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  1. Hayden

    I'm surprised he doesn't have it yet! He's been around since the beginning of the New Start, Definitely deserved!
  2. Amazing update! can't wait to do some instances and minigames! Keep up the great work!
  3. Hayden

    This is an OSRS based server and I think the drops should resemble that, removal of certain items from NPC's such as Tanzanite fang/magic fang, which should be zulrah exclusive to make it worthwhile, we definitely need more npcs in certain areas, I think if you guys go in depth with pictures of the spots or even just the NPC names so it makes it easier for the Dev team, I'll help if needed @Rosa, I personally think Elite void needs a nerf and making cost 1.2M BM for the set will make it perfect. I think stores should have a limit, elemental runes also need a drop in prices, same with some skilling supplies like Uncuts, Herbs/Herb ingredients, seeds and other Skilling supplies, I personally think skilling tasks are fine, I don't do them myself anymore and just get the xp, because I afk skill. I definitely think Slayer needs a very rare drop table for npcs with a greater level of 100, also the RDT needs to be reworked a little bit to make it more profitable (might just be me), Bosses do need a harder drop rate then 1/128 or 1/56, it's too easy especially the bosses that drop the big ticket items like Hydra, Vet'ion, Tarn, I've gotten 4 t bows in 330 kills, 4 infernal capes from BKT in 400 kills I know it's luck base but it needs a bit of changing. I think we need prestige's so when we max, instead of going for 200m in all we get a higher prestige and get a bit more xp so it's easier to prestige, I understand some people have 200ms and this would hurt them (it'd only be non combat skills), but it would make the game more fun imo. I think if we could have the addition of tree farming added to farming to make it better/quicker/more diversity, Some skills give such different xp rates, I do crafting, smithing and then fletching to make dragonstone bolts, I find it weird how i get 10 bolts for 1 rune bar, 12 dragon stone tips, then make 25 bolts when fletching, this is only a little thing that I've found to not like.
  4. Amazing work as always! I'm glad to see all the bugs that were reported being fixed.
  5. I think you'd be a great addition to the OMM team, always helpful, genuine bloke!
  6. Thank you both for the kind words
  7. Hayden

    I think definitely after the runecrafting altars are fixed a limit will work amazing, I think 5-10k for the main runes (blood, death, chaos, MAYBE soul) and a 25-50k limit on the basic runes is a fair decent area, maybe even for skilling supplies, especially the noted supplies (or removal of the noted ones to have a market for supplies again), the higher they are level wise, the less they are but I don't know the limits. Also maybe skilling supplies in the bm store, to get more bm out of the game will help
  8. Hayden

    Kinda looks a bit like freehand on the hilt, like from the cs:go knives. looks clean as hell.
  9. Hayden

    This is my starting point today going to try to get like 100 total levels shouldn't be hard
  10. Thank you so much for the kind words @Jordan
  11. Hayden

    I don't have visual evidence of this but, I was killing dark beasts today and died from my overload being drunk twice, now I was spam clicking it, whether or not it's a bug is a different thing, but something that may need looking into
  12. Hayden

    This is my classic atm trying to max it asap to make it easy to pvm with
  13. In-game Name(s): Hayden and Hayden V2 Age: 22 Timezone: Gmt +10 Will you be active?: Without a doubt How much do you usually play per day?: I'm on for about 4-8 hours a day Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I feel like I've not seen that many middle man on recently around my timezone which makes it hard for the staff and players to do rsgp trades, I feel that if I'm an MM I'll be able to take the burden off of the staff members who are on at that time who have other things to deal with. Any other information: I applied at the end of January but I was decline, as I had only just come back from a few things that were going on my life, I understand why I lost my rank, but I'm back here to prove myself worthy of it once again. Kind regards, Hayden
  14. In-game Name(s): Hayden and Hayden v2 Age: 22 Timezone: Gmt +10 Will you be active?: I'm pretty active, the only reason I was demoted is I had to leave pretty abruptly with no notice to myself or others, real life comes first. How much do you usually play per day?: usually 3-5 atm I've only been back for about a week. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: As I said before I was an OMM before life stepped it's way in. I feel it gives me a bit more motivation in the game, to have fun myself and try to help improve other peoples experiences. Any other information: I'd just like to say sorry for leaving without notifying anyone about why or what was happening, at the time before I left I had a few things going on in my family that I kept you guys updated on, but the big kicker was waiting and well it hit late October, I'd really like another chance but I understand if it doesn't happen. Kind regards, Hayden
  15. In-game name: Hayden Number of Entries: 5 Who you entered with: Barry Additional Comment: I'm gonna win boy
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