and Hay bales searching system. - Wilderness Boss Changes: * 4 new wilderness bosses. * Spawns once every 90 minutes. * Fixed the mass spam messages. * Slay the boss for 15,00 blood money. - New Jungle Demon Area! - Voting Tickets: * You will get voting tickets when redeeming votes. * The tickets can be traded to other players. - Completely Modified The Drops System Formula: * It will be intermediate to hard to receive a rare drop from normal NPC's. * Bosses will have an easy to intermediate chance of dropping a rare item. However, it depends on the type and rarity of the item. You will see the difference in-game. - Added Support For All Types Of Ammunitions: * Darts (p, p+, p++) * Knives (p, p+, p++) * Javelins (p, p+, p++) * Bolts (p, p+, p++) * Arrows (p, p+, p++) * Support for ice arrows - Over 13 New Game Announcements Has Been Added. - New Account Security System: * A bank PIN must be available on the account for the system to work. The first time you log in to your account, your current IP address will be whitelisted. What this means is, whenever someone logins to your account from a new IP address, all the actions on the account will be blocked with a prompt to enter your bank PIN. Failure to enter the correct PIN for 10 tries will cause the account to get permanently locked until the further check from staff to verify you are the real account owner. A new section on the forums has been opened to deal with such issues. This should secure your account. Remember not to use the same password on different websites, games, and always keep it unique as some people try to take advantage of leaked databases to steal your password on different places. - Achievement System: * Tasks that has already been started will show up as yellow color in the quest tab. * A new interface will pop up on the screen when you finish an achievement. * Achievement progress system has been added. - Game Mode Chooser: * You can now choose your game mode from 5 different modes. * Ironman game mode: You will not be eligible to trade, duel, gamble, use various shops, use the lottery, benefit from in-game command trivia, share monsters kill for loot, and other in-game restrictions. You get a unique rank icon with complete new high scores to compete on. * Hardcore ironman: All the restrictions for Ironman with additions that you only have one life, if you die it will cause your account to be converted into regular ironman. * Ultimate Ironman: The ultimate hardest gameplay mode. All the restrictions on ironman, with the addition you cannot bank, buy most of the shops items, receive achievement rewards, and some minor other restrictions. * Classic: This is a unique game mode that has all the exact same features of a normal player, but with addition to a unique rank and high scores. Classic players get 1/3 the default experience, however they get 50% extra blood money from PK rewards and they have almost the double chance of getting a rare drop from bosses than normal players. Some more features will be added in the future. - New Distance & Clipping System: * The running to objects system has been redone. * You now properly use objects with proper distances such as using stalls from a far distance. - New Cache Support: * We have updated our cache to support a lot of new features. * New Maps! * New Objects! * Over 350 new usable items. * Over 220 new monsters. * Over 6 new bosses to be added in the future. - Adamant & Rune Dragons Zone: * New teleport! * Drops the ultimate dragon godsword (almost 10% better than armadyl godsword) * New drops! * Completely challenging! - Dragonfire Shield Support: * Ability to charge your DFS up to 20 charges! * Unleash a new dragon attack to your enemies. * Support for Dragonfire ward, and wyvern shield. - Degradation System & Item's Integrities: * A completely new system for degrading items. * Custom new items that can be used in combat for 30 minutes before degrading. * Barrows now degrade after being used in combat for about 3 hours. * New items: Dark bow (c), Abyssal whip (c), spirit shield's (c), twisted bow (c) & much more can be found spread in the shops. These items will last in combat for 30 minutes and expire. * You can examine/operate the items for more. - Ring Upgrading System: * You can now upgrade your combat rings by talking to perdu * You can dis-enchant your ring. * Payment varies depending on the ring type. * When you die with an enchanted ring it will become un-enchanted. - OSRS Tokens Exchange System: * New store with a complete dialogue to explain how the mechanism works. * Buys items that are displayed in his shop for 1/3 their offered price. For example, Twisted bow sells for 900m and will be bought from you 300m quick cash. * Sells OSRS tokens for 600m cash each. * OSRS tokens can be traded to other players or you can make a thread on forums with how many tokens you want to exchange and a staff member will contact you to make an appointment to trade the tokens for OSRS GP. 1 token = 1M OSRS - New Items Added: * Clown set * Collection's log * Star-face * Tree set * Candy Cane * Hydra bones /w full support * Dragon knifes * Hydra's Claw * Hydra's Eye * Hydra's Heart * Hydra's Fang * Guardian Boots * Brimstone Ring * Dragon hunter's lance * Ferocious gloves * Bonecrusher necklace * Hydra's tale * Bruma torch * Warm gloves * Runefest shield * Drakan's medallion * Armadyl d'hide and robes set * Bandos d'hide and robes set * Zaros Mjolnir * Mystic (dusk) set * Event RPG * Ale of the gods * Boxing gloves /w effects * Banshee's set * Giant present * Large spade * Nunchaku * Black (p) set * Gilded Santa hat * Azure Santa hat * Pimpz Santa hat * Fushia Santa hat * Orange H'ween mask * Camo party hat * Purple H'ween mask * Killer's knife * Heavy casket * Stale baguette * Heavy casket * Holy water * Evil chicken set * Black tourmaline core * Boots of brimstone * Devout boots * Boots of stone * Cattleprod * Giant carp (heals +30) * Pedant of Lucien * Citizen set * Mourner set * Beads of the deed * Fremennik sea boots 1-4 * Bucket Helm * Red elegant blouse * Green elegant blouse * Arceus scarf * Fancy tiara * Bowl wig * Half-moon spectacles * Comp bows + support * Musketeer's set * & Much more!
