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  1. Barrows: Guthans set doesnt heal (the animation of Infestation shows when attacking enemy, but player is not healed) Alching: High-alch loosing nature runes without actually alching items nor giving magic XP. When mass alching 100 items while having 100 nature runes, You will end up with 13 items and no nature runes. Crystal bow: 1. Banking CHARGED crystal bow while having DISCHARGED crystal bow in bank will result in having a stack of 2 DISCHARGED crystal bows 2. Checking freshly picked-up crystal bow makes it DISCHARGED instantly 3. Recharging crystal bow with elf crystals is not working Examine: Examine of mystic items gives "Unknown" Stats: Mystic items (except robe top) doesnt have proper stats. Right now they all have 0s Generic: Autocasting turns on randomly, preventing usage of spells like High Alchemy, Superheat etc Autocasting should NOT affect spells like High Alchemy, Superheat etc Sometimes when special attack is activated, player character wont attack Chaos altar near Black Knight Titan is stuck on "You can use this altar once per 60 seconds", making it unable to be used (works after relogging) Giant sea snake is bugged (only 1 can be attacked besides there are 3 giant snakes) + one of snake cannot be attacked back (was using shortbow) Game gives info about "You just recieved RARE DROP TABLE drop!", while giving marrentil seeds. Is this correct? Jungle demon has melee attack range of 5 squares Ruby bolts (e) not healing player Onyx bolts (e) not healing Teleport obelisk in wilderness has no animation on activate, thus making effect of not working Starter pack now working - IMPORTANT! Steam staff (and mystic lava staff also) not working properly: 1. Doesnt give infinite fire/water runes (as seen above) 2. Attack animation is wrong. Now it looks like shooting from the bow, while it should have melee staff hit. Picture under shows that player is shooting invisible arrow from staff (it still grants melee XP, not ranged tho) General Graador shouldn't hit melee from 7 squares away.
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    I know it from moparscape website, it was listed there. But I advice making a post on reddit /r/rsps with advertisement, cause lot of rsps players visit that one, together with https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape
  3. Was told to make a list of found bugs, so yeah, let's put it here: 1. Sometimes when You start the client, log-in, You are presented with welcome screen which has button to start playing. If You drag client window, the game screen appears black, and welcome screen i corrupted, making You unable to play (happened to me few times) 2. When You bulk alching, there is a bug between few alches, making You consume nature rune, but not the alched item. So if You start with 100 natures and 100 banked items and start to highalch them, You will end up with few banked items while all natures were consumed (and no animation was started then, just the nature runes stack decreased) 3. When You bank fully charged crystal bow, while having already discharged crystal bow in bank, they both stack up. From now, You have 2 discharged crystal bows, while You've just put brand new one there! 4. Is the distance between me and enemy NPC correct while using throwable knives? Because now I have to stand just in front of enemy to throw anything, making me not able to keep distance. 5. Herbs seeds, while examining them, have their high alch price. But when You try to alch them, You are unable to. 6. Jungle demon fights melee within 7 squares instead of coming to fight infront. 7. According to rune wikia, Onyx bolts (e) should heal player with 10% chance. Currently it does not heal at all. 8. Ice Troll King is bugged. He is attacking player, but player cannot attack back, because it says to kill his slaves first, while there are none spawned ...