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    So guys as the title entails I'm currently in the process of making a little series for all the new guys starting off and for those making an ironman in the future, packed with information relevant to that starting grind without help of a main account! I'll be regularly editing this post with the new links as and when the videos are released! If you like the content like and subscribe and get the word out there so we can grow this beautiful server into the glorious PvP haven that it should rightfully be! Going to appologise for the first couple of episodes has some technical issues and lost quality in between recording, rendering and the actual upload of the footage! Unfortunately I had pre recorded 2/3 episodes worth so the quality may be lacking slightly for the first few however the creases have been ironed out and future content will be alot better! Hope you enjoy the series! Ep1:
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    ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Havok Clan¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ is recruiting potential applicants that are interested in being apart of an active community. Our clan is one of the main faces of Grinderscape OSRS. Our leadership has been around for a very long time throughout Grinderscapes History. We specialize in Deep wilderness Pking within both Multi and Single way combat. We originally started out Deep wilderness PKing in an attempt to keep the economy in check. Since then we've grown and established ourselves for being the #1 Pk Clan on the Server. We always seek the best possible members that fit our standards and strive to be apart of the core. We pride ourselves on having the most loyal members and entrusting all of our members by their abilities. This also means keeping up with Skilling and other High level Player Content, such as BiS gear and new content upon release. ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Information¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ °Led by: Purious, Legends & Zod. °Clan Chat: Havok Clan °Youtube: to be announced °Teamspeak/Discord: to be announced ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Information¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ We have a variety of options for every style of player at Havok. From Skilling, to PvM, PvP, PKing, Minigames, and completing new content upon release. The following activities are some of our most common interests, but is not all inclusive of what we offer at Havok: † Player V. Player • Single & Edgeville Pking • Multi & Deep Wilderness Pking † Player V. Monster • Pet Hunting • God Wars, Corporal Beast, King Black Dragon, and many more!+ ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Rank System¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our ranking system is unique to our clan and is explained by the following. All advancement in ranks & promotion will be based on the needs of the clan, and are made at the sole discretion of clan leadership. With this being said, members may advance in ranks by merit, ability, and time in the clan. General/Gold Star † Founding Members & Clan Leadership Captain/Silver Star † Recruiting Officials, Event Officials, Backup Callers Lieutenant/3 stripes † Long-term Members with Loyalty Sergeant/3 Stripes † Dedicated & Contributing Members Corporeal/2 stripes † Full Members which have completed the membership process Recruit/1 Stripe † Applicants which have been Accepted ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Ranking Up¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our rank structure takes an Oldschool approach, and goes by your time spent with us, along with the impact you have on the clan. Though we are a PK Clan who tends to do other things aside from just wilderness based activities. You should still find yourself interacting with everyone throughout mini-events/trips in order to gain favor for yourself along with the rest of the clan for an overall good reputation with us. Ranks only matter if you want them to, just enjoy what you have to offer the clan, and what the clan has to offer you! ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Rules¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ The following rules and regulations apply to all Members, Applicants, and Leadership. These guidelines are set to ensure that we function both as a clan, and as a successful team. † NO Excessive trolling, flaming, or causing drama. † NO Out of Game attacks. † NO Scamming & 'Trust' Item loans; Item loaning must be met with equal collateral. † NO Staking for anyone besides yourself. † NO Ragging. † NO Multi Clanning*. † PvP & PvM Splits will be decided by the Official in charge of the trip beforehand. *Multi Clanning refers to any involvement with ANY Clan, Team, or Community which associates with PKing, PvP, or Warring. ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Requirements¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our requirements to join Havok are based upon the current state of the game. We believe in maintaining a degree of competitiveness with the clanning community, and as such we strive to have each and every Member play as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. † Voice com Requirement Our clan uses a secure Discord server as our primary voice communication platform. † Account Requirements Although we have no direct account requirements, as the best we do expect a certain level of dedication. Running high end gear setups is a must and any of the following will boast well in your application! • 90+ Range & 94+ Magic. • Rigour or Augury unlocked.