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    Hello everyone, After updating to the latest version of IPS V4.4, some new changes have been added to the forums to improve your experience. - Added iAwards & Trophies: - Over 20 new trophies and awards have been added for post counts, topic creators, reactions, rankings, registered days, clubs joined, and much more! - Updated all plugins to support the newest version of IPS. - Major forum settings and PHP optimizations to improve loading speed. - Changed the user raw data submission which could potentially lead to an XSS attack threat. - Fixed User group formatting colors and rankings. - Updated Theme to support 4.4 version. and some other mini bug fixes.
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    Good news! Version 4.4.0 of Invision Community is now available, and the forums are now updated to the latest version. Major New Features / Enhancements: Post Before Registering Animated GIFs AdminCP Notification Center New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Unfollow Without Logging In SEO Improvements: Improved pagination with page number now in the path (rather than query string) and unique page titles for paginated pages. Improved use of canonical tags. Improved handling of empty containers and profiles to reduce soft 404s. Improved JSON-LD markup, adding @id tags and fixing URLs for comments. Removed page output hidden by JavaScript. Performance Improvements: Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering. Added HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload. Added support for Brotli compression. Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server. Improved handling of session data for guests to reduce database reads for guests. Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering. Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution. Commerce Store Filters allow customers to filter products by price, review, stock, or custom admin-defined filters. Core: Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features). Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas. Improved UI for entering time intervals in AdminCP settings (see 6 New Micro Features). Added a new Icons & Logos section in the AdminCP which allows providing logos for use when sharing links from the community, adding the community as a home screen app on a mobile device (along with additional settings for a PWA manifest to control certain aspects the community’s behaviour when used in this way), and in Safari’s favourites menus and pinned tabs on macOS. Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds). Commerce Braintree Gateway including support for PayPal (with recurring payments), Venmo, and cards. Deprecates some PayPal features. Added ability to target bulk mails to members who have spent certain amounts. Added sidebar widgets for best sellers, latest products, product reviews, and a featured product. New Server Requirements: PHP 7.1.0 or higher required (7.3.x now supported). MySQL 5.5.3 or higher requires (5.6.2 recommended). Removed Features: Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. Removed password hashes when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. This is for security, to reduce the ease of obtaining sensitive data if the AdminCP is ever compromised. Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities.
