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  1. Acolyte

    hey sup
  2. Acolyte

    go away
  3. Acolyte

    who the fuck is MGK
  4. Acolyte

    why do u still have the rank @Icarly65
  5. -Accepted Welcome to the Official Middleman Team!
  6. Acolyte

    live fast eat ass
  7. Acolyte

    fuck off the server isn't going pre-eoc
  8. Acolyte

    this is a stupid thread.
  9. Acolyte

    youtuber, wiki editor and designer should definitely not have the ability to yell unless they're a donator yell is a donator feature and should only be accessible if you're a donator (staff is the only exception)
  10. Acolyte

    I have nothing against daxx as a person (other than the fact he is EXTREMELY power hunger), but i've said this time and time again, he should not be a staff member. It's important to act professional as a staff member, especially now that the server is brand new and staff are the first people new players turn to for help and in my opinion, he isn't capable of acting professional. There is a reason me or any other in-game admin before me promoted him. I know Lou would rather lose half of his player base than get rid of daxx, so i guess we're just going to have to deal with him
  11. A complete skilling rework would be nice.
  12. Acolyte

    Welcome back to Grinderscape, Tyler
  13. Acolyte

    Looks great, Lou. Can't wait to finally play.
  14. Acolyte

    Good luck with your goals dandan