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  1. They have updated the list, it doesnt go anymore that way Any chance you can update it ?
  2. Neegrityra

  3. Neegrityra

    Valar the blacksmith? These look very cool, are you planning to make them in real life aswell or just doing these on computer?
  4. Neegrityra

    Wildy much better xp/h.. if bonus xp you get in seers around 90k per complete/bonus lap, in wildy around 170-200k. So lets say you do 10 laps and every lap you get only 1 time completed lap bonus xp... that makes seers around 900k and wildy around 1.7m xp. But probably you will get more times bonus xp ofc
  5. Neegrityra

    Cant see any pictures for some reason Maybe some new players dont know where to get tiaras/talismans - so maybe you could add this information aswell. Also if you're donator(not this superextrahyper donator who can use ::bank), fastest way is using Talisman to get to altar, then ::dz to bank. Nice guide, love that you calculated how many times you need to bank
  6. Neegrityra

    Welcome and goodluck on jour journey in grinder
  7. Neegrityra

    Great idea, waiting to win now
  8. +1 with Fibra Fabri. Pictures wud make this thread so much nicer
  9. Neegrityra

    Cool goals, Goodluck
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