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    Hello and welcome to my thread about my goals that I want to achieve while playing GrinderScape. I will try to update the thread every 2-3 weeks, making a new thread and adding Update #x at the end. I will start on a brand new account lvl 3 without anything. Ingame name Mikey V2 There are some rules I have come up for myself to make it more interesting. The rules are: 1. No accepting any donations. 2. No gambling in any way for my own benefit. 3. I can participate in giveaways but if I win I have to give it back to the community. So the goal list begins: 1. Get 99 in all 22 available skills [ ] 2. Get 3000 participation points [ ] 3. Own atleast 1 partyhat set (Every partyhat ingame that is possible to get) [ ] 4. Own atleast 1 halloween mask set (Every h'ween ingame that is possible to get) 5. Own atleast 1 Twisted bow [ ] 6. Own atleast 1 set of Jordans (Primordial boots, Eternal boots, Pegasian boots) [ ] 7. Own atleast 1 set of spirit shields (Arcane, Elysian, Spectral) [ ] 8. Get all possible Skilling & PVM Boss pet [ ] 9. Own a max set for each combat type (Melee, Range, Magic) [ ] 10. Achieve 200 000 000 exp in all 22 available skills [ ] Attack [ ] Strength [ ] Defence [ ] Ranged [ ] Prayer [ ] Magic [ ] Runecrafting [ ] Hitpoints [ ] Agility [ ] Herblore [ ] Thieving [ ] Crafting [ ] Fletching [ ] Slayer [ ] Hunter [ ] Mining [ ] Smithing [ ] Fishing [ ] Cooking [ ] Firemaking [ ] Woodcutting [ ] Farming [ ] 11. Get 1 000 000 Blood money [ ] 12. Own a max cash stack (2147m) [ ] So that is pretty much it for the starting part of my road ! While doing this I'm pretty sure I will add some more goals to the list! Until next time! Thanks for your time reading this! Regards, ~Michael
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    Welcome to this small but somewhat detailed guide on Muddy key's. This guide will include mostly everything you'll need to know about the muddy key. enjoy! Key; What is a muddy key? How do you obtain a muddy key? Where do you use a muddy key? What do you get from using a muddy key? Special thanks. What are muddy keys? A Muddy key is a small brown keys which allow you to open a small chest to obtain various items in the game, How do you obtain a muddy key? Muddy keys can be obtain through killing Various Bosses and NPC's within Grinderscape. They can also be bought from players. the current price is 10-13m GP per key. Where do i use a muddy key? Muddy keys can be use at a chest at the center of the lava maze. Below are the steps on how to get to the chest: 1)Teleport to KBD Via the Boss teleport section within the spell book. 2) Navigate the lava maze to the center. 3) Use your key on the chest within the pen of Brutal Red Dragon and get your rewards! What do you get from using a muddy key? You can get various items from Opening the muddy chest. Blood money is a guaranteed drop with amounts between 3k-5k per key. Here is what i got from a single key; And below is what you can get from 150 muddy chest opening; This is in no way a list of all the items that can obtained from the muddy chest, Just a showcase of 150 keys. Special thanks. I'd like to give a special thank you to these players for making this guide possible; Legends Blake Xoxo Grinder2019 Dreamzzz
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    We've decided to promote you to be our Official Middleman, You have shown your worth to us and we see that you've become trusted to the community of Grinderscape, Contratulations Keelow!
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    In-game Name(s): Keelow Age: 19 Timezone: (GMT-5) Will you be active?: Of course, I will be, I am already active and more than willing to help out no matter what I'm doing. How much do you usually play per day?: A minimum of 2 hours and a max of 6 hours daily. Maybe more depending on my availability throughout the days. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I deserve to be in this group because I enjoy helping and bettering the community. I have seen players get scammed and it's not an enjoyable thing to see. I'm actively reminding on yell to use a MiddleMan to avoid scams. And I have also mm'ed for a few friends and some players I do not know very well, when all mm's where busy/offline , who now believe in the fact that I am a trustworthy player. I do not nor have ever scammed a player new or old, and I will without a doubt uphold to my duties. Any other information: I am friends with the majority of the community, (others I have just not met yet). I am respectful, trustworthy and always aiding the community whenever possible. Thank you for reading over and considering my application.
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    Hello and welcome to my first ever made guide. Today I gonna show you how to start slayer and A the best trick not every player know when that start First, go to the grindscape teleports, and go to the slayer master who is in the green. For me it was Turael Find Turael, He is mostly in the house. If he is not he walks around. Right klick on him and ask for a assignment and accept this one Gongrats!! you got you first task! The next thing every player need when they do a slayer task, is a enchanted gem. Go back to a slayer master and klick right on him, and ask for a trade. You see a lot of slayer items but you need the enchanted gem. Left top of all the items. Right klick on the gem and you can use some different things: Activate: You wil be teleport to you slayer task Check: you can see how many kills you have left. Partner: if you do a duo slayer task you can see here with who Log: here you can watch you npc kill streaks. I will help this topic up to date, Thanks for watching this guide and I hope it helps you a lot First upload : 5 march 10:14 amsterdam #doitforgentstudent
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    What is Rsgp Trading? Rsgp trading is when two players trade items/cash between Runescape and Grinderscape. Ex: Player 1 will sell his Twisted Bow on Grinderscape to player 2.. Player 2 will buy that Twisted bow, but will pay with gold on Runescape. This is good for newer players to get started off on Grinderscape with some decent items. It also good for players who are in need of money on Runescape. You however must use a middleman when making an Rsgp for Any amount. Middleman * The number one rule when trading Rsgp is to use a Middleman. * Middlemen are players who have applied for the rank, and were accepted by the Recruiters. These players are trustworthy, and will prevent any scamming from happening. * How it would work. Player 1 gives the official middleman the Twisted bow. After receiving the item (in this case a Twisted Bow) the middleman will acknowledge that he was received the item(s). Player 2 will then trade player 1 on Runescape, and give him the gold there. Once the gold has been traded, both players will inform the middleman that the cash has been given on Runescape, and the middleman will give Player 2 the Twisted Bow. * As a middleman, you will have a Document where you can enter all the information about the other players on. You will put their Runescape/Grinderscape usernames, and the amount that was traded. This will keep everything organized. * Server Supports will be middleman as well! * If you think you have what it takes, you may apply for the Official Middleman Rank here. Other Rules * The rates will be 1/850-900m per Oldschool mil and 1/150-200m per Runescape3 mil. * You may not have a player who is not an official middleman or Server Support middleman for you. If you are caught doing this, you will get punished, and possibly blacklisted. * You need a Middleman! I know I said this above, but this can't be stressed enough. If you are caught doing an Rsgp trade without a middleman, you will be blacklisted and possibly banned without any hesitation. Using a middleman is for your own good. * Any trades between 07 and Rs3 are not affiliated with us. If you are scammed doing a trade between Rs, that is on you, as we only do Grinderscape to Runescape trades. Here is the list with all middlemen currently promoted.
