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  1. Nykie

    Great guide. Embed/attach the images, it’s a lot easier
  2. Nykie

    Nykiec 50 tokens
  3. Selling them for cash or 200M OSRS
  4. Nykie

    Gz Barry! Well deserved buddy.
  5. Another great update guys keep up the good work.
  6. Nykie

    Happy (early) birthday buddy
  7. Nykie

    Download Java and right click, open with, choose Java. This won’t happen with WinRAR anymore WinRAR will automatically set itself to open jar files with them instead of Java, this can be changed in the settings.
  8. Nykie

    Interested in swapping for OSRS, PM me
  9. Nykie

    Damn Wrath, looks good man thank you so much!
  10. Nykie

    Welcome back man I’m Joe
  11. Nykie

    Some good suggestions bud, I just don't agree with the classic drop rates Still takes a while to get those tbows
  12. Requesting rank: OMM Primary rank(Yes/No) Yes Proof:
  13. Nykie

    Gz on mm man!

    1. Dev


      Thanks bro!

  14. Glad to see another awesome update. Keep it up guys!
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