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  1. Nz Bogan

    wow what a banger of an update well done lads!!
  2. Nz Bogan

    grats kaz good job man
  3. Great update but yea we are going to need a roll back this update is eco breaking, id suggest nerfing drop rates from revs, removing tbows and infernal cape from bm store or atleast make it an obscene price like 5m for a tbow and 10m for a infernal cape. overall its great but definitely needs a coupe tweaks or eco is going to turn to shite real fast @Lou Grinder
  4. Nz Bogan

    Is there any guides people want to see? Looking at doing a few. Like guides to your first bil or some bossing guides etc
  5. Nz Bogan

    Grats guys look forward to pestering both of you
  6. This is amazing good shit man can't wait to finish work
  7. Nz Bogan

    looks great, How are you going with fixing the small things like slayer rewards shop getting it working? All coming together pretty nicely though good stuff.
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