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    In-game Name(s): Dreamzz & Agility Ftw Age: 24 Timezone: +1 GMT Will you be active?: Yes. How much do you usually play per day?: ATM 14 hours+ Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I'm very friendly, trying to help when i can! also i'm helping people since im back here and i'm and old player! and i would like to be a part of the community to help them as a Middleman! Any other information: I know i'm just back on the sever but already very active and helping alot! around i will stay active!
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    We've decided to promote you to be our Official Middleman, You have proven your worth to us and we see that you've become trusted to the community of Grinderscape, Contratulations Dreamzz!
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    In-game Name(s): No Kids Age: 23 Timezone: PST Will you be active?:of course, i'm very active! How much do you usually play per day?:6-9 hours a day Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I feel like i deserve to be MM rank because i'm very trustworthy, i have a respectable reputation dicing and, helping people MM when no one actualMM is online, this rank would be very beneficial to me due to being at dicezone 80% of my time online. If i do get this rank, i would focus on making sure everyone on the server is protected from scammers! Any other information: Thank you for considering, Cheers!
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    I applied last September and I was accepted, Lou just said I wasn't active enough. In-game Name(s): Nykie Age: 23 Timezone: GMT Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: Lately I've been playing for 3-6 hours everyday. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: Since I work nights and my shifts alternate I can be active in several time zones throughout the month, operating around the clock allows me to not only be active but to get to know a lot more people. I've worked closely on forums and done many trades to buy/sell RS gold on OSRS and RS3. I'm friendly, mature and professional and always make sure transactions such as this run smoothly. I've been on Grinderscape also a year now and I've really felt welcomed by the community in the past few weeks and I'm really enjoying my time here, it'll be nice to ensure these lovely people can successfully make trades through me and not feel threatened that they're going to lose their items/gold. Any other information: I also moderate a gaming forum with around 300 users a day which can be confirmed in the PM
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    Hi everyone, The good news is that all the three iron man game modes have been successfully done, and is now undergoing testing to make sure to eliminate every bug can find. However, we are only left with the Classic's rank perks. We need your help to suggest some cool features that we can add to this game mode to make it even more interesting. Current perks: (the only challenge is that the experience is divided into three) - 50% increased Blood money reward from PK kills. - A unique custom rank that is displayed to everyone, with unique high score rankings. - Up to 33% better chance of receiving a rare item. (It doesn't mean if a drop was 4% rate it will become 37%, but instead, it will add to the 4% chance a 33% extra chance which will make it be 5.32%. This is considered highly valuable. Can you suggest more? examples below. (Just for demonstration purposes) - 35% increased money from stalls. - Double skilling points rewards. - Triple participation points rewards. - A unique skilling area. - Slayer task will reward 10% more Blood money. - Slayer task count will be 20% less. - Take 5%-15% less damage overall. - A unique cape when reaching all stats 99 (Classical Cape) Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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    *cough*, You know the drill.
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    Hi I came back to check in on this server and it is still riddled with announcement spam? Like, in the past 5 minutes I do not care about the following: - Someone won an afro from thieving - Someone killed Zulrah - Someone got some points for a daily login - Someone got some money from a thieving task - Someone got some points from a thieving task - Someone recieved 4 participation points from thieving???? - Someone got a rare drop from a Werewolf? Like honestly what is this, announcementscape? Turn them ALL OFF or at least cut down on them because right now it just looks insanely trashy that I'm being notified that someone got a monk's robe top (g) from a thieving store. It legit just gets spammy as hell if a couple of guys are thieving. Sort it out ffs.
