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  1. Valar

    Glad to be of service
  2. Hey, another achievement! I just cleared: This is the loot she gives and the proof: She thicc: Cya on the next one!
  3. Valar

    Made these for you P.S.: this topic needs to be moved @Isaac @Strawberries
  4. Valar

    nice guide yes
  5. Valar

    Graz lew
  6. Valar

    Yea I’m working on several npc’s at the same time atm I’m not doing well luckwise but hopefully it’ll change
  7. Hi, So I'm back with an update. These are 2 npc's because why not. These were the 2 npc's: 1. Waterfiends So only 1 drop though (aside from the usual shit): mist battlestaff 2. Iron dragons: The drops: Here's the proof for the non-believers: Alright, that's about it for the second part. Thanks for checking it out!
  8. Valar

    There are bound to be bugs ofcourse, but you made a nice list and even provided solutions for some. So this is a good list
  9. Valar

  10. Valar

    Ya needs some work but its getting there im sure
  11. Valar

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