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  1. Jackery

    I really like the idea of player owned shops personally; has most of the benefits of the Grand Exchange without the problems associated with calculating guide prices. It might encourage people to trade skilling supplies rather than just sell them to the shop, which would be great. I know a lot of people disagree though, and prefer trading 'in person', so it would be interesting to know what other people think.
  2. Jackery

    Some great suggestions, especially the idea to add a right click get-task option to skill masters. I'm not sure about the coin pouch - as others have said, it doesn't feel very OSRS. Thanks for suggesting these
  3. In terms of the trident disconnection bug, I can confirm we've fixed this locally and it should be live on the server with the next update. Thanks for reporting this, hopefully Zod can help you with your HCIM status
  4. Jackery

    These are bugs, rather than deliberate changes, that will be addressed in the next update, thanks for mentioning them :).
  5. Jackery

    Thank you to everyone for the feedback, we are working to address all the points. Could you double check this please? Chivalry should, according to the wiki, drain 1 point every 1.5 seconds, and it seems to do that from my testing. Are there specific prayers which you think are off? Elite void has been changed to match OSRS. This is a nerf from a flat 22% accuracy and damage multiplier for all combat styles. The wiki gives a good outline of how it works on OSRS, and now in-game. We have had some difficulties with our testing server, but this has been resolved going forward. This will be reverted in the next update. The ROW scroll will be added to the new slayers rewards shop at a high price, and the Battle Royale minigame will reward players for coming in second and third place with points, as well as just for playing at a lower amount. This should help make the scroll more easily obtainable. There was an issue with boss attacks hitting through protection prayers, that has now been resolved. This has now been resolved.
  6. Jackery

    Hi everyone! I'm Jack and I'll be joining the development team to help fix some bugs and add new content. So far I have worked on Runecrafting, boss instances and a few other bits and pieces, so any feedback or suggestions, please let me know . I'm 21, from the UK, and work as a cyber and information security scientist. Hope to see you in game some time! Jack
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