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    Hello and welcome to my first update post on my adventure! So the biggest update to this adventure, since the release of ironman and much more content. I decided to restart from scratch! This will be alot of fun since you cant just buy the items etc... Ingame name will be: Iron Mike , if you want add me I will write my goals in different colors: Red means: Not started yet, not obtained. Yellow means: Goal in progress. (Working on) Green means: Goal completed, obtained. (Atleast once) So the goals for this long and great adventure are as followed: Achieve a max cape - 99 in every single possible skill ingame Obtain 3000 participation points - for Donator bond Obtain a Twisted bow. Obtain a set of jordan boots (Pegasian, Primordial, Eternal) Obtain a set of spirit shields (Elysian, Spectral, Arcane) Obtain all possible Skilling and PvM pets Obtain a max set for each combat style (Range, Mage, Melee) Achieve max exp (250 000 000) in every possible skill ingame Complete every single clue scroll difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite) Complete every single clue scroll difficulty atleast 100 times Obtain all the possible "rare" rewards from every clue scroll difficulty This will be it for now! As I progress with the account I'm sure more goals will be added I will make more update thread's like this in the future probably in (1-3 weeks time) Untill then, thanks for reading! Regards, ~Michael
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    Hey guys I thought it would be a good idea to list all Middlemen in one thread. The thread can be updated by staff once there are changes in the team. Leaders will choose the new members for the team! Leader(s): Isaac Kazuhira mm Middlemen are trusted by the staff and the community, they play an important role in the RSGP swapping scene but also do alot in-game. Such as: Transfering items(xfer), Help staff or event team host big events if needed. Official Member(s): Barry Legends All staff are also middlemen, but they merely assist the middlemen with trades if needed, Or they do some trades if there are no middlemen available. Server supporter(s): Blake xoxo Lisa Moderator(s): Zod Number 1
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    Grinderscape outfit competition! Hello people of Grinderscape and welcome to a Grinderscape outfit competition! This event will from now until Friday 00:00 GMT+0. winners will be announced on Saturday at some point! enjoy! This outfit competition will consist of TWO categories; 1) Skill and Chill 2) Weird and Wonderful Here are the rules! Rules; 1) ONE entry for each category is allowed per person. 2) Must post your entries within the same post. 3) Anyone caught editing two hours after you post an entry will be disqualified. 4) please put the name of which category a picture is entered underneath the photo. you'll be judges on the follow; 1)Creativity 2)Combination of items (how well they all go together). Prizes for both are as follows; 1st: 10 mystery boxes 2nd: 6 mystery boxes 3rd: 4 mystery boxes You can only be awarded one position (depends on the amount of entries). Enjoy!!
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    All clues issues will be fixed within a few days! Thank you for your understanding.
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    What made it hilarious, was that we said them all at the same time
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    Nice mate! all of luck for your adventure ! and kniel voor zod
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    damn bro really sad hope u get help with this
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    Sent you a PM @qwirkz @cier1234 send me a private message on here please.
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    Hey man, I like your dedication and I would love to follow your progress. Goodluck!
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    Gl on completing your goals m8!
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    Looking forward to seeing the progress. Goodluck Mikey!
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    Congrats my man!
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    Sounds fun! good luck on ur adventure! wish you all of the luck to get everything done bro And remember to kniel voor Zod!!
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    Yo that's a big achievements which require so much patient, I only want to wish you all the best completing this!
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    This sounds like a good adventure, good luck on your road to this achievement! I cant wait to see some updates to this.
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    Thanks for the guide barry, this will definitely help out new players!
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    Thank you very much for the Guide Barry
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    Awesome guide! Well done mates!
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    Hmm.. Strange then, wait for admins or Lou to answer. @Lou Grinder @Isaac
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    Would love to see you with Official middleman title
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    Thanks for the clear screen shots and details on what happened, we'll see what we can do about this.
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    I found what I need to do, and I think more players if they have this screen. Search in you're folder to GrinderScapeCaches. if you search for Grinderscape you will find it. Dubble klick on this folder and open this folder. You will see this screen: Delete all the folders, but you don't need to delete the GrinderScape.jar Once you did that klick on the jar client and you going to download all the stuff u need for the server And now you can login.
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    Thanks for your suggestions, I was giving an example and asking for new ones too. Regarding your suggestion about cosmetics only from premium points shop, I would love to work on that, but if we remove these items for Classic game modes, they can still buy it on another alt and trade it. We need a way to sort this as your 100% right.
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    Witnessed you middleman for a few people but keep up the good work!!
