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    Couldnt agree less with you bud,First thing that should be done is revamping the staff which love server and make sure that there is one for every time slot.Also having a wiki editor which works hard,having a game developer to fix bugs daily (if possible) and also helping lou out cause i know for sure lou cant do all this things alone.I hope @Lou Grinder you read both this forum post aswell as connect's and tell us on your opinion as it really matters to us users who loves this server.
  2. Couldnt agree more with ya bud. Also having a more active staff,not just server support but having moderators,admins and also the owner playing the game and helping out more. I really wish some action would be taken since in my opinion the game is kinda dead,having maybe 20 active people playing. #ImproveGrinderscape
  3. Lord Nikku

    Well Done Everyone,Lets get the server the back it wass
  4. Lord Nikku

    Thank You Lou for getting the server back on its foot
  5. Lord Nikku

    Hi my ign is:Nicholai2010 As you can see i've been playing this game since 2010,unfortunately i dont have any photos of me playing ...
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