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  1. Nykie

    I've got 100M OSRS, looking for 40B cash
  2. Nykie

    Nice tutorial, it'll be good for somebody who's new to gambling.
  3. Nykie

    Make another account and see if there's a moderator+ online to kick your old account offline.
  4. Nykie

    Jheeez, congratulations!
  5. Nykie

    I actually tried this. Did nothing.
  6. Nykie

    Yeah this happens to Classic and Ironman accounts, happened to me twice
  7. Nykie

    Damn that's very good extremely talented.
  8. Nykie

    "Fuck sake"
  9. Nykie

    I somewhat agree with this however I'm not sure if people can claim votes using virtual servers, tethering etc etc I mean I could easily get 12 votes per day using my mobile devices as well as my normal internet, I tend not to bother due to the rewards being cosmetic, I suppose blood money is a nice option to have.
  10. Nykie

  11. Nykie

    After recreating the same issue on my main account to see if the issue still persisted (none Classic account) I received all of my items back, so this is just a bug with the Classic accounts I've lost 2 rapiers and 2 barrows gloves due to this.
  12. Nykie

    Would be nice to see this done through an NPC in the near future instead of trading a member of Staff. Nevertheless, great addon
  13. Nykie

    So I was told if you relog after dying on the Classic, this wont happen and you'll get your items back. So me being me off I go back to Tarn to get some nice drops on my Classic... Only to find teleport out and still die Here's my loot (went back on both accounts to check) Here's what I died with... Again, the gloves and rapier have disappeared
  14. Nykie

    Gz Barry
  15. Nykie

    I can understand downgrading your account from an ultimate to a hardcore, hardcore to an iron man or classic to a normal account, but I can't see it being the other way round, it wouldn't be fair.
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