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    Hi y'all! Today I decided to make an in depth (and subjective) guide on how to do bossing contracts effectively. Since you get boss contract points as well as cash + blood money rewards, these might stack up pretty nice for when the contracts shop opens. GETTING STARTED Bossing contracts cost 1,5M to start and 2M to cancel. A contract asks you to do a certain boss in X amount of time, if you complete it you have an enhanced chance of getting a rare drop and you get contract points + (blood) money. You can start a contract at the minigame icon at ::home, in front of the furnace. Talk to , just like in the picture below. Items/gear/stats I recommend to GRIND the contracts (doesn't mean u can't do them with lower stats): 80+ ranged 42+def (void, but higher is highly recommended) 74 prayer to get rigour, but 70'ish is fine to not spend any pray pots on tasks (will explain later!) Gear like above for starters. If you have bolts for rcb/dhcb/acb use them and get money through doing this to buy a tbow for yourself. Also bring a spade, tinderbox and candle for Giant Mole in your inv if you plan to camp contracts. I have decided to make a tier list that is my opinion - but I will add why I think these are great tasks/needs to be skipped. My opinion: Tasks in the wild that will be in deep wild and still hit a lot in the fight is not worth my risk/time when I can skip S TIER: These tasks are great for money and/or time as they don't have a lot of risk involved and are quick and easy points. Jad - Mage/range Jungle Demon - Mage Giant Mole - Melee Ice troll king - Melee A TIER: These are simple and quick, but involve risk in the wild. Crazy archeologist - Range Vet'ion - Mage B TIER: A bit more risk involved for the reward, but still do-able if you don't want to skip to only get A/S tier tasks. Venenatis - Range Chaos elemental (if you use lower tier gear, you might not be able to do this one in time) - Mage C TIER: I don't recommend doing these as you will need a lot of food/dangerous to get out of King Black Dragon - Mage Black Knight Titan - Mage? REWARDS The bosses are pretty good for GP and Blood money. For example, Jad gives you 20M cash and 800 bm. Little test I did for the guide: Start -> 150M End -> 400M (excluding the blood money, I think I killed like 30-35 bosses in total during this time) If you guys have any questions about this or if you need extra information added here, let me know
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    In-game name: Barry. What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain or General): Recruiter. What is your Timezone?: GMT+1. How long have you played for?: Since 2013. came back in December last year. how many hours do you play per day?: roughly 2-5 on week days. 2-9 on weekends. How long you been a member of Help?: Since i came back (December 2018). Do you have ::yell?: Indeed i do. Why should your application be accepted?: i believe i should be accepted because i try and help out anyone and everyone at all times regardless of what i'm doing in-game. i'm well known within the grinderscape community and also part of the OMM team. Becoming a Recruiter within Help cc will also give me a chance to help new and returning players. thank you for looking at my application and i look forward to hearing from you! .
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    Hey everyone, Today we decided to promote @Lisa to the rank of Server Support, Adil has been helping alot and putting effort to the server helping players understand the game and it's concepts, being active, and overall being a great role model for the community. And so we've come to this decision. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial. No doubt he will succesfully complete the trial. Welcome to the team!
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    We have done some UI enhancements and have fixed minor bugs. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed daily login reward bug. - Fixed Hunter traps issue. - Fixed farming herbs clicking. - Buffed dragon claws special accuracy by 5%; - Fixed custom Santa hat's typo. - Increased max hit for Wind wave up to Fire wave by 50%; - Properly adjusted food delay to match OSRS ticks. - Killing players in the wilderness will no longer give double killstreak. - A bug with dicing caused players to lose items will no longer happen. - The server now displays the NPC name whenever a rare drop is announced. - If you xlog in the wilderness, your account will auto log out after 3 minutes if not in combat.
