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    Grinderscape outfit competition! Hello people of Grinderscape and welcome to a Grinderscape outfit competition! This event will from now until Friday 00:00 GMT+0. winners will be announced on Saturday at some point! enjoy! This outfit competition will consist of TWO categories; 1) Skill and Chill 2) Weird and Wonderful Here are the rules! Rules; 1) ONE entry for each category is allowed per person. 2) Must post your entries within the same post. 3) Anyone caught editing two hours after you post an entry will be disqualified. 4) please put the name of which category a picture is entered underneath the photo. you'll be judges on the follow; 1)Creativity 2)Combination of items (how well they all go together). Prizes for both are as follows; 1st: 10 mystery boxes 2nd: 6 mystery boxes 3rd: 4 mystery boxes You can only be awarded one position (depends on the amount of entries). Enjoy!!

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