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    PLAYER KILLING VIDEO CONTEST Oii, for all the player killers out there, I'm looking to see who's got the best PK video/snippet. Submit ONE video via Youtube or whatever Video Link. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Details Start Date: January 17th (GMT -0500: Eastern Standard Time) End Date: February 05th (GMT -0500: EST) Event: Players will submit one video of them PK'ing from any time within the start date and the end date (20 days), players may submit videos of them rushing or sneaking up on other players, however, you are still a lil-shit Requirements: Players must be above level 60 combat (at least) and must be in the wilderness to submit their video (any level of wilderness counts) Winner(s): The winner will be decided through a voting poll that will be monitored for people voting for themselves (NOT ALLOWED) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRIZES 1st Place: 500m, 10k Dragon Bolts, and You Video will be Posted on the FRONT PAGE!! 2nd Place: 250M, Armadyl Godsword, Ahrim's Set, and Dark Bow 3rd Place: 100m, Dhorak Set, Dragon Platebody, and 3 Abyssal Whips *Disclamier - there will be more items added to each placing, this is just from my account at the moment* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES 1. The video must be against someone else other than yourself 2. You cannot have a friend allow themselves to die to make it look better 3. Only ONE video per entry, and only 5 Minutes Long (cut it to make shorter if needed or identify times to watch; eg. start at 2:04, end at 7:02) 4. The video may contain more than one kill, but less than 10 kills 5. The LEAST voted for PK-Video must submit 50m to the winner of the competition 6. The video must be from GRINDERSCAPE, nowhere else, duh 7. Only serious entries will be taken and considered for the contest; ie. no videos of level 3's fighting 8. *** The video must be taken from now until the end of the competition. *** 9. May the best player killer win -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXAMPLES Submit something similar to these; the videos are under 5 minutes, I've given a timeline for the second video to avoid clips that are unrelated and, I've provided 6 kills in the second video (which is between 1-10 kills). Follow the rules and do this and we'll be all good in the hood. 1. My First PK Video- Full Stat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mggi4G6nZ6Q 2. Pking-Dueling: watch from 0:00 - 2:02, anything past 2:02 is not PKing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nddDO5j-0Tg Obviously these videos are outdated and cannot be used, however, they do follow the rest of the rules. Good luck amigos!
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    I'm replying to this thread because I think more people should see what's in store for future updates. This is incredible that all of these are on the line for this year's 'production', this is the era of Grinderscapes return, 2019 will be one for the ages.
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    First of all, I would like to apologize from every member of GrinderScape for the delayed updates. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year's Eve came together where all the other developers and I got busy. The good news we are back and fully prepared to bring some new exciting content and make GrinderScape great again! Bugs and Fixes: - Added black (g) robes and black (t) to the miscellaneous thieving stall. - Fixed boss contract task cancellation to work properly. - Removed crystal and muddy keys drop from several low-level NPC's. - Fixed slayer task rewards for slayer helmets. - Fixed double money reward for stalls bug. - Massively buffed casket rewards. (Elite gives better rewards) - Updated in-game rules. Quest tab 'rules' now shows the full forum rules page. - Fixed wilderness area north of black knight area. - Fixed slayer task checking and assigning system. - Added skilling task in quest tab which now shows what skilling task you have. - Extended double cash weekend system duration. - Nerfed dragon claws by 15%. - Fixed a bug where your tab interface would disappear because of your resizable mode settings. - Resizable mode default window size changed to match fixed mode default window size. - Changed resizable mode transparent chatbox to look like OSRS's. - Changed transparent scroll bars to look like OSRS's. - Changed minimum scroll bar's bar height from 8 to 10 to be accurate to OSRS. - Fixed skilling interface client freeze bug. - Minimap hovers are now be disabled if hovering over the tab area (for example in the resizable mode with side stones stacked and a tab open, you will not be able to hover over or click the notifications button anymore). - Minimap walk to clicks is now disabled if hovering over the world map or notifications buttons. - Ring of life handling is redone, fixes any of its previous version's bugs. NOTE: works at and below level 20 wilderness, in the future this may be changed to 30 to be accurate to OSRS, left it at 20 currently as we have not added support for other OSRS up to level 30 wilderness teleports yet (like the amulet of eternal glory). - Event rewards are now sent to the bank unnoted. - Emojis button now is the correct color when in resizable mode and using opaque chat box. - Various different iron man gear equipment types fixed. - Login interface now does not show up when logging into the wilderness. - Fixed makeover mage and equipment screen interfaces' character models being invisible. - Boss contract rewards have been doubled, and the timings have been increased based on the boss difficulty. - Corporeal critter pet is now supported. - Fixed equipment issue with Elder chaos helmet. - Yell Customizer now works with spaces in your yell title. - Fixed crowns in Yell Customizer preview. - Fixed remember username/password buttons on the login screen. Content: - Full support for Amulet of Damned: * Dharok the Wretched's equipment - Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and a ring of recoil to recoil 100% of the damage taken. * Players wearing Verac's set will have an additional +4 Prayer bonus (not counting the amulet's +3). * Torag the Corrupted's equipment - Players wearing Torag's set will have their Defence increased by 1% for everyone health missing. * Guthan the Infested's equipment - Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal ten hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level. * Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat. * Players wearing Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition, players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. - Game Mode Setup: (Coming soon) - Auto Dicing System: (Coming soon) - Player Titles System: (Coming soon) - Corp Pet Added: * Full functional pet. * Full dialogue system.
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    My sexy gear. Goodluck to everyone with the competition! https://gyazo.com/8427403584a67bf95dfa7f9882b5ae25
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    My personal favorite would be my vesta set with a green h'ween, lava blade, elysian, and pegasian boots. Goes well with my max cape