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed Zulrah was dropping items in a place you can't pick the items from. - Changed price of 50 superior bones from 2,500 premium points to 5,000. - Removed generic bones from stores. - Some bones experience were modified slightly: * Ourg bones gives 13% less XP. * Wyvern bones gives 9% more XP. * Dagannoth Bones gives 4% more XP. * Lava Dragon Bones gives 7% more XP - Fixed the northwest barrows staircase that didn't work. - Increased attack accuracy for Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) by 12%. - Decreased Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) special attack's effect damage by 15%. - Increased Armadyl crossbow damage and accuracy by 11% to be stronger than the Dragon's crossbow. - Fixed wilderness boss spawn event. The server will now announce when a wilderness boss has spawned: * Killing the boss will reward 10,000 blood money. * You can teleport to the boss location from your quest tab. * Event starts once every 15 minutes. * KBD is the only boss at the moment, and more bosses will be added in the future with more rewards. - Skilling tasks now reward 600% more GP, and 28.5% more skilling points. - Reduced the prices of yell-tokens in participation points shop. - Increased the value of yell-tokens in general store by 60%! - Thieving skill now rewards 70% more XP from stalls. - Increased prices of skillcapes massively. - Shops no longer reduce the quantity when buying. (Dragon darts, Zulrah scales..etc.) - Fixed a bug not giving players blood money upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness. - Thieving skilling task giving tasks you can't finish will no longer happen. - Mystery boxes are now stackable. - Lowered barrows brothers melee defence. - Reduced boss contract GP rewards for some bosses by about 20%! - Dicer rank price changed from $34.99 to $4.99 (Includes 2,500 premium points & 10 participation points) - Bolt enchanting interface is no longer removed when enchanting bolts. - Redone parts of the trading system to make it more matching to OSRS. - Added 17 new server random announcement messages. - Fixed dragon's crossbow was nulling when placed in the bank. - All weapons special attacks receive 7% bonus accuracy effect. - Dragon claws special attack damage nerfed by 11%, and accuracy has been reduced by 3%. - Armadyl crossbow receives 21% bonus damage. - Dragon hunter's crossbow damage has been reduced by 9%. - Command event rewards for Blood money has been increased slightly. - Random kill messages upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness added. - Added announcements when someone completes the slayer task and gets rewarded more than 6,000 blood money. - Thieving skill guide now properly shows all the stalls requirements including wilderness stall. - Modified stalls requirements levels to match the ones in the skill guide: * Fur stall requirement reduced from 42 to 35. * Silver stall requirement reduced from 65 to 50. * Spice stall requirement reduced from 75 to 65. * Gems stall requirement reduced from 99 to 75. - Thieving skilling tasks will now assign the miscellaneous stall as a skilling task. - Modified NPC stats formula: * The average Melee defence for non-bosses has been reduced by 15%. * The average Range defence for non-bosses has been increased by 17%. * The average Melee attack for non-bosses has been reduced by 20%. - Fixed Kalphite queen pet item drop. - Modified drop rates for 20+ NPC's, and reworked the rare drops system. - Greater demon no longer drops dragon axe. - The banshee's drop rate for helm of neitznot is nerfed. - Revenant imp and pyrefiend no longer will drop high emblems/relics. - You can now exchange 75 agility tokens for 5,000 blood money at the agility exchange store. - Fixed messages were having unicode <?C=1> errors in chat. - Casket (Master) rewards has been redone, and it can possibly reward pimpz whip. - Participation points will now reward 200 blood money per point instead of 100. - Tons of combat tweaks including drinking a potion will no longer reset your combat: * You can drink, eat, and equip items without having to click on your target again. - Protect prayers will now reduce damage by 75% instead of 80%. - Protect prayers will reduce accuracy against players by 50% instead of 70%. - Protect prayers accuracy reduced against NPC's from -80% accuracy to -65% accuracy. - Fixed a typo when wearing magic crossbow with no ammunition error message. - Armadyl godsword special attack accuracy buffed by 5%. - Mage's book will now increase magic attack accuracy by 25% instead of 10%. - Nerfed Crystal bow attack accuracy by 35%. - Nerfed 3rd age wand attack accuracy by 20%. - Staff of light will now deal 40% more magic damage and 50% more magic accuracy. - Wearing 3 or more pieces of ahrims will increase magic attack accuracy by 15%. - Nerfed blowpipe strength by 8%, and decreased attack accuracy by 15%. - Buffed twisted bow attack accuracy by 12%, and increased damage by 15%. - You can only auto cast ancient magic spells by ancient staff, kodai's wand, ahrim's staff, and staff of light. - Casting a spell on a player in the wilderness will no longer reset your combat. - Nerfed the dragon's firebreath damage, and it only requires two types of protection. For example, shield and magic protect or shield and potion. - Fixed kalphite queen spawning in the wall. - Increased leveling up skills reward for combat skills. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 200M will reward 200M coins instead of 50M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 150M will reward 100M coins instead of 25M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 100M will reward 75M coins instead of 15M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 50M will reward 50M coins instead of 10M. * Reaching a combat skill level of 25 will reward 500k coins instead of 250k. * Reaching a combat skill level of 50 will reward 1M coins instead of 500k. * Reaching a combat skill level of 75 will reward 2.5M coins instead of 1M. * Reaching a combat skill level of 99 will reward 10M coins, and 15,000 blood money instead of 5M. - Completing an agility course will now reward 300% more coins than what it used to. - Fixed barbarian ledge and wilderness stepping stone courses in agility skill. - Completing a slayer task will now reward blood money based on the task master difficulty. * Turael = Beginner tasks * Mazchna = Easy tasks * Vannaka = Intermediate tasks * Chaeldar = Advanced tasks * Duradel = Hard tasks (Best rewards) - Slayer task's count slightly increased. - Removed dragon mace from RDT and changed 300k coins to 3M drop. - Mining store no longer sells bars above an iron bar, players have to farm them. - Increased coins drop rate for rock crabs, sand crabs, yaks, and experiments by 310%. - Increased the amount of GP you receive for solving random events by 900%. - Fixed hitpoints skillcape emote causing players to become invisible. - King black dragon area is now in the wilderness. - Fixed chests used as banks in the KBD zone. - Added ::highscores command. - Player kill count, highest streak, deaths, and KDR will now work properly. - You can no longer logout in the wilderness. Note: Xlog will keep your account online until your out of the wilderness. - When switching weapons, there will be NO longer be increased delay for the next hit. - Alching will now work on all items, even on high value items. - Duradel rewards button will now work properly. - Fixed Dagganoth kings were spawning multiple times. - Fixed many items unknown and nulled examines. - Fixed the annoying trade bug. - Fixed auto retaliate not working correctly sometimes. - Fixed split private chat saving, and chat text colors saving. - Fixed elyisian spirit shield equipment model for females. - Fixed attack styles for weapons causing you to train another skill. - The drop rates for dragon axe and dragon pickaxe has been decreased by 60%! - Changed the item prices for all skilling task items (lumberjack set, angler set, prospectors set, and rogue set). - Reduced magic trees woodcutting XP by 24%! - Increased the prices of some skilling resources in shops massisevly. - Fixed void items from stall rewards. Content: - Added run energy draining system: * Proper formula to drain energy as on OSRS. * Item weights system works with drain formula (Equipped items only). * Energy restore rate is 2x faster when on AFK mode, or having boots of lightness equipped. * Energy restore rate is highly affected depending on your agility skill level. - High Priest Store: * A store that sells blessed bones for an overpriced value to those who wants to level up prayer very quick. * Bones: 103 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Baby Dragon Bones: 123 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Dragon bones: 153 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Shaikahan Bones: 231 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Fayrg Bones: 272 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Raurg Bones: 238 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Ourg Bones: 269 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Wyvern Bones: 277 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Dagganoth Bones: 301 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Lava Dragon Bones: 344 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Superior Dragon Bones: 385 GP / 1 Prayer XP - New Dicer's rank token: * Can be redeemed for dicer's rank. * Can be found at the gamble store in dicing area. * Costs 300M GP to purchase. * Can be traded to other players. * Cannot be used if you already have the dicers rank. - New automatic dicing system: * Can only be used by players that have the dicing rank. * 5 different dice modes (Player host, Other host, Both host, Flower, and blackjack). * Uses the same old dice formula for percentile rolling. * Completely automated and scam free. * 99.9% Dupe free system (Did tons of testing, GL finding one). - Added farming skill interface. - Added Smoke devils in smoke tunnels, and assigned the slayer task to Duradel. - Added mining skill master in Neitznot mining area. - Added smithing skill master in Neitznot and Dwarf mining guild. - Added fishing skill master in Karamja. - New ranks added: * Middleman: Given to players that can be trusted for a middleman. * Event host: Given to players that host events in-game, forums, or discord. * Ex staff: You know what it is * Veteran: Given to old veteran players. * Respected: Given as appreciation to the player for his/her excellent reputation. * Staff can promote players to these ranks. * An in-game announcement will be made whenever a player is promoted. - Skilling shops item effects: * Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP! * Each piece of angler's set gives 10% bonus fishing XP! * Woodcutting skillcape gives 30% bonus woodcutting XP! * Mining skillcape gives 40% bonus mining XP! * Fishing skillcape gives 30% bonus fishing XP! * Thieving skillcape gives 30% bonus thieving XP! * Smithing skillcape gives 30% bonus smithing XP! * Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP! * Each piece of rogue's set gives 15% bonus thieving XP! * Each piece of rogue's set reduces the chance to be caught while pickpocketing by 15%! * Dodgy necklace gives 25% bonus thieving XP, and allows faster thieving! * Gloves of silence gives 5% bonus thieving XP, and a chance to double steal! - Added Egg-Shell set pieces in agility ticket exchange, skilling points exchange and voting points exchange. Next update should include the new game modes such as the Classic, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate ironman ranks!

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