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    We are here to congruatulate @Jewdudelol today, He has been promoted to Server supporter. The first two weeks will be trial as normal, Again congruatulations from the whole staff team! Love, Grinderscape staff team
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    Great choice, just came back playing and both Zod and Number1 have helped me a lot with getting some GS knowledge back. Glad to see we have such dedicated staff
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    We are here to congratulate @Number 1, He has been active and very helpful towards the community, and has earned the Moderator rank in-game and will start his two weeks of trial. Love, Grinderscape Staff Team
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    First of all, congratulations to Number1! Was looking forward to seeing some promotions within the staff team. Second of all, keep it up. Not just Number, but every staff member that's helping Grinderscape growing back to what it once was, in 6 years of playing this server I've rarely seen such friendly and available staff. Keep it up!
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    Congratulations sir! You'll do a fine job, welcome to the team. Glad to hear this.
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    Much deserved, glad to see this!
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    Hello everyone, This is a quick announcement to say congratulations to our new server supporter "Zod". Been with us a very long time, and supporter the server. Congratulations once again!
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    Welcome back Tom man hope you're doing good and well
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Revenant ether is now tradeable. - Items that used to bug out while being in the noted shape no longer happens. - Changes to overlayItemIcon to fully support placeholders. - Can now rearrange placeholders. - The old version of the spacebar to continue dialogue removed. - All banking withdraw actions except withdraw-1 do not trigger atInventoryInterface anymore to match OSRS. - Timer buttons (bank deposit buttons) now will support any button with a timerSpeed instead of just those two buttons. - A new version of the spacebar to continue dialogue added. - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys to select dialogue added. - Added login error messages for when username or password is empty to match OSRS. - Added setting text input to the login input when those login errors occur to match OSRS. - Minimap marking adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode. - Minimap marking safe region in resizable mode adjusted to prevent marks from extending outside the minimap border. - Compass rotating adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode. - Enter to skip login screen added to match OSRS. - Fixed a bug where clicking the 'New User' button on the login screen in the same region that the 'Cancel' button is would click both. - Adjusted clan chat message sending to match OSRS. - Added tab buttons' remove placeholders action. - Added release all placeholders button. - Removed sorting of items when checking if a bank container is empty. - Fixed bug where the main tab could be empty when the bank is not. - Added support for switching placeholders to containers (e.g. creating a bank tab using a placeholder). - Tab collapsing made more efficient. - Weapon minigame is now fixed and playable. - Fixed edge wilderness now showing upon entry. - Shorter get time elapsed in quest tab to show properly. - Join date now shows in dd/mm/yyyy date format. - Keybindings bug fixes & savings. - Mystery box appearing in ancient magic spellbook bug fixed. - A small fix for action delays is now more efficient. Content: - New bank system: (Thanks to Xplicit) * Tab buttons work just like OSRS. * Tab rearranging just like OSRS, designed to work with any sprite so supports digits/roman numerals setting. * Can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs from inside the main tab. * Item dragging all handled where it normally is for a container, no drawing of it over the interface, also item drag scrolling works like OSRS where it doesn't scroll if in the bank tabs area and a delay for activating scrolling up to prevent any jittering when dragging an item to the bank tabs area. * Any empty slots at the beginning of a tab get sorted out. * Tab collapsing/collapse all tabs. * Menu options same as OSRS, with a custom last x value that is saved server-side. * Wear/Wield option added to inventory items (only gets added to items with that option in their itemdef actions), can shift-click to wear/wield (might change this to control in case it is confusing with shift-click dropping). * 100% Client sided searching, can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs while searching. * Bank settings menu (only has the tab display options for now), uses the same interface. * Height of bank adjusts in resizable. * Most interface components look as they do on OSRS. - Added support for 2 new types of automatic backgrounds (pre eoc styles). - Quest tab revamp: * Achievements overhaul. * Achievements now show in proper order. * Redone the whole quest tab system and buttons to be much smoother. * Quest tab interface handling. * Tab scrolling handling system. - Shop searching feature: * Can be removed/added for any of our game shops. * Allows the player to quickly search for the item looking for. Enjoy!
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    Observed a player exploiting an XP mining bug by repeatedly clicking on the obstacle pipe at the Gnome Agility Course Time of observance: 9:40 P.M. CST 11/8/2018
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    Congrats jew, you'll be a fine addition to the team.
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    99 agility however when attempting to equip the agility skillcape it requires 99 thieving. Values are just mixed up.
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    Looks fantastic and is fantastic. I'm glad GS has been getting the proper treatment it deserves.
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    Zod has always been an integral part of Grinderscape. I'm glad he was awarded this position based on his experience and dedication to the entire GS community over the 5+ years of tenure.
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    Although I did my best to test everything fully, if you find any bugs be sure to report them and I will get them fixed!
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    Hey there, I am xplicit. Although I don't have any history on GrinderScape, I have been part of the RSPS community for a long time (my favorite server from the past being original Near Reality), and occasionally hop on OSRS. I am excited to be joining the development team and to be a part of helping make the server the best it can be. You probably will not see me in game much, but keep an eye out for some updates I worked on (Bank Interface, Shop searching, Quest Tab changes, some bug fixes, and more) that will be added soon, along with many more updates to come in the future!
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    Staff Ranks Forum Staff Co-Owner The rank of Co-Owner is the highest rank any player can achieve. The Co-Owner on the Forums is the one in-charge of managing the Forum Staff Team. He/She has the power to give out any punishment on the Forums he/she sees fit. Aside from this, the Co-Owner has almost unlimited access throughout the Admin Control Panel, meaning he/she can add new ranks, new sections, even edit the Forum coding itself among other things. For a player to become Co-Owner, he/she must have proven themselves as Administrator. Userbar: Forum Administrator Forum Administrator is the second highest rank any player can reach on the Forums. A Forum Administrator helps the Forum Co-Owner manage the Forum Staff Team by choosing new Staff and demoting current Staff Members, and can give out any punishment he/she sees fit. Forum Administrators, like the Forum Co-Owner, have a wide array of options at their disposal inside the Admin Control Panel. For someone to become a Forum Administrator, he/she must have excelled as a Global Moderator. Userbar: Web Developer A Web Developer's job is to add new content to the Forums, as well as fix existing bugs. To be able to do their job, they have access to the Admin Control Panel and are so also Forum Administrators, but they do not help the Forum Co-Owner manage the Staff Team unless specifically asked to. Website Developers may be paid to work, but they are usually volunteers like all other Members of Staff, excluding In-Game Developers. Userbar: Global Moderator Global Moderators moderate all sections of the Forums, giving out punishments to those that choose to not abide by the rules. Global Moderators have full access to the Moderator Control Panel, with which they can look up IPs, ban players, change/add section passwords, post announcements, moderate things such as threads, posts, visitor messages, attachments and more. For someone to become a Global Moderator, he/she must have been an exemplary Sectional Moderator. Userbar: Sectional Moderator Sectional Moderators have the ability to moderate specific sections of the Forums, such as the Community section. They have all abilities that Global Moderators have, but with the restriction of only having those abilities in their given sections. These Staff Members, like Global Moderators, have full access to the Moderator Control Panel, with which they can look up IPs, ban and unban players, post announcements and more. For a Staff Member to be promoted to Sectional Moderator, he/she must have proven themselves as a Shoutbox Moderator. Userbar: Shoutbox Moderator A Shoutbox Moderator's job is to make sure everything runs smoothly in the Forum's Shoutbox, punishing the occasional trouble maker. A Shoutbox Moderator has the ability to silence and ban any member from the Shoutbox, as well as delete seperate shouts or all shouts done by a user. They can also edit the notice board on top of the Shoutbox at any time. A player can be promoted to Shoutbox Mod by being hand picked by Forum Administrators and the Co-Owner for the job. Userbar: In-Game Staff Co-Owner The rank of Co-Owner is the highest rank any player can achieve. The In-Game Co-Owner manages the In-Game Staff Team along with In-Game Administrators. The In-Game Co-Owner has the ability to give out any In-Game punishments, and has a wide array of commands at his/her disposal. Unlike most In-Game Administrators Co-Owners have the ability to trade, while also being able to spawn. For a player to become Co-Owner, he/she must have proven themselves as Administrator. Userbar: In-Game Administrator In-Game Administrator is the second highest rank any player can reach In-Game. In-Game Administrators help the In-Game Co-Owner with managing the Staff Team by picking new Staff and demoting current Staff Members when needed. Like the In-Game Co-Owner, In-Game Administrators can give any punishments In-Game, and have access to a large amount of commands such as being able to open another player's bank, fully wipe banks, look up items and their amount in the economy, and turn invisible. Though not all, some In-Game Administrators also have the ability to trade while being able to spawn items. To become an In-Game Administrator he/she must have proven themselves as In-Game Mod. Userbar: Eilte Moderator Elite Moderators bear the same crown as a normal Moderator, but have a few more in game commands. These Moderators have the ability to Host Ban and Host Mute serious rule breakers, on top of the normal commands that a Moderator possesses. For someone to become an Elite Moderator, they must have proven themselves in the position of Moderator. Elite moderators will also gain the privilege to compare two accounts, this was previously an Admin only ability. Userbar: In-Game Moderator In-Game Moderators moderate the In-Game part of Grinderscape, handing out punishments to those that break the rules. They have the ability to jail, mute and ban players for any amount of time they see fit. Except for having some moderational tools in the Report and Appeals Sections, their power is completely limited to In-Game. For someone to become an In-Game Moderator, he/she must have excelled as Server Support Member. Userbar: Server Support Server Support Members help moderate the In-Game part of Grinderscape along with In-Game Moderators. Server Support Members only have limited power In-Game. They may mute and jail players for a maximum of 24 hours. Unlike In-Game Moderators, Server Support Members don't have a lot of power on the forums, however they can close threads which they answer in the 'Submit Player Report' section. A player can become a Server Support Member by being handpicked by In-Game Administrators and the Co-Owner. Server Supports can also status players to check a punishment on them, they will also have rights to all appeals sections to help sort ban, mute and jail appeals. Userbar: Developer Developers are the ones bring new content to Grinderscape's In-Game side, fix existing In-Game bugs and glitches, as well as maintaining the server. Developers have unlimited access to all server related files, used for looking up trade logs for example. Though not always, they are often Administrators on the Forums, but do not help manage the Forum or In-Game Staff Team unless they are asked to. Developers are almost always paid for their work, and are so the only Staff Members that are not volunteers. Userbar: For a full list of all Staff Members click here. Non-Staff Ranks Earned Ranks Vet Staff This rank is obtained by being a staff member for Grinderscape for at least 2 years. This can be all at once, or in sections, as long as the total time being staff surpasses 2 years. Userbar: Middleman This rank can be requested once the player is enough trusted by the staff and community you can read more about middlemen here. Userbar: Bug Catcher The bug catcher rank is a great asset to the server who will report lots of bugs on forums and discord, he/she will also make threads explaining how the bugs work and towards Lou on how to fix them, this rank needs to be earned and cannot be requested. Userbar: Bug Tester This is not a rank for those who report bugs or help Lou with one or two fixes. This rank will be given to players who are experienced with programming and modify the usual game behavior in order to spot bugs and find solutions to fix them. Userbar: Event Host This rank will be given to all of those who are part of the Event Team. In fact, this rank always existed, but it had no crown and userbar until today. For information about the event team and how to join it, click here. Userbar: Content Designer This will be a rank for those who help develop new content to the game. This includes, but is not limited to: doing researches, gathering information, creating interfaces and making suggestions (in other words, making the developer's life easier). Userbar: Respected Member The Respected Member rank is one of the most coveted Forum Ranks. Those that have proven to the community they are helpful, mature and of course respected will receive this rank after being nominated to receive it by a Forum Staff Member, and winning on the nomination poll. To learn more about the rank click here. Userbar: Veteran This rank is given to you when you have been a member of the forums for a minimum of 3 years. If you are to become inactive without leaving a reason for it, your rank will be removed. Userbar: Ex-Staff People that have served on the Grinderscape staff team and resigned/were demoted will be given this rank. It is there simply to commemorate that player and the help they provided the server during their time as Staff. If the Staff Member left on a bad note, the privilege of being able to wear this rank may not be awarded at all. Userbars: Graphic Manager The manager will decide who will be and who will not be a Graphic Designer, Most likely someone with this rank will have alot of experience with designing signatures and lots more. He/she are the same as designer, they just manage the Designer team. Userbar: Graphic Designer The rank of Graphic Designer is given to those members that actively create logos, signatures, avatars etc. for the Forum community. To learn more about the rank click here. Userbar: Wiki Editor All members on the forums that help edit and update the Grinderscape Wiki will have this rank beneath their names. To learn more about this rank click here. Userbar: MOTM The MOTM, or Member of the Month rank, is bestowed upon the member of the Forums, that acquires the most votes on the monthly MOTM poll thread. The member that wins the poll is given the rank for one month until the next MOTM is picked. Userbar: Contributor The Contributor rank is awarded to those members who have been deemed worthy of the rank through their contribution to the forums. This rank is solely for non-staff members. The individuals worthy of the rank will be chosen by the forums staff team, and then have the rank given to them. Userbar: Video Maker The Video Maker rank is an earned rank, similar to Graphic Designer, and is awarded to those members who frequently make videos for Grinderscape. Once a member feels they are worthy of the rank, they can approach a apply for it. From here, the Media Manager will decide whether or not the rank will be given to the member in question. Userbar: Master Skiller The Master Skiller rank is awarded to members who have 200 Million Total EXP on all of their skills in-game, as well as the user-title. The rank will be distributed upon request. Userbar: Ironman The Ironman rank is given to members who have an Ironman account with a Total Level of at least 1850. The rank will be distributed upon request. Userbar: Ultimate Ironman The Ultimate Ironman rank is given to members who have a Hardcore Ironman account with a Total Level of at least 1300. The rank will be destributed upon request. Userbar: Donator Ranks Donator Userbar: Super Donator Userbar: Pink Super Donator Userbar: Yellow Party Hat Userbar: Purple Party Hat Userbar: Green Party Hat Userbar: Blue Party Hat Userbar: Red Party Hat Userbar: B-Donator Userbar: All aforementioned Donator Ranks can only be given as a prize in events. You CANNOT donate for the ranks at the moment. Dicer Rank Dicer Rank is the only Donator Rank that cannot be donated for on the Forums. To obtain this rank, you must donate for the In-Game rank here, and then issue a request for the rank to be added to your Forum account in this section, with proof of your In-Game account having the rank. Userbar: